Shakira sings to love (and some heartbreaks)

One of Shakira’s most important songs, and one of the first to break her way into music, Anthology, came out of a heartbreak at age 15: the breakup with businessman Óscar Ulloa. And the artist (and her followers whom she has accompanied in her tusas) sang: There is so much left/ inside this heart/ and even though they say/ that the years are wise/ You still feel the pain.

That theme premiered in 1995, with an 18-year-old Shakira, and was part of the first official album (there were two before that she doesn’t count), Barefoot, which has several songs about heartbreak, others about everyday life, and even abortion, and it was with which he became known internationally. The young people of the time, in addition to Anthology they sang Where are you sweetheart, I’m here, you want to kill yourself and I’ll wait for you sitting in the usual corner / and more dressed up than if it were a Friday / without any previously made appointment…

The 45-year-old from Barranquilla has written more than 80% of her songs from personal experiences. Many of her compositions are “cut veins”, in which she recalls heartbreak, betrayal and disappointment. And although there is fiction, in the end it is known to whom he dedicated them (see box).

That disciplined, strict, fair, noble and sensitive woman, as defined by one of her closest collaborators who has been working by her side for more than 20 years, since she was a child she learned to overcome obstacles, to overcome the repeated “no” that she received in the way. So she has sung almost everything, with force, and she has gone from songs that make you cry to those that make you dance or howl, as in wolf: Who has not wanted a lycanthropic goddess / in the heat of a romantic night? / my howls are the call / I want a tame wolf.

His voice

Despite the fact that at the age of four she practiced dance and at eight she wrote her first song, at the school where she studied she was rejected by the student choir because of her voice. Precisely that sharp, marked tone, at times shrill –perhaps she heard some grandmother from the 90s describing it as an out of tune rooster– was the one that opened doors for her in music.

“His voice is like nothing else, his timbre is unique and the ornaments, which in slang are called leave, they belong to her and to no one else, and that was what made her great”, explains the musician and producer Daniel Escobar, nominated for a Latin Grammy.

Although their first two albums Magic (Sing if you remember: Magic, I feel magic) Y Danger, which are not part of her official discography, garnered more criticism than praise, putting her on the musical map. “She never doubted, she always believed in her talent, she knew what she wanted, that’s why she went ahead,” says Rosina Martínez, president of the Shakira fan club in Colombia.

They were complex years for the artist, who at the age of 16 was not accepted at the Oti Song Festival because she was a minor. The revenge came in Viña del Mar, in Chile, where she took second place.

the best queue

Despite the distractions that appeared in her life as an actress in The oasis (1994) and for being chosen by the magazine TV and novels as the best cola in the country, it never lost its north. Those were parentheses, desperate to be known, but her trick was in her voice and her talent to compose.

Everything changed in October 1995 at the Teatro Colón in Bogotá, when on stage he took off his boots and sang Barefoot, the song that catapulted his career and that today, 26 years later, accumulates more than 500 million views on Spotify. You just have to start singing to keep it in your head: You belonged to an ancient race / With bare feet and white dreams / You were dust, dust you are / Think that iron is always soft when hot.

“She is a woman focused on what she is doing, who is filled with challenges day by day, which are getting bigger,” notes her collaborator when defining the qualities of her friend.

friends of the road

Uriel Giraldo, who was president of Sony, remembers that it was Ciro Vargas who discovered it and took it to that label in 1993. One of its great pillars at that time was Alejandro Villalobos, current director of La Mega and La FM, of RCN, who included the song Where are you Love in the album our rock.

Remember when you recorded Where are you Love She was about to receive her release letter from Sony, but the success of the issue led them to desist from letting her go. Because if the artist sang with force it was Where are you sweetheart/ Yesterday I looked for you, / between the ground and the sky, my sky/ and I didn’t find you…

Villalobos says that Emilo Estefan and his wife Gloria were fundamental in Shakira’s career, giving her an international profile and prominence. “She began to be nominated for awards such as Billboard and Grammy and that’s where her career as a superstar began, her participation in two World Cups, collaborations with great musicians, she entered the Anglo market and everything that we all know now,” says Villalobos, who maintains a close friendship relationship with the artist.

Her present, now exploring the urban genre with several collaborations, is brilliant so much so that according to Forbes magazine she is the Latin artist who has sold the most records in history.

your heartbreaks

Before Piqué, whom he met during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, when he recorded waka wakaShakira had a long romantic relationship with the Argentine Antonio de la Rúa, from 2000 to 2010. The issue ended so badly that both were reported to justice for economic issues.

Before De la Rúa, she had a relationship with the Puerto Rican actor Osvaldo Ríos. according to the book Shakira, That’s her life, unauthorized biography, the romance was full of infidelities and complaints of alleged mistreatment by the actor. “Her personal life has transcended more than she would like, she has always tried to keep that aside and has never been one of scandals,” says Villalobos.

And he doesn’t need them, because that’s what he has songs for. One of the most beautiful is January day, dedicated, apparently, to De la Rúa: I met you one day in January / With the moon on my nose / And as I saw that you were sincere / In your eyes I lost myself. / What a clumsy distraction / and what a sweet sensation. She no longer sings it live.

Although there is also a closing one for him, What I was: God knows, how hard it is for me to leave you/ and I look at you while you sleep, but I’m not going to wake you up/ it’s that today I ran out of hope/ because with what we have left of us is no longer enough…

Where are you Love

Those disappointments have fueled his biggest hits.

“All feelings are provoked by songs, poetry, art and dance… it is not free that we have a king of spite. Heartbreak has been an inexhaustible inspiration for songs,” says music producer Daniel Escobar.

Anthology (dedicated to her first ex), shadow of you (which speaks of the broken heart), Illegal (which tells the pain that is felt when the partner changes you for another), Nope (which reflects that frustration and sadness that is experienced when a person fails in the relationship) or If you go (which reflects that anger when seeing that the other person already has someone else) are songs to remember the tusa and are an example that she creates from pain and discomfort.

For example, Flies in the housefrom the album Where are the thievesrecounts the loneliness that a love breakup leaves behind. My days without you are so dark / so long, so gray, my days without you / My days without you are so absurd / So bitter, so hard, my days without you…

The news of the last few weeks has to do with his separation from the footballer Piqué. Many rumors have been told these days in networks that speak of infidelity, an open relationship, normal partner wear, failed attempts to not finish.

It is said, in fact, that the most difficult part of the separation will be the custody of their children, because Shakira would like to leave Barcelona, ​​and the footballer would like his children to continue in the city. For now, analyzes are made, of course, in the songs, that is to say in Congratulationswhich is the last one released by the artist: Your wound didn’t open my skin, but it did open my eyes/ They’re red from crying so much for you/ and now it turns out that you’re sorry/ it sounds sincere, but I know you well and I know you’re lying.

It seems so, but like everything else, it is unconfirmed. Pure speculation that adds to the desire of the fans to have a farewell song for Piqué, and many more that continue to accompany them as before. Because if Shakira has taught them something, for example in the sun rises, is that There is no evil that lasts a hundred years / nor a body that can withstand it / and the best always awaits / ahead

Songs dedicated to their exes

Oscar Ullua: Anthology and Where are you heart

Osvaldo Rios: You and Ciega deaf and dumb

Antonio de la Rua; January day, What else and Where are the thieves

Gerard Piqué: Crazy and I fell in love