Startup for buying and selling used cars arrives in Belo Horizonte

Buying or selling a new or used car in the same way that we buy appliances or a piece of clothing on the Internet is already a reality in Brazil. It is possible to do this at home or anywhere, quickly, safely, without bureaucracy and, especially, without the fear that you are paying too much or making an unprofitable sale.


Safety, transparency, ease and a two-year guarantee are some of the proposals made by Kavak, which has been operating in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo for less than a year, has already landed in Rio de Janeiro and, this Saturday, the 4th, brings to Belo Horizonte the physical-digital model that has been transforming the automotive sector in Latin America.


Located at ViaShopping Barreiro, the first Kavak showroom in the capital of Minas Gerais has 500 cars certified by Kavak, at attractive prices and a two-year warranty for customers. The company also offers customers in the region an extended virtual catalog of vehicles, with more than 5,000 pre-owned refurbished and ready for sale, currently available in showrooms in greater São Paulo and which can meet the demand in Belo Horizonte, if the consumer has interest.

Show room

Kavak’s showroom in Belo Horizonte serves as a support point for the digital experience that the startup presents to the Brazilian public and which aims to be accessible to much of the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, where the third largest fleet of vehicles in the country is registered.


For Roger Laughlin, co-founder and CEO of Kavak in Brazil, the company’s value proposition exists to remedy an old pain of those who are looking for a car, and that speaks very well to the needs of the public in the region.“The value proposition of Kavak consists of buying the customer’s new car, paying on the same day, reconditioning the vehicles in our own structures and only then making the car available on Kavak’s website or app. All of this offering two-year warranty and overhaul services. We also support the client in all the bureaucratic part, evaluating the vehicle’s documental history and we provide the notary service with a partner notary representative to sign the document on the day of the car pick-up”, he highlights.


Kavak’s business model is innovative because it enables a digital (or hybrid) experience for buying and selling used cars, catering to all customer profiles, with revisions and guarantees that did not exist in the sector until then. At Kavak, consumers who want to buy a car access the startup’s digital platforms and browse the car options available in the online catalogue, closing the deal without leaving home, if they wish. If interested, the customer can also visit the cars in one of the company’s showrooms and have home service.


In addition to the two-year warranty, there are periodic inspections and the possibility of returning it within 7 days or 300 km, if the car does not meet the customer’s expectations. Documentation is another important point for miners and one that Kavak proposes to resolve. When the customer closes the deal, Kavak, in addition to supporting all the bureaucracy involved in the acquisition or sale of a used vehicle, also bridges the gap with banking institutions for financing, evaluating the vehicle documentation and providing the notary service. with a partner notary’s representative to sign the document on the day the vehicle is picked up. If the customer prefers, Kavak can also deliver the purchased vehicle to their home.

Fast game

The owner of a vehicle with up to 10 years of manufacture can sell it to the startup and, in a matter of minutes, make an online quote, and schedule the inspection of the vehicle in one of Kavak’s showrooms or at home, with the purpose of confirming the proposal made earlier. The customer who wants to sell a car to Kavak receives payment on the same day.

no intermediary

Unlike what happens in the market, Kavak evaluates the car, including analyzing the car’s documentation, and actually buys the customer’s vehicle. In this way, the consumer deals directly with Kavak, without other intermediaries. Before putting the car up for sale on the website or app, the company does a robust mechanical inspection of the car, which includes checking various items in the car to ensure that all vehicles are in perfect condition, before making them available to others. customers in the online catalog.

Spaces across the country

In addition to the showroom in Belo Horizonte, Kavak has 24 other spaces spread across the main shopping malls in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, the cities of Campinas and Sorocaba, in addition to Rio de Janeiro. Kavak also has its own Car Reprocessing Center, located in the Kavak City complex, in Barueri, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, where maintenance and repairs are carried out on cars purchased by the company, before being made available in the online catalog.

Miners and their characteristics

According to Fenauto, among the Brazilian capitals, the city of Belo Horizonte occupies the third place in the volume of automobiles, behind São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, first and second place, respectively. Historically, the city of Minas has one of the highest averages of vehicles per inhabitant in Brazil (one vehicle for every two inhabitants). And this was one of the reasons that made Minas Gerais become a key state for the consolidation of Kavak in Brazil.


Traditionally passionate about cars and demanding with his experience, Brazilians are known for seeking the best experience of buying or selling cars, attentive to various factors of the vehicle and looking for the best opportunities. With the miner it is no different. To reduce the discomfort and the feeling of insecurity of the customer who might think that he didn’t get a good deal when buying or selling a used car, or that he could have gotten a better price for the car, Kavak has developed a complete solution so that the experience of buying a car used car is as pleasant and safe as buying a brand new car.


In addition to the reconditioning of cars, the complementary experience of the physical and digital and the two-year warranty, Kavak has its own algorithm, based on artificial intelligence, which takes into account several market variables, to set the price of used cars, free of charge. hidden or changes for the customer. “Kavak’s business is 30% buying and selling cars and 70% solutions that are designed to support our customers, this is our great differential. Our mission is for everyone to feel secure in buying or selling a used car over the Internet”, points out Laughlin.