Simona Halep explained what happened in the match that led to her elimination from Roland Garros: It was a panic attack

Simona Halep spoke on Thursday about the sudden loss of form she had during the match at Roland Garros 2022 in which she was defeated by the Chinese Qinwen Zheng. Simona Halep blames everything on a panic attack, probably caused by too much pressure, an event she says she didn’t know how to handle because it didn’t happen too often.

Simona Halep’s steep fall in the match with Qinwen Zheng Photo: Guliver / GettyImages

Sudden fall for Simona Halep

Simona Halep, No. 19 WTA, former world leader and winner of Roland Garros in 2018, was surprisingly eliminated on Thursday in the second round of the French Grand Slam by 19-year-old Chinese player Qinwen Zheng, No. . 74 WTA, competing for the first time in Paris.

Simona Halep easily controlled the first set in Paris, winning 6-2. In the second act, the Romanian made a break at 1-1, but nothing would predict what followed. Halep started to make more and more mistakes, while Zheng raised his level and constantly put the former Roland Garros champion in difficulty.

Simona Halep showed signs of nervousness, and in some images she was surprised herself by the way the Roland Garros match changed. Moreover, at the start of the decisive one, Simona Halep remained for a few seconds, during the break between the games, near the bottom line of the field, with her head glued to the rocket, in a moment of introspection.

Zheng managed an incredible series of eight consecutive games, winning the second set 6-2 and breaking the decisive 3-0.

In the third set, Simona Halep also accused a medical problem and requested the intervention of the physiotherapist, writes Halep seemed to have trouble breathing, suffocating, failing to find the antidote to the Chinese woman’s aggressive play, which eventually prevailed 6-1.

Simona Halep: “I don’t know why the panic attack occurred. I didn’t know how to deal with it. “

“It was a difficult match. I played well in the beginning. I had a break in the second set, but then something happened and I just lost. But she played well and played a good game in the end. It was just a panic attack. It happened. I didn’t know how to deal with it, because I don’t often face it. I don’t know why he intervened, because I was in charge in the match, I played well. But it happened and I lost. I couldn’t concentrate and after the match it was pretty bad, but now I’m fine. I recovered and I will learn from this episode “, said Simona Halep at the press conference after the match.

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“It’s not dangerous, in my opinion, but it happened and it’s good that I can smile now. It’s just a tennis match, so I need to be a little more relaxed about it. I probably put too much pressure on myself, because I really wanted to do well. I felt good, I trained, I worked, but it wasn’t to be and I probably panicked a little while thinking about it “, explained the former Roland Garros champion.

For Simona Halep, who came to Roland Garros 2022 with the Frenchman Patrick Mouratoglou as her coach, with whom she recently started collaborating, this was her worst result in Paris since 2013, when she lost in the first round. . And in 2015, Simona also lost in the second round.

“I’ve been working a lot lately, since I started with Patrick (Mouratoglou), I really want to succeed and maybe that has contributed. I still have this thing, when I really want to be able to let go, to be me. It will be good, I will continue to work and we will see what happens. It wasn’t about tennis, maybe the pressure of the two tough years for everyone, last year’s injuries, there were a lot of hard times and maybe the brain panicked. I think I’ll be stronger tomorrow than today, I’m not scared. I play very well in training and I probably put too much pressure, I will try to manage it better “, promised Simona Halep, according to Eurosport.

Simona Halep, champion at Roland Garros in 2018 and finalist in 2014 and 2017, did not play in the last edition of the Paris tournament, being injured.

Simona Halep, message for fans posted late at night: I wanted to give up tennis after losing in Doha

Following these statements, late at night, Simona Halep posted on Instagram a long message for fans, in which she confessed that she went through hard times in the last year and a half and even wanted to give up tennis this year, after the failure of Doha.

Hello everyone, I am writing these words because I feel the need to share them with those who care. As always, I feel so much support from my fans and I would like to thank you all! You are great! You support me unconditionally, and that means a lot!

In general, I’m not a dramatic person and I hope I don’t look like that writing these words now. The last 18 months have been very difficult, emotional and physical. After losing in Doha, my message to those very close to me was that I could no longer do that, that I was done with tennis. But somehow I regained my passion and started to feel the love for tennis again and I decided to work hard and make significant changes. I’m very proud of myself for everything I’ve been doing lately. I was only able to do this with Patrick’s help, and I want to thank him for being with me.

The results are difficult, of course, because the expectations are high. I’m a Grand Slam winner, I’m a former No. 1 and everyone expects me to win. But nothing should be taken for granted. To be able to reach the highest tennis peak again, I need time and a lot of hard work. It is not in my nature to give up, so tomorrow is a new day and I will be ready to start again!

By the way, now I know what it’s like to have a panic attack; It’s not easy to manage, but I’m over it now and I’m already smiling!

With love,

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