Brazilian no longer earns money by preferring to invest in savings – News

With the variety of financial products available on the market today, for all types of investors and pocket sizes, the savings account remains a champion in the hearts of Brazilians. Despite not offering the best profitability, it is still the most used product in the country by those who want to save money, … Read more

European economies fear collapse as interest rates rise to contain inflation – News

THE highest inflation in history for countries that are part of the euro zone intensified discussions at the ECB (European Central Bank) for raising interest rates in the bloc, currently at a negative level. The decision for the increase, however, comes up against the possibility of limiting the growth of the most fragile … Read more

Inflation: government raises expectations to 7.9% in 2022 – 05/19/2022 – Market

The Ministry of Economy raised this year’s inflation expectation from 6.55% to 7.9% and maintained its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth forecast for 2022 at 1.5%. The ministry’s projections released this Thursday (19) are in the Macrofiscal Bulletin, updated bimonthly by the SPE (Secretariat of Economic Policy). Previous data had been announced by the ministry … Read more

Fuels: Government studies ways to contain prices – 05/16/2022 – Market

Without having a silver bullet to bring down fuel prices, the Jair Bolsonaro (PL) government has on the table a menu of measures that, although palliative, can give the Chief Executive the speech that there is some effort to contain values. during the election year. The list of possibilities includes a cut in the biodiesel … Read more

BC director warns of impact of interest rates on the economy in the 2nd semester

posted on 05/16/2022 13:43 / updated on 05/16/2022 18:20 (credit: Reproduction/TVSenado) The Brazilian economy is surprising the pessimistic forecasts of the market at the beginning of the year with better-than-expected data, but the director of Monetary Policy at the Central Bank, Bruno Serra Fernandes, warns for the second half of 2022, when the impacts of … Read more

in debt? See the tips to try to get out of the suffocation

posted on 05/15/2022 06:00 (credit: Marcello Casal Jr/Agência Brasil) Double-digit interest rate and high inflation. In this difficult scenario, the number of indebted families hit a record in April, reaching 77.7%. As a major villain, the credit card remained the most common debt champion among consumers, and was the only modality with an increase in … Read more

Understand how inflation increasingly affects the daily lives of consumers | Economy

Illustrative image of a man buying something on his cell phone and holding a credit cardwayhomestudio – Freepik – Creative Commons Rio – With the increase in the price of cooking gas, high gasoline, basic food baskets, electricity bills and rent, consumers have increasingly felt the devaluation of their purchasing power. This week, the Broad … Read more

Elections 2022: Inflation, Bolsonaro’s nightmare, resists – 05/14/2022 – Market

In second place in the electoral polls, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) has adopted a series of measures in the economic area to face two challenges in 2022: reducing the impact of high inflation and, at the same time, trying to stimulate demand and offset the loss of household purchasing power. Two objectives that, from an … Read more

Inflation: Sons of Plano Real know price rises – 05/12/2022 – Market

Stephanie Lopes, 27, has reduced trips to the mall and weekend delivery orders. Fernanda Lima, 25, started picking up leaflets from supermarkets to monitor prices. Iago Madureira, 24, sees the dream of living alone increasingly distant. In common, all of them were born after the Real Plan, of July 1994, which controlled the hyperinflation that … Read more

Government eliminates import tax on wheat flour, meat, chicken and 4 other foods – News

The Ministry of Economy announced this Wednesday (11) that it will zero import tax of seven food products: beef boned; frozen chicken meat, pieces and offal; wheat; flour; corn in grains; crackers and biscuits; and bakery, pastry and biscuit industry products. The rates for purchasing these products on the foreign market ranged from … Read more