Income Tax: learn to increase the value of the property – 05/26/2022 – Market

Taxpayers obliged to declare the Income Tax 2022 who own real estate cannot fail to inform the tax authorities, even if they are financed. The question, however, is about the value that should be informed, since houses and apartments have appreciated over the years. The IRS rules determine which goods must be declared at their … Read more

Petrobras: What it takes to change the pricing policy – 05/25/2022 – Market

Pressure for changes in Petrobras’ pricing policy has intensified in recent weeks, amid changes in the commands of the MME (Ministry of Mines and Energy) and the state-owned company itself, and there are already proposals under debate in the government. Minority shareholders and financial market analysts believe, however, that the chances of change are small, … Read more

Pfizer lays off 126 workers – 05/25/2022 – Market

The dismissal of 126 workers at the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, responsible for the development of one of the vaccines against Covid-19, led professionals to a protest at the company’s office, this Wednesday (25), in the south of São Paulo. About 70 former employees occupied part of the company – some had access to the inside … Read more

FGTS: Caixa releases payment for 6.8 million – 05/25/2022 – Market

Caixa Econômica Federal releases, this week, the extraordinary withdrawal of the FGTS (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço) to 6.8 million workers. The credit will be made this Wednesday (25) for those born in August and, on Saturday (28), for September birthdays. The bank releases up to R$ 1,000 to those who have a … Read more

Ford completes 500 days of closed factories in Brazil – 05/24/2022 – Eduardo Sodré

The message from Ford’s press office arrived in email boxes shortly after 4 pm on January 11, 2021. It was the announcement of the closing of factories in the country, which completes 500 days this Wednesday (25). “Ford advances in the restructuring of South America, ends manufacturing operations in Brazil and serves customers with a … Read more

Petrobras: Government wants to stop readjustments in election year – 05/24/2022 – Market

The government is discussing the creation of a mechanism to prevent Petrobras from readjusting fuel prices after the new change in command of the company and less than five months before the elections. Two measures still under study were mentioned by government officials in recent days to Sheet. One of them would establish ranges for … Read more

Income Tax: see who will receive a refund on the 31st – 05/23/2022 – Market

The Internal Revenue Service should release, this week, the consultation on the payment of the first batch of 2022 Income Tax refund. one week before payment of amounts. The money from the first refund batch will fall into the taxpayers’ account on Tuesday (31), the last day to deliver the IR statement. The initial deadline … Read more

Largest employers keep teams from home office – 05/22/2022 – Mercado

Driven by the distancing measures taken due to the pandemic, the home office and hybrid work continue to be adopted by some of the largest employers in the country, and the expectation is that they will be maintained, even with the advancement of vaccination. The decision to continue with the option of remote work, at … Read more

Eletrobras’ privatization limits the vote of private shareholders; understand – 05/22/2022 – Market

​Eletrobras’ capitalization model gives the government veto power over corporate issues of the new company, to prevent new partners from having great influence over its management. This power is granted by the so-called golden share, a special action that will be with the Union. The privatization of the state-owned company will be carried out through … Read more

Brazilians saw human bots on click farms – 05/21/2022 – Mercado

A crowd of Brazilians spend their days following, commenting and liking profiles of strangers for thousandths of a real. They are the workforce of click farms. Attracted by promises of extra income, they manage 500 fake accounts, which practically turns them into “human bots”. It happens like this: on the one hand, specialized companies, known … Read more