Simona Halep wins, without hesitation, set 1, in the first round in Rome: Simona Halep – Alize Cornet 6-4, 1-1


The date of publishing: Monday, May 9, 2022, 1:30 p.m.

Date of update: Monday, May 9, 2022, 2:24 p.m.

Simona Halep – Alize Cornet 6-4, 1-1 in set 2

Simona Halep – Alize Cornet 6-4 in the first set. A strange first round, with many periods of reversal of the dominance ratio. Many unforced errors from both players, who did not forget the torment suffered in Melbourne and try various tactics to shorten the points. Halep could have won the set at 5-2, but he had a series of minutes in which he was untraceable, becoming the prey of the Frenchwoman’s game.

Simona Halep – Alize Cornet 5-4. Despite the unforced errors and the alleged nervousness, Alize Cornet mobilizes to succeed in a new game on her own, at thirty. For the second time, Simona Halep will get up from her chair to serve to win the first set.

Simona Halep – Alize Cornet 5-3. A break recovered by Alize Cornet, against the background of two double mistakes made by Simona Halep, totally contrary to the course of the last minute game.

Simona Halep – Alize Cornet 5-2. Alize Cornet manages the first hold in the game, but it seems too late to save anything from this set. Simona Halep will serve, when the game resumes, to take it into account.

Simona Halep – Alize Cornet 5-1. The service is getting stronger, the footwork is accelerating, and the tactical lucidity is all increasing, thanks to Simona Halep, who signs the first white game of the match and is close to one advantage in the set score.

Simona Halep – Alize Cornet 4-1. Halep starts to play convincingly, and the double mistakes do not stop at the expense of the Frenchwoman Cornet, who loses her serve for the third time. Advantage of two breaks for the Romanian, after only 5 games played. Forehand in direct line winner, signed by Simona Halep, in the final point of the game, as if just to further demoralize the opponent.

Simona Halep – Alize Cornet 3-1. The player who first confirms the break is Simona Halep, who has accumulated rhythm in the last games and is starting to cover better and better the area of ​​the net. Game at thirty, Simona.

Simona Halep – Alize Cornet 2-1. Simona Halep makes the second break, ending the game with a short cross elegantly executed. Most of all, Simona Halep had to leave the pitch due to a knee injury.

Simona Halep – Alize Cornet 1-1. The Frenchwoman missed two break points, at 15-40, but she didn’t make the same mistake several times in a row, recovering the break in overtime, after an unforced error by Simona Halep’s forehand.

Simona Halep – Alize Cornet 1-0. Although she started with a two-point deficit, Simona Halep regrouped, activated the footwork at an impressive level and collected four points in a row to make the break, from the first game. The game ended with a passing, from the middle of the field, which caught Cornet attacking insufficiently accurately.

Simona Halep (30 years old, 21 WTA) suffered five defeats in the 23 matches played this season, but the most painful was the eighth final of the Australian Open, lost in three exhausting sets, in front of the Frenchwoman Alize Cornet.

It was 6-4, 3-6, 6-4 for the Hexagon player, who was eventually eliminated from AO 22 one lap later by Danielle Collinsthe next opponent of the winner of this match, from the first round of the WTA 1000 competition in Rome.

Simona Halep defeated Alize Cornet only once in 2013

Alize Cornet (32 years old, 39 WTA) has lost 8 of the 11 games signed since the end of the Australian Open and is far from the form it impressed in the opposites, but it has the advantage of an unlikely 4-1 in the direct matches against Simona Halep.

After what, In 2020, Simona Halep won the Rome Tour for the first timethe previous edition brought her a bad luck, related to her career, forcing her to miss the first grand slam tournaments, of her senior career and keeping her away from a solid return in tennis for more than 3 months.

The match between Simona Halep and Alize Cornet will start immediately after the match between Viktorija Golubic and Viktoria Azarenka, scheduled to start at 12:00 on Pietrangeli.

Simona Halep’s virtual route to WTA 1000 Rome, 2022 edition

  • Round 1: Alize Cornet
  • Round 2: Danielle Collins (favorite 7)
  • Optimi: Belinda Bencic (favorite 12)
  • Quarterfinals: Jessica Pegula (favorite 13)
  • Semifinal: Iga Swiatek (favorite 1)
  • Final: Paula Badosa (favorite 2)

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