New cars are waiting at the gallery – Last Minute Economy News

While automotive manufacturers do not produce enough vehicles due to many problems such as chips, procurement, raw materials and logistics, it is now known by everyone how difficult it is to reach a new vehicle. As such, consumers either buy the vehicle that is available at the dealership immediately (albeit with a low probability) or … Read more

Car buyers beware! The most authoritative institution announced: A 20 percent increase in automobile prices is on the way… – The right address for financial news

As of December 20, 2021, when the Currency Protected Deposit System (KKM) was put into use, the exchange rates remained flat for a long time. However, the rise in the exchange rates due to the war between Russia and Ukraine brought the peak of the year in the last dollar and euro. Prices in the … Read more

After the hikes, everything changed in the car! New and used car sales are bad but… – The right address for financial news

In addition to gold, dollars, deposits and crypto money, automobiles have now become an investment tool. The contraction in both production and sales figures in the automobile market was also reflected in the figures in the first four months of the year. In the January-April period of 2022, total automotive production decreased by 9 percent … Read more

Suggestions for car accessories that will create a completely different atmosphere in your car

No matter how much you love your car, driving the same car for a long time can sometimes get boring. Since changing a vehicle is both an expensive and troublesome task, it is possible to create a completely different look in your car with vehicle accessories that will change the air of your car. We … Read more

Last minute about car prices! A brand new car was never seen like this, 3 months later…

Last minute development in new car prices! The upward mobility in the global markets has also deeply affected automobile prices. Many people living in Turkey are doing research on new car prices. “Will car prices go up?” Citizens looking for answers to the question are surprised by the prices in the updated lists. As of … Read more

Bad news for those who want to buy a car! ‘Cost increases will be reflected in prices’ – The right address for financial news

Bad news came from the sector representatives to the citizens who were waiting for the car prices to decrease to buy new and second-hand cars. ODD President Ali Haydar Bozkurt stated that cost increases will be reflected in automobile prices. Speaking to Yiğitcan Yıldız from Habertürk, ODD President Ali Haydar Bozkurt noted that the expectation … Read more

Used cars and homes for sale prices will crash! Date given, car and house prices will bottom out

Home and car prices began to rise with the onset of the pandemic. The price increases experienced due to the increase in demand and the inability of supply to meet the demand were multiplied by the action of opportunists. The pandemic after the production disruptions that started with the chip crisis in new cars, and … Read more

Red alert on car prices! The development that will fly the second hand car! He said ‘this is the first time’ and warned, the new time…

While the stagnant times are passing in the second-hand vehicle market, dealer shopkeepers state that lower and upper class vehicles are sold and the demand for middle class vehicles is decreasing day by day. The second-hand vehicle market, which has been on the agenda recently, is going through an unusual process. Under normal conditions, as … Read more