Tavi Popescu vs Fane Pănoiu: BAC does not play football!

Octavian Popescu (19 years old) bypassed the Baccalaureate exam in 2022, the beginning of the test overlapping with the period when he was in the national training camp. However, the football level he showed last season was very good, which contrasted sharply with that of the rapidist Ștefan Pănoiu (19 years old), who in the summer of 2021 took 10 on the line in mathematics, Romanian language and chemistry.

Octavian Popescu finished high school last summer, but has not yet graduated from the Baccalaureate exam. He did not appear in 2022 to support the evidence either, after doing the same in the two sessions in 2021.


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Now, the first tests he should have taken, the oral ones, were scheduled between June 6 and 8, during which the FCSB footballer was at the national team, right in the middle of the campaign that opened the current edition of the League of Nations. The first games, in which Popescu was used in the end, were those with Montenegro (June 4) and Bosnia (June 7), both played away.

He could give it in August, but the FCSB needs him

Popescu will have the opportunity to give the Baccalaureate in August, the second session for those who failed this month or for those who did not participate at all now.

However, August is an extremely full month for FCSB. 4 championship stages are scheduled, and if the team qualifies for the Conference League, then it will play the “doubles” from round 3 and from the playoffs also in August. It is very unlikely that Octavian, a vital piece in the red-blue team, will be missing at that time.

Mihai Stoica: “School is a disruptive factor”

Last summer, when Popescu skipped the Baccalaureate, the first person to come out to support him publicly was the general manager of his club. Mihai Stoica had a vehement speech:

“The most important thing for Tavi now is football. I had a player who wanted me to go to school. I agreed and he did not become a footballer, although he had many qualities. I’m interested in football. For example, Alexandru Pantea is not good at school, but if you ask him who is a left defender at Bayern Munich and when he is born, he knows. I, between studying I don’t know what subject, chemistry, and studying Bayern, I prefer to study Bayern. I’m not interested in any disruptive factors, and school can be a disruptive factor! “

Ștefan Pănoiu got lost

Rapid’s football player is the same generation as Octavian Popescu. Also born in 2002, he finished high school last year and not only passed the Baccalaureate exam, but took 10 on the line in the test held at the “Nicolae Iorga” High School in Bucharest in the tests of mathematics, chemistry and the Romanian language. Ștefan Pănoiu’s mother is an associate professor doctor at Constantin Brâncoveanu University in Rm. Vâlcea.

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Ștefan Pănoiu

On the field, however, last season, Pănoiu was a huge distance from Popescu’s level in terms of football. He was a reserve at Rapid, he ticked only 6 matches as a starter, almost 6 times less than Tavi, he scored only one goal and the national team in which he played was the Under 20, while the FCSB player was both at U21, as well as at the senior one.

Last season, huge progress

Popescu made his debut in League 1 in 2020, but in the previous season he made a spectacular leap compared to what he produced in his first year at FCSB:

  • he played 34 matches as a starter, compared to 26 two-phase matches a year before
  • he scored 10 goals, in 2020-2021 he had managed only 4
  • made his debut in the senior national team, in which he already has 5 appearances, of which 3 are in official matches, not friendly

Tavi Popescu vs Fane Panoiu:

  • 6.11 was the GSP average of the grades received by Octavian Popescu last season
  • 4.60 was Panoiu’s GSP average in 2021-2022
  • 4 million euros it’s Tavi’s share at the moment, compared to 1.2 million in June last year
  • 300 thousand euros is Panoiu’s value on transfermarkt, compared to 125,000 euros in the summer of 2021
  • 9 selections has Popescu at the U21 and senior national teams of Romania during the years 2021 and 2022
  • 0 selections has Panoiu at the same national team. He ticked only 5 matches in the U20 national team

I had a player, no matter the name, who wanted me to agree. I told him: “You are 18 years old and you are on the first team. Do you want to agree to go to school? OK ». I agreed, but he did not become a footballer, although he had great talent
– Mihai Stoica

Salary 3,000 euros, Mercedes 30,000

Octavian Popescu runs at FCSB on a small contract, kept especially at a very low level, of only 3,000 euros net per month, just to keep the footballer with his feet on the ground. Instead, at the beginning of the year, the club provided him with a car, after which Tavi took his driver’s license.

Becali took a Mercedes CLA model 2020, with which Popescu boasted on social networks. The car is priced at around 30,000 euros.

40 thousand studentsof the 12th grade of the current generation did not register for the Baccalaureate exam 2022, according to the data of the Ministry of Education

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