Subaru Solterra goes on sale – Auto News

Subaru’s first 100% electric model Solterra was put on sale in Turkey. Built on the new e-Subaru Global Platform specific to electric cars, Solterra continues the brand’s tradition of AWD (Continuous All Wheel Drive).

Solterra’s 160 kW electric motor offers a driving range of up to 466 km. The car will be offered for sale with prices starting from 1 million 665 thousand 900 TL as of July, with a DC charging power of 150 KW and a battery capacity of 71.4 kWh.

Making a statement at the Turkey launch of Solterra, Takeshi Kubota, General Manager of Subaru Corporation Europe Business Unit and President and CEO of Subaru Europe, said, “The pandemic has not only affected our private lives, but continued to affect the timely supply of parts and semiconductors, thus limiting our production capacity. Tight CO2 “The pressure to comply with regulations has forced many Subaru markets to reduce their product lines and focus almost exclusively on electric models in some countries. This is also the case in Turkey. Despite the challenges, we will continue to look to the future.”


Noting that the car was developed together with Toyota, Kubota said, “This product was developed in partnership with our partner and remains a 100 percent Subaru product. Our engineers designed and developed this vehicle based on our philosophy, therefore, Solterra’s eternal Subaruness (becoming Subaru), ie Subaru safety. “We’re confident you can feel it delivers traditional AWD capability, durability and enhanced BEV performance.”

Emphasizing that they are the first Japanese brand to offer 100 percent electric vehicles for sale in Turkey, Subaru Turkey General Manager Halil Karag├╝lle said, “Solterra is a completely new model that was born as an electric vehicle that has not been converted from another model in its product range. The most important point we can emphasize about Solterra is Subaru. “This vehicle has all the features that make it a Subaru. Subaru stands behind the differences it has in a 100 percent electric vehicle that it offers to its customers and preserves its brand DNA,” he said.

Referring to the battery of the new Solterra, Karag├╝lle said, “The positioning of the battery under the vehicle and the placement of two electric motors at the front and the back provide the classic balance element unique to Subaru. When we say security, I would like to mention battery safety. and other possible dangers. The battery is safe and long-lasting. Subaru engineers state that the battery will maintain its capacity by 90 percent after 10 years.


Solterra is offered for sale in Turkey in three different versions. The e-Xtreme version will meet its customers with a price of 1 million 665 thousand 900 TL, the e-Xclusive version 1 million 749 thousand 500 TL and the top version, the e-Xcellent version, with a price of 1 million 849 thousand 500 TL.

The car, which has similarities with its sister model Toyota bZ4X in both interior and exterior design, differs from the bZ4X especially with its front face.

With an overall length of 4,690 mm, a width of 860 mm and a height of 1,650 mm, the Solterra is 205 mm longer, 600 mm wider and 35 mm taller than the Subaru XV model.

The wheelbase of Solterra, which is designed to be 500 mm longer, 45 mm wider and 80 mm lower than the Forester, is 180 mm longer than the Subaru XV and Forester models.


According to the statement, the front and rear axles of Solterra have 2 electric motors, one at the front and one at the rear, each with 80 kW of power, delivering instant torque to provide power and fast response and linear acceleration.

Offering a total power of 160 kW (218 PS) and a maximum torque of 338 Nm, the dual engine accelerates the vehicle from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds.

Solterra’s maximum DC charging power is 150 kW, and its AC charging power is 7 kW. In Solterra, where Type 2 and CCS2 charging inputs are located on the left front fender, two AC charging cables, Mode 2 and Mode 3, are offered free of charge.

DC fast charging with a capacity of 150 kW brings the battery to 80% capacity in 30 minutes, while AC charging reaches 100% capacity in 9.5 hours.