Surprising technician in concert of Wisin y Yandel and raises experience

  • The music industry feeds on different items, one of the most important, live concerts.

  • Data from PwC shows that live concert revenue fell by more than 50 percent during the pandemic.

  • Companies could save on personnel costs if they bet on paying better trained employees.

A sound technician has chosen to complement part of a song at a Wisin y Yandel concert, making music with his cell phone and improving the experience of users who gradually return to this type of festival.

The music industry revenue are considerably fed by different aspects that influence their value, such as the sale of compact discs, songs in digital formats, streaming platforms, streaming and an important sector that is worth highlighting: live concerts.

According to information from PwC in its study “Global Entertainment and Media Outlook”, global live music industry revenue they managed to register 24 thousand 148 million dollars in 2014, showing constant growth until reaching 2019, with 28 thousand 971 million dollars; nevertheless, the pandemic did its job by declining this value by more than 50 percent, reaching only 10 thousand 428 million dollars. Despite this, taking into account the return of consumer confidence in the face of the decline in mortality from Covid-19, this figure is expected to exceed its maximum for 2024 with the value of 31 thousand 53 million dollars.

The return of live concerts, festivals and other massive events, not only boosts the income and image of the artists, but also solves the economy of various professionalsas are the audio engineers, organizers, vendors and other opportunities to explore that are essential to offer a good experience to attendees.

A sound technician has surprised Internet users by showing how in a Wisin y Yandel concert is in charge of making music thanks to his cell phone. Leaning on the noise it makes when dialing a contact and together with a microphone, it manages to complement part of the song.

@alejandro_tecnico @WISIN & @yandel #videos #viral #events #sound #roadie ♬ original sound – Alejandro Perez

East audio technician who makes music with his cell phone in the middle of a Wisin y Yandel concert has won the love of netizenswho extol his ability and ingenuity to carry out such a feat, making comments such as “they may question his methods, but not his results”, “there is no doubt that it is brutal”, “thank goodness he did not receive a call at that time”, “the experience and ingenuity cannot be improvised”, “this man does know what he is doing”, among other thoughts that praise the creativity with which this professional does his job.

A whole set of elements are extremely important to be able to offer thousands of attendees the experience of living a concert “as it should be”, where all kinds of workers make a team effort to make these events possible, feeding different sectors; According to information from Grupo Pennywise, among those who are indispensable are those from the assembly of concerts, production personnel, technicians, transportation and logistics personnel. Despite this, it is also worth considering all those who are responsible for selling food, drinks or articles of merchandise to complement this experience, in addition to benefiting financially.

According to the Merca2.0 Entertainment Study, three out of 10 Mexican consumers prefer to spend moderately when they attend a concert, which ranges from 500 to a thousand pesos, among which some of the aforementioned products can be contemplated and where the attitude of the collaborators is essential to promote a good experience.

We found an example of this a while ago when thousands of users applauded the service attitude of that beer vendor, who was in charge of selling this drink to festival attendees when a song by Los Caligaris played in the background and he danced to the rhythm of his music, a fact that caused even the same group to be in his search to take him to one of their events.

@loscaligarisoficial Thank you @otisbergermx for capturing the Happiest Botero in the World!! do you know him? We want to contact you!! #Caligaris#tecatepalnorte #degiracontiktok ♬ original sound – Los Caligaris

The return of massive events is becoming more frequent around the world, where the attitude of service and experiences offered by the organizers of these events will be essential to increase or decrease the speed of their growth.

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