The 5 most affectionate dogs

The dogs they are the best companions in life, they are always happy to see you and will love you unconditionally.

All dogs show their affection through their body language, for example by licking their lips, wagging their tails, celebrating your arrival, snuggling up next to you, etc.

According to experts, there are breeds that are even more affectionate than the rest; so if you are looking for a dog that fills you with love and affection, these could be the best option for you.

In The Truth News Find out which are the most affectionate dog breeds.

How do I know if my dog ​​loves me?

The 5 most affectionate dogs

Your pet loves you, do not doubt it.

Dogs are very noble and affectionate beings that will repay you with love if you treat them well and take care of them dedicatedly; I am also very loyal and they will always be by your side in the most difficult moments due to their great union between human and dog.

But, in their canine language, how can we know if they love us?

Very easy, when a dog move the booty, it is because he is happy; especially if you move it halfway up and in circular motions; so if you see that his tail shakes incessantly when he sees you, it is a good sign.

Dogs they smile when they see their master, their mouths open and relaxed, so they can also show their affection for you in this way. Yes they jump when they see you it’s their way of showing that they’re glad you’re with them.

For a dog, trust is the key to his love, so if you bring your toys it can mean that they consider you to be the leader of their pack, therefore they expect you to feel good about that toy they just gave you. This is a great gesture friendship.

So, have no doubt that your dog loves you.

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What are the most affectionate dog breeds?

The 5 most affectionate dogs

These are the 5 most affectionate dog breeds.

They are the perfect size for cuddling and have lots of love to spread.

This breed has a cheerful character, they are always happy and show their enthusiasm and desire to play; mostly when they are puppies or young adults.

They do not like loneliness so they always seek to be with their owners, giving them lots of love and to play with them. Be very careful because they can suffer from separation anxiety. It is ideal for children and families because of its great affection; They also love to go for walks.

They are very energetic dogs so they need to do a lot of physical exercise, but they are excellent for large families and sports people.

They are also very charismatic, sweet and friendly; with great playful spirit and joy of living. In addition, they are very intelligent, daring and are not usually aggressive.

In addition to being a very chubby dog, he is very friendly and playful with children; is usually considered “dog sitter” for his excellent relationship with infants.

Due to their tendency to be overweight, they need sufficient physical exercise; although he is happy with a short walk, followed by a good nap.

The race dreamed of by many, myself included. He is a very dog friendly and tolerantIt is even considered a “therapy dog”, and is used for tracking or detecting contraband due to its ease of training.

It is an ideal dog for a family, great with children and very protective of their own. He matures slowly so until he is three or four years old he continues to behave like a playful puppy.

It is a dog famous for its affection and affectionHe has a very kind and loyal heart. His intelligence and warm character make him lovable.

The Labrador is very affectionate and lives to help his pack. He loves being pampered and does not hesitate to approach to receive and give petting.

If you want an affectionate dog, you can choose any of these breeds, or any other, since they are always noble-hearted and ready to give love.

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