Stars who sold their clothes and died penniless after getting rich.. the names will shock you

At a time when stars compete for fortunes, and ask huge sums of money in exchange for hosting them on television programs, live concerts, participate in films, or any dramatic work, we find that the artists of the beautiful time suffered from extreme poverty, to the extent that some of them did not find a livelihood.

There are many examples of artists whose fame filled the world, but as soon as the lights faded, they became forgotten, and they died in silence, while they are in a state of extreme poverty. Fame does not mean wealth. The lights did not save celebrities from a life of poverty in their last days, and in the following lines we monitor artists but poor.

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Ismail Yassin After the artist Ismail Yassin entertained his fans with more than 166 films “Abu Dhakt Janan”, his laughter was extinguished and he was besieged by debts after he stopped working about 4 years before his death, because he was no longer required by filmmakers, which forced him to return to the monologue, but he did not He succeeds this time, even after submitting works not worthy of his artistic status, which prompted him to sell all his possessions to provide for the basic requirements of life, and he died in 1972.

Abd al-Salam al-Nabulsi lived his last years with a serious heart disease that hid it from everyone and kept him away from fame and stardom, but the biggest tragedy in his life was the announcement of Intra Bank in Beirut bankruptcy, which led to the bankruptcy of al-Nabulsi because he was putting all his money in this bank.

On the night of July 5, 1968, he breathed his last before arriving at the hospital, and his wife could not find the funeral expenses, so his friend Farid al-Atrash paid her.

Zeinat Sedky Zeinat Sedky was forced in her last days to sell a large part of her home’s furniture to secure her living needs, and she continued to suffer from disease and poverty until her death, due to water on the lungs.

Zeinat, who made millions laugh, did not find anyone to comfort her with a kind word, or to wipe her tragic tears, and she remained in disregard, until Anwar Sadat honored her on Art Day in 1976, and decided to pay her an exceptional pension.

Riyad Al-Qasbaji The artist Riad Al-Qasabgy, or as he was called Al-Shawish Attia, ended up confined to the hospital after his death, his family could not get him out until after the intervention of director Hassan Al-Imam and paid the full expenses of his treatment.

Stefan Rosti, the son of the Austrian baron, who combined comedy and evil at the same time, but with age he was no longer required as before, he died without having the price of his burial, which prompted the families to collect money from each other to provide funeral expenses.

Abdel-Fattah Al-Qasry The artist Abdel-Fattah Al-Qasry was suddenly blinded while presenting a comedy theatrical performance with Ismail Yassin, but his audience thought he was joking and did not care about the matter.

His wife took advantage of his blindness and forced him to sign a waiver of all his property, only to end up in a room “under the stairs” in which he died.

Youssef Wehbe and the giants “Youssef Wehbe and Amina Rizk” After their age, the artworks presented to them became scarce, so they spent the last of their lives on a pension of only 32 pounds.

Fatima Rushdi Fatima Rushdi is one of the best Egyptian artists who was loved by the public, but her tragic end did not differ from many of her colleagues. whose name is associated with the beginnings of cinema in Egypt.

In 1995, Al-Wafd newspaper published a report about her and her miserable life of old age, poverty and disease. The artist Farid Shawqi was affected by her condition and moved individually and succeeded in pushing the union to allocate a monthly pension for her and provide her with an apartment, but Sarah Bernard Al Sharq died as she was nicknamed at the time of her fame As soon as you receive the apartment.

Amin Al-Hunaidi, the able artist, Amin Al-Hunaidi, after a long artistic career, died in the hospital, and his family could not pay his treatment expenses, which did not exceed 2000 pounds, which led to his family’s failure to perform the procedures for extracting his body from the hospital immediately after his death.

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