Spotify Peru: the best podcasts to listen to today

Although there are many debates about the origin of podcasts and which was the first in history, there is no doubt that the emergence of streaming platforms such as Spotify in the new millennium have boosted the popularity of this format.

As the word says “podcast”it is an audio product that describes an episodic series available to listen to when the user so wishes. The word was formally born in 2004when combined iPod Y broadcast.

Whether it’s about health, sports, politics, culture and entertainment, this format has also regained its fame among the Peruvian public, although not all genres enjoy the same acceptance.

From criminal themes and even welfare, here is a list of the most popular podcasts in Peru.

one. Naked Psychology | @psi.mammoliti

In this podcast we talk about emotions. Of your internal mechanisms: Why do you do what you do? Why can’t you express certain emotions and others? Why do you feel bad sometimes? Why are there things that anguish you, that generate fear, nostalgia, or that give you pleasure? How to regulate your emotions to feel balanced? Emotional management is the KEY to living a meaningful life. And it’s up to you to learn it! The gateway to this process? Naked Psychology. From the hand of Clinical Psychologist Marina Mammoliti.

two. batman unearthed

Explore “Batman Unearthed” in different languages ​​here. A serial killer known as The Harvester is terrorizing Gotham City, but this time Batman won’t come to the rescue. In fact, Bruno Díaz has no memory of ever being the Dark Knight. Instead, Bruno is a forensic pathologist in charge of autopsies on the killer’s victims; this, until he himself ends up being attacked by the mysterious villain. As Bruno’s obsession with The Harvester consumes him, Doctor Thomas Diaz, head of Gotham City Hospital, orders his son to take a break from work to be treated by a psychologist named Doctor Hunter. With Batman out of action, Barbara Gordon seeks help from the second best detective in town: The Riddler. Batman Unearthed is a David S. Goyer creation produced by Phantom Four and Wolf at the Door in association with Blue Ribbon Content and DC for Spotify . The Spanish version is directed by Hari Sama, produced by Fábula and starring Alfonso Herrera, Ana Brenda Contreras, Zuria Vega, Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Alfonso Borbolla, Noé Hernandez, Carlos Aragón, Hernán Mendoza, Úrsula Pruneda, Ximena Romo, Lucia Úribe. and Gabriela Warkentin

3. you are rich

In addition to yelling at you that you’re rich 24/7, Danielita is serious about making you see it. Advice, self-love, relationships, and a healthy dose of BLOCK IT into rockstar mode. I’m telling you in “bitta realize” mode while I’m finishing my psychology degree. You are rich my life and the time has come to see it. Follow me on Instagram my sweetheart, for content from the life of Danielita @danisayanFollow the Podcast on Instagram for reflections on the episodes, sneak peaks and much more! @estasricapodcast See for privacy and opt-out information.


I want you to know that I am not a specialist in the topics you hear here, I am not a psychologist, much less do I want to impose my personal opinion; so just listen to me, have fun and get off your chest. let’s talk on Instagram: @delucchidani 🙂 NEW EPISODES EVERY THURSDAY AT 5PM🇵🇪 📻: @delucchidani 🎨: @ce.jota.ce

5. talking shit

Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza talking nonsense and improvising with their questions. balls right?

6. Tales of the Night

In the tradition of radio classics, the stories, tales and legends that inhabit the streets of Mexico and Latin America are told here. See for privacy and opt-out information.

7. The storyteller

Podcast based on the 90’s series

8. Wanted Love Stories

Love goes through us, invades us, fills us and transforms us. We all have a love story, of the accelerated beating of the heart that worries us and sometimes makes us a little silly. In this well-made podcast you will find the stories of many brave people who dared to share them in different places in Buenos Aires: squares, streets, bars and even some who send them from their own homes. Wanted Love Stories, I hope yours. atte: @hanniamolinari If we don’t meet in person and you want to send your story, you are invited to do so!

9. and whatever comes up

I like few things more than long conversations at a bar table until the wee hours of the morning | the @irene.nortes podcast

10. dark psychology

How does the brain of a manipulative person work? How to detect a manipulative person? How to influence the decisions of others without being noticed…? *Some titles may not have a description because the platform does not provide it.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio product that has a defined periodicity and can be made up of several episodes, although it has its origins in the radio, currently those who like this format can find it on internet pages or streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Although podcasts began as a discussion between several participants on a specific topic, over time the ways of doing them have been diversifying and now it can be a person speaking or a group, likewise, they are not only used as a space to exchange points of view, but also encompass genres of interview like the podcast #AtCasaDeMara where he asks questions to various characters such as edy smoleither fictionas it happens with the suspense story of the chilean podcast Case 63or deal with science, politics, journalism, welfare, among others.

The word “podcast” was first used on February 12, 2004 by journalist Ben Hammersley from Guardian in an article in which he talked about how economically viable it was to make an online radio program and access them whenever users want.

Although there are various debates about when the first podcast in history emerged, there are several experts who have pointed out that the idea was clear since the creation of the podcast. Thomas Alva Edison’s phonograph in 1870when the intellectuals of the time such as Philip Hubert, Octave Uzanne or Edward Bellamy predicted that people would end up “reading books, newspapers and magazines with their eyes closed” and even mothers would stop snoring telling children stories before going to sleep.

Spotify in Peru

It was on December 12, 2013 when the streaming music platform arrived in Peru, being the 55th country on their list. Initially it offered a catalog of 20 million songs.

Founded in 2006, the Swedish company formally began its activities in Europe on October 7, 2008 and little by little it has had a presence all over the world, being currently in 187 countries and offering a music catalog of more than seven million artists.

Today the platform streaming It has agreements with Universal Music, Sony Music, EMI Music, Hollywood Records, Interscope Records, Warner Music, among others. With this, it has currently been possible to reach more than 365 million users according to the latest data revealed by the company itself.

Compared to its competitors, who have chosen to pay based on physical sales or downloads, Spotify has followed a model in which it has chosen to pay the artists in its catalog at a fixed price per song or album sold and number of plays.

Additionally, 70% of their total revenue goes to copyright holders, mostly record labels, who then pay artists based on their individual contracts.

It should be noted that currently anyone can enjoy the free Spotify service, as long as you are willing to put up with ads and with restrictions such as not being able to skip some songs. Or are there various plans that can be adjusted to your needs and your pocket.