“Tango is a reunion with my childhood and my roots”

Ricardo Montaner Tango
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When Ricardo Montaner he was a child, his father, Eduardo Reglero, used to put him up on the table after eating the traditional Argentine barbecue and asked him to sing a tango for the family. In his house, located in Valentín Alsina, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, his parents and his grandfather, Laurentino Pantaleon Reglero, were lovers of the genre. Montaner, 64 years old, grew up listening to Carlos Gardel, Ignacio Corsini or Juan Carlos Baglietto; he grew up singing his verses and listening to them in the voice of his parents.

Although as a child he did not imagine the success and musical career that awaited him, he was sure that he wanted to honor that passion that his family felt for tango. He promised his father and grandfather that one day he would release an album where he would perform those songs to honor his roots. And so it was: this Tuesday, May 24, at midnight, it premiered Tangohis new album.

«Without a doubt, Tango It is my reunion with my DNA, my childhood and my roots. It is a way to fulfill to my grandfather and my father the promise I made to them», comments Montaner in a virtual press conference. The album is made up of 11 songs that represent the legacy of those who wrote the history of the genre. It includes from “The day you love me” by Gardel, through “Nostalgias” by Enrique Cadícamo to “Cuartito azul” by Corsini.

The selection of the pieces that make up Tango It was not easy, reveals Ricardo Montaner. Before deciding on the 11 ending themes, the singer explains that he had approximately more than 30 songs of the genre as possible candidates.

Finally, with the help of its producers Diego Núñez and Gerardo Rozín, it was possible to define those that would be included in this new album, leaving the others for Tango 2, in which Ricardo Montaner is already working. “These 11 ending themes mean a lot to me and my family,” he explains.

The album will also feature a documentary film of 30 minutes that premiered on Montaner’s YouTube channel. There the artist shows the entire creative process behind his new album, unpublished interviews and what was experienced in the recording studio that, several times, was the scene of moving moments.

«In the recordings there were times when we had to stop to breathe and continue again. The album takes you through a highway of sensitive moments, painful, there are very hard songs. I think people are going to feel very good listening to the album », she confesses.

Ricardo Montaner Tango
Ricardo Montaner fulfilled a special promise to his family with Tango | Photo Courtesy

A tribute made with respect

Montaner knew that in order to fulfill such an important promise for him and his family, he had to focus his efforts on doing it well and, furthermore, respect the legacy of those who wrote the history of the genre. For this reason, the singer with more than 30 years of musical career chose the ION recording studio, located since 1956 in an old mansion in the Balvanera neighborhood, in Buenos Aires. There, in that emblematic place, several well-known tango figures recorded their albums.

Once the studio was chosen, Montaner assembled an orchestra of twelve members made up of the most outstanding instrumentalists of the genre, who were directed by the maestro Andres Linetzky, also in charge of arranging his album.

«This album has been a challenge for years that I find very attractive, I waited long enough to be sufficiently mature and free as an artist to be able to do it”, he comments.

For the recordings, Montaner also asked use the same microphones with which some immortal pieces of the genre were recorded. The setting of the room was in charge of Jorge “El Portugués” Da Silva, who at 87 years old has participated in countless sessions in that studio. Da Silva worked under the quality control of Osvaldo Acedo, who recorded singers of the stature of Goyeneche and Piazzolla.

«I am the only one responsible for what I do musically, that has given me the peace of mind to search for what I always wanted to do. This year I have the maturity to do what I want And keep the promise I made. I was born in Río de la Plata, Argentina, I have tango in my DNA circulating through my veins», confesses Montaner.

The Gardel of the family

During his appearance before the media, the patriarch of the Montaner clan revealed that if he had kept his promise at the beginning of his career I wouldn’t have enjoyed the album as much as I do now. When he took his first steps on stage, he says, he did not have the maturity and seriousness that he has at this point in his life.

“When I was a child, my grandfather told me: you are the Gardel of the family. That he told me made me very excited. He had Carlos Gardel as a great reference for tango and when he told me, he felt that he was telling me: you are my favorite grandson. I think at the beginning of my career, back then, I might not have valued having made the album. He would not have done it with such freedom and seriousness as now », he confesses.

A Tango He defines it as an album he has dreamed of for many years, a promise to keep and, above all, a reunion with his roots. Although he was born in Argentina, when he was young traveled to Venezuela and settled in Maracaibo, where he continued to cultivate his passion for the genre.

When he was 14 years old, the Argentine tango singer Henry Dumas It was presented in a small place in the capital of Zulia. As he was very young, he relates, his parents could not take him with them to the concert and he had to stay. «When they arrived, they saw my long face and told me: since you couldn’t go to listen to the tango, we brought the tango to your house. Enrique Dumas visited us, my mom made some empanadas and he sang in our house»bill.

Since then, he says, his commitment to the genre has always been present. «I have always done a bit of tango in my concerts. For me it is a great responsibility but also a great challenge»he asserts.

Ricardo Montaner Tango
Ricardo Montaner | Photo Courtesy

“We went”an unexpected favorite

For this new album, Montaner was sure which songs could not be missing. The emotional journey he wants to guide his followers through begins with “The day you love me» by Carlos Gardel, which he considers the most emblematic and recognized tango of the genre. He knew he wanted to include his dad’s favorite, “Nostalgias,” and his mom’s favorite, “Little Blue Room.” For this reason, it was a challenge for him when producer Gerardo Rozín told him that he should close the album with “Fuimos” by Homero Manzi.

«Gerardo had the magic wand of insistence and to finish he told me: you have to record ‘Fuimos’ by Homero Manzi. They put it on me and I fell in love. Today is one of my favorites although at first I wasn’t sure about including it”, he confesses.

It was just that insistence from Rozín that led him to take the trouble to practice the song until, finally, he managed to sing it with the feeling it deserves. «When I achieved it, I sent him a demo singing it. Right at that time he was in a difficult moment for his health. He replied: You already realized that it does look good on you. Today I can say with great nostalgia that ‘We went ‘is my favorite’, points out.

However, he admits that it wasBy a head” in which he spent the most time. “At first she didn’t come off as smooth until I managed to incorporate her into my voice,” she says.

the premiere of Tango It also occurs in the middle of the announcement of the first trailer of the reality show In Disney The Montaners, that follows the life of the family in their day to day. The singer-songwriter announced his next tour of Europe between November and December. The tour will take him to perform on November 24 in Isrrael; on the 26th in Madrid, Spain; on the 27th in Barcelona, ​​Spain; on the 29th in Düsseldorf, Germany and on the 30th in Paris, France. Then, in December, it will continue its tour on the 2nd in the Canary Islands, on the 3rd in Tenerife, on the 6th in La Coruña, on the 7th in Bilbao, on the 9th in Milan, on the 10th in Zurich and on the 11th in London.

Asked about a possible presentation in Venezuela, the interpreter of “Little Venice” commented that he would love to do it. But for now it’s not on your agenda. «I would like to go back to my country, the one that fed me, he gave me my wonderful children and my wife. But I still have to wait a while to change certain things to be able to return to Venezuela,” he explained.

The patriarch of the Montaner clan works in the second installment of the album which will be released after their next studio album. He explains: «We are selecting repertoire, we have not thought about guests, but in my family there are several who sing and it would not be unreasonable to include them in the album».

Although he recognizes that all his work is done responsibly, Tangoin particular it is an album that it means a lot to him. “The disc It has developed unprecedented expectations in my life. I am deeply excited to do what my heart has told me for so long », she concludes.

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