Isaac and Nora, the French children who sing Carmencita Lara: what do you think of reggaeton? | YouTube | Social networks | popular music | SHOWS

They barely speak Spanish, but they love the songs of Carmencita Lara. Are isaac and nora, 13 and 10 years old respectively, two French youngsters whose biography was made public thanks to social networks. They perform traditional Latin American music, and in Youtube They already have more than half a million subscribers. YOU WILL BE … Read more

Isaac and Nora | Musical child prodigies Isaac and Nora reveal what they love most about Latin music | Interview | concert | Lime | Arequipa | Latin American Tour Latin & Love Studies | LIGHTS

Isaac and Nora it’s not a duet musicians and interpreters. It is a quartet made up of all the members of the Restoin family. Nicolás, the father, provides the musical accompaniment, Catherine, the mother, records the videos, Isaac, the eldest, accompanies with the trumpet and Nora, the youngest, gives life to classics from all over … Read more