Shakira separates from Gerard Piqué: a look at her sentimental life through her songs

Before the soccer player Gerard Piqué, from whom he is separating after 12 years, the singer Shakira had three formal relationships. And despite the fact that in interviews she has been reluctant to talk about her sentimental life, her followers can find traces of her loves and heartbreaks in her songs, which she herself has composed over more of 30 years of artistic career.

One of his best-known songs, for example, is “Antología”, from the album “Pies descalzos” with which he debuted in music at the age of 17. A Shakira with black hair, she wrote that single inspired by her first crush, Óscar Ulloa, with whom she started dating when she was 15 years old. An initiatory love is the one that describes this ballad that soon became one of the anthems of the Colombian.

The same singer confirmed this information during her 2006 tour, “Oral Fixation”. And on another occasion she recognized the importance that Ulloa had when she left her native Barranquilla to make her talent known in Bogotá. For this reason, it is not free that in her first album she dedicated another song to him: “Where are you, heart?”, whose video clip has the participation of the star’s first formal boyfriend.

From Shakira to Osvaldo and Antonio, with love

In 1998, Shakira premiered “Where are the thieves?”, his second studio album. Within this work, the song “Tú” —one of her fan favorites— had been composed in the midst of her relationship with Osvaldo Ríos, the Puerto Rican actor and model with whom she had started dating a year earlier. .

At the age of 20, the singer lived one of her most controversial love affairs, since her partner was then 37 years old. And although they lasted only a year together, she dedicated to him probably one of the most memorable declarations of love: “Because you are my sun / The faith with which I live / The power of my voice / The feet with which I walk”.

On one occasion, during an interview, Ríos recalled that relationship with Shakira And how did they end? “She was starting her career and had a whole world to live in. When you love someone, it’s better to set them free. It’s the best proof of love you can give them. She had to fly, it was the best thing that happened to her, not being with me” he said then.

In 2000, with a distinguished career, Shakira met Antonio de la Rua, son of who was then the president of Argentina, Fernando de la Rúa. It was not his partner most loved by the public, because they were shown in full idyll while the gaucho country was experiencing one of its greatest crises, it only contributed to the Argentines expressing their discomfort more.

However, De la Rúa left his mark on the artist’s music, and on his third studio album, “Laundry Service”, which he published in 2002, the president’s son participated in the video clip for the song “Under your clothes / Underneath Your Clothes”, which was directed by photographer Herb Ritts. The material showed how the interpreter had to combine her professional life with her sentimental life.

Argentine society was not amused by the video or the song, to the point that a chain of music stores had to remove all the records from Shakira. But that didn’t stop her from continuing to be inspired by her love for Antonio to compose singles. Thus, in 2005, she released “January Day” —from the album “Fijación Oral Vol. 1″—, where she recalled her first meeting with her boyfriend in Buenos Aires.

In 2010, everything came to an end with Antonio de la Rua. “Lo que más”, theme of the album “Sale el sol”, marked his farewell to the Argentine, to whom with a broken heart he sang: “God knows how hard it is for me to leave you and I look at you while you sleep, but I’m not going to wake you up, it’s that today I ran out of hope because what we have left of us is no longer enough”.

Shakira to Gerard Piqué: “I saw it alone and I threw myself”

It was the summer of 2010. Shakira I was at the Rock in Rio festival, which was held in Madrid (Spain), before attending the World Cup in South Africa. It was there that he met Gerard Piqué and they would see each other again at the soccer championship, where he sang his popular “Waka Waka”. That year, the singer and the soccer player consummated a relationship that would last 12 years.

And the inspiration that the Barcelona defender had on the songs of the Colombian is not little. From “Loca”, where she admitted to being “crazy with my tiger”, to “Dare (La La La)”, which she launched four years later at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, where she alluded to the blue eyes of her partner, who together his teammates starred in the music video.

There are also references to Piqué in “La Bicicleta”, the song by Carlos Vives in which Shakira collaborated in 2016 and where he says that if the player “one day you show him the Tayrona later he won’t want to go to Barcelona”. However, “Me enamoré”, which is part of his album “El Dorado” (2017), is the song that breathes love for the Spanish soccer player.

In the subject, she not only refers to their age difference —she is ten years older than him—, but also tells how she felt crushed by Barça’s number 3. “I saw it alone and I jumped in. I fell in love. Look what a pretty thing, what a round mouth. I like that little beard (…) With you I would have ten children, let’s start with a couple,” she sings.


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