She got married 3 times and regretted that Al-Andalib did not participate in his most important films and a case that eliminated her stardom. You will not believe who she is!

She is a star who was not lucky to be one of the stars of the first row, although she had a strong start with a number of films that she presented.

Who among us can forget the role of “Safiya” in the movie “Teenagers”, which she co-starred with Magda, and “Sania” in the movie “Between Heaven and Earth”.

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She is one of the rare artists who have a sense of drama, which has emerged more clearly in her roles and works, and has succeeded in presenting the role of the innocent girl, characterized by her unique style, elegance, femininity and soft smile.

Which made her take steady steps towards stardom and fame while she is still at a young age, but the winds come with what ships do not desire, she is the artist with a beautiful soul, Zizi Mustafa.

The birth and upbringing of the artist Zizi Mustafa

Zeinab Mustafa Nasr was born, and this is her real name, on June 2, 1945, and her artistic fame is Zizi Mustafa. She grew up in a family that loves music and art. Zizi Mustafa obtained a diploma in embroidery arts.

The beginning of the artist Zizi Mustafa

Actress Zizi Mustafa entered the world of art at a very young age, when she was 14 years old when director Salah Abu Seif chose her to participate in the movie “Between Heaven and Earth” with Hind Rostom, Abdel Moneim Madbouly, Mahmoud El Meligy, Saeed Abu Bakr and a large selection of stars in it Time, and presented in the film the role of Suniya, a young girl who agrees with her lover to commit suicide from the top of one of the buildings and is trapped in the elevator that breaks down with the rest of the film’s heroes..Zizi Mustafa drew attention to her despite her being sixteen years old.

The movie “Adolescents” is the most important station in the artist’s artistic career, where Magda participated and starred in the role of Safia, the girl whose honor was robbed from her, and with this role she was able to move to stardom and fame, and approach the audience.

Actress Zizi Mustafa participated in the movie Al-Bostaji, which was her real breakthrough on the big screen in 1968 with Shukri Sarhan and Salah Mansour, and this film is considered one of the most important signs of Egyptian cinema.

The most important works of the artist Zizi Mustafa in the cinema

The artist Zizi Mustafa participated throughout her artistic history in a large number of films, including The Rebels, The Pickpocket, The Wife Of An Important Man, The Visitor Of Dawn, The Harem, Forbidden Pictures, The Thief in KJTwo, An inch and a text, Saying the Sea, My Wife and the Dog, and Girls at the University And lovers, and the circle of revenge, and pay attention, gentlemen.

The artist, Zizi Mustafa, had distinguished participations in the television drama, including the trilogy “The Victim..The Waterwheel..The Departure.”..The Mill..My dear sons. Thank you…The dreams of the flying boy..The Tower of the Capers..The Cave, Illusion and Love..Cairo 80.. Players with Fire.. Me, You and Baba in the Apricot.. Layali Al Helmiya.. Zizinia.. Hayat Al Jawhari.. Raya and Sakina.. Her last work was the series Ragel West Sitat with the artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi.

Among the plays in which the artist Zizi Mustafa participated is the Abboud Abdo Abboud play.

Actress Zizi Mustafa’s personal life

Zizi Mustafa married for the first time to a naval engineer, and she was at a young age, and she bore him a son and a daughter, but she soon separated from him because of the many disputes.

The second marriage of the artist, Zizi Mustafa, to the artist, Mohamed Khairy, after a love story, and he starred in the movie “Age is a Moment” in front of the artist Magda, but Zizi Mustafa’s preoccupation with art made the separation inevitable.

As for the third marriage of the artist Zizi Mustafa, it belonged to the artist Yousry Mustafa, but the marriage did not last long, and soon ended in separation, and they preserved the friendship that brought them together.

I refused to share the brown Nightingale and later regretted it

Actress Zizi Mustafa was a new face when she was nominated to co-star with Abdel Halim Hafez in the movie “My Father Over the Tree”. After that, the artist Mervat Amin.

But the contract included a strange prerequisite, which is that Zizi Mustafa loses 10 kilograms before starting filming, and that she meets Abdel Halim once a day to supervise her himself, and together they conduct some rehearsals for the film.

During the initial rehearsals, Halim often merged and departed from the written text and replaced it with another of his own. And Zizi Mustafa, who had separated from her husband, the marine engineer.

After that, the number of days they met increased, and not only for rehearsals, for they went out on picnics together.

But after a while, Zizi Mustafa declined to present the role due to the necessity of her traveling to Syria to attend the screening of the movie Al-Bostaji, and the desire of the organizers of the movie “My Father Over the Tree” to speed up the start of filming, which affected the role.

After decades of this opportunity, which would have changed the artistic history of the late artist Zizi Mustafa, she explained in an old dialogue that she regretted not participating in it. As for Nightingale, he achieved a huge success at that time with this film, which continued to be shown in cinemas for a whole year.

The “Sharaf” case eliminated Zizi Mustafa’s stardom

The accusation of the artist Zizi Mustafa caused the famous case known as “The White Slave” with the artist Mimi Shakib in the seventies (1974) and a group of artists, some of whom are still alive. .. This case has greatly disrupted the stardom of the artist, Zizi Mustafa, and affected her artistic future.

Actress Zizi Mustafa left our world on February 13, 2008, at her home in Heliopolis, after a sudden heart attack.

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