Simona Halep gets out of a difficult situation, gets a healthy victory with Katerina Siniakova in Bad Homburg

Returning to the field very quickly after last week’s tournament, which ended for her on Sunday, Simona Halep needed some time to find her rhythm in the first round match in Bad Homburg, with Katerina Siniakova. Then he had the answers at the end, when the match became complicated again: 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, for the third victory in a row against the Czech.

After the demanding match with Hadad Maia from Birmingham a few days ago, Simona starts the week in Bad Homburg with a victory she needed. And if we add to that the way he got it, coming back from a complicated situation and returning a match that almost seemed lost, success becomes even more valuable; he needed a hard-fought victory after a hard-fought match to pull off.

Against Ekaterina Siniakova, Simona’s level was fluctuating for a long time and it seemed that she was making great efforts to enter the game, to start the match from somewhere.

At one point, Simona’s game seemed completely uncalibrated, hence the feeling of confusion in the first 13 games: well-placed services followed by double faults, accelerated shots followed by a defensive that she often uses on slag, the trend to build more, followed by a rush to attack quickly without thinking too much. Instead, she was activated by the score, which was completely against her, but also by the frustration of those slight mistakes she made for a while.

Led by 4-6, 0-3, Simona started to hit. And he hit well, intensely, angrily and trying to channel his nerves (from a great start to the match) in the right direction: launching his arm, looking for the winning shot and being very aggressive by positioning himself on the field. The outcome? From 0-3, Simona won the next nine games in a row – it’s true also against the background of a decrease in the level of the opponent, who could no longer maintain safety in executions in the first set.

Before Siniakova’s level drops – and then she gets injured, receiving medical care at the end of the second set – it is worth noting the turning point from 0-3 in the second set, when Simona rushed over her opponent with quick blows, taken from the climb, returned the winner directly, changed directions very quickly and left nothing to chance. From that point on, she climbed into the game, typical of her, working for every point and giving the feeling that she is in control and can no longer escape victory.

What happened decisively, with Siniakova suffering physically and Simona almost without cracks, was predictable until the middle of the set, Simona clearly dominating for a long time and showing confidence in everything she did on the field – a huge contrast to the beginning of the game. . But there were also small syncopes, Simona losing the advantage of a break and waking up almost equal from 4-1 and having emotions at 4-5, when Siniakova had the chance to equalize.

In the end, as he did the whole match, he fought, found a way and ran away with the victory. A tormented victory in some places, without playing extraordinarily, but well deserved. For how this match started and for how she managed to stabilize, at a time when everything was against her, today’s victory is more than gratifying for Simona. Such results sometimes tend to have greater effects than you might think at first glance.

It’s a hard-fought victory, which is good for confidence, especially in view of the Wimbledon tournament, which will start in a few days.

Simona’s next opponent in Bad Homburg will be Tamara Zidansek, with whom she has never met before.

“I haven’t lost my focus today”

“It was a very difficult match. She played really well, I struggled at first. But I fought to the end, it was very difficult. Every match is important now, that’s why I’m glad I was able to win “, said Simona, in the field interview.

“I didn’t give up, I thought until the end that I could win, maybe that’s why I was able to come back,” she added, referring to the situation in the second set.

“Today I didn’t lose my focus (at her MTO) and I was glad I had a breather,” she said. of medical breaks.

“Last year I couldn’t play here, I came, but I couldn’t enter the field; but I really like the place, that’s why I wanted to come back. It’s good that I won the match and I still have a chance to play here “, concluded Simo.


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