Tax-free day in ES has glasses, clothes, shoes and other products with more than 70% discount

Photo: TV Vitória

The Tax Free Day takes place this Thursday (02). The date, which is part of a national campaign, is used to raise awareness of the amount of taxes paid by Brazilians. This tax rate involves the entire collection of the State by taxes, that is, taxes.

to the report of Victory sheet, economist Ricardo Paixão explained that this high tax burden is the result of the combination of all taxes on products and services. According to him, the State has a duty to collect taxes to offer in return to the population in basic services such as health, education and security, for example.

“The country’s big problem is that the collection is greater than the delivery to the population”, he highlights.

On that day, stores that adhere to the ““ campaign reduce the value of taxes on products and offer consumers up to 70% discount on merchandise. This is already the 16th edition of the project and is a way to move the market and offer people a chance to save money.

Shopkeepers are also hostages to the charge

In addition to raising awareness, this date was started by the merchants for the purpose of clarifying the population that shopkeepers are also hostages to charges. Ricardo says that, many times, people charge companies for the high costs.

Shopping Vitória, in Enseada do Suá, will be one of the main locations in the state that will join the campaign. It will have a specific location on the second floor of the establishment for discounted products.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to physical stores, consumers will also be able to buy products from retailers across the country online. To do so, simply access the project website by clicking here and select the option of participating stores.

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The Tax Free Day is an initiative of the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL) and CDL Jovem. In Espírito Santo, the action is led by CDL Jovem Vitória.

According to the entity’s president, Samira Soares, the DLI should not be seen only as a day of offerings, but as an awareness-raising action, through the adhesion of shopkeepers who bear the costs of taxes on the day of the campaign, without pass them on to the consumer.

“This action is very important for us to protest against the high tax burden. It is not a campaign against the tax, but against us being one of the countries with the highest collection in the world and one of the ones that gives the population the least return on quality public services”, said Samira.

Currently, Brazilians work 149 days a year, the equivalent of five months, just to pay taxes.

According to lawyer André Cogo, who is a member of CDL Jovem Vitória and coordinator of the DLI in the state, high taxes with no return have a high impact on the economy, creating a snowball effect.

“With high taxation, products become more expensive and, consequently, the population buys less. This strongly affects retail, which is obliged to pass on taxes on the value of products, which reduces sales, investments and job creation. Without a job, people decrease their spending and so on, in a vicious circle,” he explained.

See the list of participating stores below.

Shopping Vitória (promotions last until Sunday (05):

– Dreams of the Feet:

yellow sandal
From: BRL 79.90
For: BRL 29.90
pink sandal
From: BRL 79.90
For: BRL 29.90
blue sandal
From: BRL 89.90
For: BRL 29.90
beige sandal
From: BRL 59.90
For: BRL 29.90

– Strong Woods:

Board (25 x 43 cm)
From: BRL 139.90
For: BRL 90.00
Board (25 x 43 cm) customized
From: BRL 159.90
For: BRL 119.90
From: BRL 54.90
For: BRL 39.90
Imperial stainless knife
From: BRL 109.90
For: BRL 67.20

– Who said Bernice:

I Love Roses Palette
From: BRL 159.90
For: BRL 77.69
Pink Side Velvet Cream
From: BRL 49.90
For: BRL 24.24
Nourish lotion
From: BRL 47.90
For: BRL 23.27
Dark Eyebrow Pen
From: BRL 56.90
For: BRL 27.64
Clarete Eyebrow Pen
From: BRL 56.90
For: BRL 27.64
Clarete eyebrow pencil
From: BRL 29.90
For: BRL 14.52
Dark Eyebrow Pencil
From: BRL 29.90
For: BRL 14.52
Big Bang Push Mask
From: BRL 69.90
For: BRL 33.96
Balm Lip Gloss Amoralita
From: BRL 39.90
For: BRL 19.38
Balm Lip Gloss Coralita
From: BRL 39.90
For: BRL 19.38

Outer shoes:

