Infections of wild birds with bird flu worries scientists, why?

According to WHO data, from 2003 to January 2022, 863 human cases of avian influenza infection with the H5N1 strain have been reported. 455 of those people died. Photo: EFE Agency For more than 20 years, scientists have identified the emergence of the H5N1 strain of the bird flu which mainly affected poultry in Asia. … Read more

Viral YouTube: Dog runs with all his might to return home and escape from a fierce bear attack | United States | Videos | | viral video

You won’t believe it. In some areas it is common for wild animals to invade properties in secret. However, this does not prevent it from causing distress among the population. This happened in a recent case that went viral on YouTube, a social network where the precise moment in which a bear chased a dog. … Read more

The noise is killing the whales and dolphins

Noise congests and pollutes. Think when you are in a space with music, car whistles, shouts, many voices… surely you cannot distinguish or separate the sounds and you do not hear what someone else, although close by, is saying to you. The same goes for animals: noise affects them. It happens, with more reason, with … Read more

How artificial intelligence is helping save China’s giant pandas

(CNN) — The giant panda has long been the face of animal conservation, ever since WWF adopted the lovable black and white bear as its logo in 1961. But, after decades of intense conservation programs, pandas are no longer in danger. However, with a relatively small population, the pandas are not out of the forest … Read more

How to identify if your dog is of the Creole breed

After several years of research, a group of scientists -among them Santiago Castroviejo, from the Universidad de los Andes- discovered that there are dogs that grew up in America with their own genetic characteristics before the arrival of Columbus. Until now it was believed that all were of Eurasian origin. Their descendants, almost extinct, are … Read more

How do I know if my dog ​​has fleas or ticks? Prevention and treatment

The fleas and ticks They are external parasites they feed on blood, especially that of animals. They are very common bugs throughout Europe that, in addition, can be carriers of different diseases. When the flea or tick parasitizes an animal, it adheres to his skin through his mouthparts and vampirizes him: sucks blood. “The main … Read more

What happens in a dog’s brain when he hears human voices?

A researcher places electrodes on one of the dogs. Photo: Sinc Agency – Huba Eleőd When we listen to the vocalizations of two known different animal species, we humans are able to differentiate the sounds based on who or what makes it. But does the same thing happen with dogs that hear the voices of … Read more