subordinated the Gacon Test! Only Bănel managed this in the past

Thomas Neubert, the physical trainer from FCSBwas impressed by the results of the physical test performed the other day: a record number of players managed to reach 24 intervals, a level that in the past only Bănel Nicoliță managed.

FCSB is gaining courage for the new season, both for the title fight and for what awaits it in the Conference League, where it will enter from the 2nd preliminary round.

The reunion of the team, produced last week, brought something that pleasantly surprised those in the technical staff. 99% of the players presented themselves with the same weight or even less than the one they had when the season ended, 3 weeks ago. One player did not fit the optimal weight, but even in his case the surplus was only 1.5 kilograms.

FCSB breaks the boundaries: it subordinated the Gacon Test!

In addition, Thomas Neubert scheduled the Gacon Test the other daywhich takes place once or twice a year and which, in addition to showing the level of training of the players, also has the role of demonstrating whether a footballer is able to exceed his limits.

Then, this test also shows the basis on which the players can train, but also who has the best comebacks after the effort, an essential physical quality in today’s football.

Number 1 in this last chapter was Mirel Rădoi, whose pulse dropped extremely quickly after a prolonged sprint. The respective test was not performed by the players that FCSB had or has in the national teams: Târnovanu, Cristea, Tănase, Octavian Popescu, Olaru, Pantea.

FCU Craiova

FCU Craiova announced the first transfer of the summer: player sanctioned for a “BLAT” judged by FRF!

What is the Gacon Test?

  • was developed in the mid-1990s by Professor Gacon
  • he was the manager of the semi-long distance runners in the French team, but also a physical trainer for various teams, such as: PSG, Rennes, Marseille, Nantes
  • the test involves covering a distance, in 45 seconds, a distance that increases after each interval, the break between intervals being 15 seconds
  • the first distance to be covered is 125 meters, then it increases progressively: 131, 137, 143, etc.
  • after each interval, plus the 15-second break, players must run in the opposite direction to the freshly completed interval
  • players complete the test when they are no longer able to cover the distance in 45 seconds

Source: website

The final results were considered exceptional by Neubert and his collaborators. If in the past there was only one player who managed to reach 24 intervals, and that was called Bănel Nicoliță, known for his extraordinary physical ability, plus another one with 22-23 intervals, Nicolae Dică, this time, no more less than 4 footballers reached the 24-lap mark!

4 friendly matcheshas scheduled FCSB this summer: FC Sfântul Gheorghe (June 29), Zimbru Chisinau (July 2), CS Mioveni (July 6), Oţelul (July 9)

FCSB breaks the boundaries: it subordinated the Gacon Test!  Only Bănel managed this in the past

Shot was among the performers of the Gacon test / Photo: Facebook @FCSB

Plus two or three more that stopped after 23 intervals. The 4 who covered the 24 complete routes are Cordea, Șut, Oaidă and Lixandru. The last one is a newcomer to FCSB, last season he evolved, in the form of a loan, to Gaz Metan Mediaș and CS Mioveni. He is the youngest of them, only 21 years old, being eligible next season for the U21 rule in League 1.

Dorinel Munteanu, important announcements for Oţelul:


Dorinel Munteanu, important announcements for Oţelul: “I couldn’t refuse Mihai Stoica!” + “I will be a kind of Dan Petrescu”

What does 24 intervals mean, the level reached by the 4 players

  • the distance to be covered in the last 45 seconds is over 260 meters
  • the average speed required to cover this distance in 45 seconds is 21.5 km / h
  • the total distance traveled at the end of the 24 intervals is 4.7 kilometers

How much they played last season

Name, age matches integrally
Alexander, 21 29 16
Cordea, 23 38 7
Oaida, 24 29 6
Shot, 23 25 6

18 matchescould play FCSB in the first two months of the season, provided they qualify for the Conference League groups: in League 1 there are 10 stages between July 16 and September 16, 3 “doubles” in the European Cup preliminaries and the first two stages in the group stage

Marius Croitoru signed with FCU Craiova »Two-year contract

FCU Craiova

Marius Croitoru signed with FCU Craiova »Two-year contract

Deac is number 1 at CFR Cluj

At FCSB’s main rival, CFR Cluj, by far, the footballer who is number 1 in the Gacon Test is Ciprian Deac. At the last test, he ran 24 intervals, being the only one from the group of Cluj with this performance.

Deac, who is 36 and a half years old, played no less than 55 games last season. He missed only one game out of all those played by CFR, in which he was suspended for accumulating warnings.

The Gacon test blocked Essien in Gruia

In the summer of 2018, shortly after winning the first title in this series of 5, CFR Cluj wanted to transfer a world football star, Michael Essien. He was 35 and a half years old and was wanted by his owner Nelu Varga.

The Ghanaian even arrived in Cluj, but the staff realized that he could no longer physically and, to prove to Varga that he was not worth taking, they had Essien take the Gacon Test. He managed to do only 12 intervals, after which he gave up, a level that can be reached even by someone who is not a performance athlete, but moves 2-3 times a week.

Essien was told that he was no longer wanted, and later he arrived in Azerbaijan, at Sabail, but in two seasons he ticked only 14 matches, of which 6 as a starter.

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