Amora Marinho sandal
From: BRL 319.00
For: BRL 199.00
Chiara Kaki sandal
From: BRL 369.00
For: BRL 199.00
Clio Black shoes
From: BRL 399.00
For: BRL 199.00
Delfina Black Mint Sandal
From: BRL 369.00
For: BRL 199.00
Elora Gray sneakers
From: BRL 369.00
For: BRL 229.00
Giulita Mint Sneaker
From: BRL 249.00
For: BRL 149.00
Yellow Grisel Sneaker
From: BRL 369.00
For: BRL 199.00
Indra Ocre sandal
From: BRL 279.00
For: BRL 169.00
Kemper Off White sneakers
From: BRL 399.00
For: BRL 249.00
Samuel Black sneakers
From: BRL 349.00
For: BRL 219.00

-First Class:

children’s robe
From: BRL 119.99
For: BRL 99.99
Double Bouti Bed Kit
From: BRL 179.99
For: BRL 161.99

– Diniz Optics:

Race – 1172098
From: BRL 860.00
For: BRL 399.00
Attitude – 1175660
From: BRL 269.00
For: BRL 129.00
Ray ban – 1143121
From: BRL 733.00
For: BRL 580.00
Polaroid- 1170003
From: BRL 272.00
For: BRL 99.00
Max&Co – 117462
From: BRL 611.00
For: BRL 399.00
Ray ban – 10322122
From: BRL 808.00
For: BRL 560.00
Tommy Hilfiger – 1142742
From: BRL 530.00
For: BRL 399.00
Tommy Hilfiger – 1165369
From: BRL 720.00
For: BRL 249.00
Tom Ford – 1168766
From: BRL 2,370.00
For: BRL 948.00
Chloe – 1169043
From: BRL 1,913.00
For: BRL 766.00


Flowered dress – Code Zv3.185
From: BRL 299.90
For: BRL 188.90
Striped dress – Code ZV3.218
From: BRL 179.90
For: BRL 113.33
White 3/4 sleeve dress – Code ZV3.157
From: BRL 269.90
For: BRL 170.03
Dress – Code ZV3.208
From: BRL 249.90
For: BRL 157.43
Printed blouse – Code ZBL1.71
From: BRL 139.90
For: BRL 88.13
Print dress – Code ZV3.232
From: BRL 289.90
For: BRL 182.63


Whey 100% IntegralMedica
From: BRL 189.00
For: BRL 160.65
From: BRL 299.00
For: BRL 224.25
Amino HD
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Sanavita Skin Collagen
From: BRL 129.90
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True Energy
From: BRL 189.90
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From: BRL 79.90
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Haoma bar
From: BRL 69.90
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Mix Naked Paste
From: BRL 69.90
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Puravida snacks
From: BRL 12.00
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Therma HD – IntegralMédica
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Thermoplus Vitafor
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One Nutrition Puravida
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Sinistermass – IntegralMedica
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Hardcore Atletica
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Lipoburn Atletica
From: BRL 95.00
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Old village:

– helmet
– Precision optics

Mountain range:

– Helm (Orange Trees)
– Bronx Lunch Shop

Itapemirim Waterfall:

– helmet

tax meter

The Brazilian Institute of Planning and Taxation (IBPT) released data in October 2021 that record that, in the country, the population needs to work, on average, 5 months to pay a year’s taxes.

The tax meter, created to measure in real time the amount of taxes paid in the country, already marks – from the first day of January of this year, until the last day of May – R$ 19 billion paid by the population in taxes only in Espírito Santo.

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In Brazil, the average collection is 35% in taxes on each product and service. As taxes are concentrated on consumption, the same rate is charged for the entire population regardless of income.

“Whoever earns forty minimum wages pays the same as who earns one minimum wage. If our country adopted the progressive charging method, people would pay taxes in proportion to their earnings”, explains economist Ricardo Paixão.

In the website It is also possible to check other statistics related to the State’s collection.

*Text by intern Daiane Obolari, supervised by deputy editor Laís Magesky