She was a charming young woman.. Watch the media, “Mona El-Shazly” before fame

Mona El-Shazly is considered one of the famous media faces in Egypt. She began her professional journey by working as a broadcaster in the ART network in the late nineties, after which she presented more than one television program on satellite channels.

The media star, Mona El-Shazly, starred through the “With You Program” on CBC, and was able to prove to everyone that her statement that she always repeated is true, namely, “The viewer’s connection to the program, not to the TV channel.”

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El-Shazly was able to become a very large audience on CBC because of the prominent Egyptian personalities and the big stars who were hosting them on the program.

Users of social networking sites circulated a set of pictures of the Egyptian media during her youth, when she was at the beginning of her work in the media field.

And the Egyptian media, Mona El-Shazly, appeared in those rare shots, very beautiful, and this was confirmed by the comments of the followers, and a large number of social media pioneers confirmed that she still retains many of her beautiful features.

And this is not the first time that pictures of Mona El-Shazly have been published in her youth, as the Egyptian media previously opened the box of her memories to search for beautiful moments from the past, so she found a rare picture when she was a student, and the star and comedian artist Mohamed Henedy appeared in this photo.

Mona El-Shazly was at this time, still a student at the American University, and the timing of this photo was in one of the parties organized by the university, during which she hosted the rising artist with rocket force in the world of cinema at that time, Mohamed Henedy.

Mona El-Shazly recounted the story of the photo that she collected with Henedy on the stage, where she was the presenter of this concert, saying: “I am sure that Henedy does not remember this picture, and it is also clear that Henedy was charged with dressing exactly like me.”

And she added: “The day of this picture, I had an exam on university days, and I was the one who presented the party, and there was no time in it, and I dyed my hair and went down quickly, so I remember well that this dress I bought from the money I worked in the summer because I was working on the summer vacation.”

And she continued, “I remember very well that at this party, Mohamed Henedy, we died of laughter. I spoke, we laughed and we sang. It was a very sweet memory.. Greetings to Henedy and a greeting to the image.”

The media, Mona El-Shazly, is one of the most important female journalists in the Arab world.

Mona El-Shazly started her career as a program presenter through the ART network in the late nineties, and presented a number of light programs at first, then presented entertainment programs, including “Do not go this evening”, and in 2003 Mona El-Shazly changed her skin in the field of presentation, To present the program “The Case has not yet been resolved”, and in the same year, I presented the program “I do not see, I do not hear, I do not speak.”

After that, Mona El-Shazly moved to Dream Channel to start a new journey in the media field, and in 2005 she presented the “Ten Evening” program until 2012.

Then, Mona El-Shazly moved to MBC Egypt in the same year and presented the program “Useful Sentence” for one year only and left it in 2013.

After that, she moved to CBC, where she is currently present, and Mona El-Shazly moved away from presenting programs that have anything to do with politics, and she is currently presenting the “With You” program.

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