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Unless you’re an exceptionally weird creature, your phone case probably isn’t something you spend a lot of time thinking about.

And really, why? It’s just an invisible layer that runs quietly in the background and supports relatively normal system functionality.

Keep a little bit of your thinking energy at your disposal, though, “Why is it good: A little attention to your phone case right now can enhance your Android experience in some pretty powerful ways. And you’ll enjoy these improvements for months or even maybe even Years to come

It is fitting that Google itself has shifted its focus to the Android portfolio in the future Android 13 release. As we discussed in my newsletter on Friday, Android 13 will introduce a slew of useful clipboard-focused improvements, all of which revolve around a new clipboard popup that appears any time you copy something to your phone.

But you don’t have to wait for Android 13 to get some important new smart features in the portfolio on your favorite Android phone — and you don’t have to stop at the device-specific improvements that Google is about to bring us, either.

Let me introduce you to my new Android portfolio BFF.

The missing piece of the Android clipboard puzzle

The real problem that needs to be solved by trying the Android clipboard, if you ask me, is not about the experience react With what you copy on Android and more Connecting That copy the procedure to your other devices.

After all, especially in the world of work, nearly all of us jump between our phones and some type of computer — right? Also, getting text or even images that you copy from one device to another is reliably tedious and time-consuming.

This is where the cunning applet called section turn comes. Clipt (which I dare you to try out loud 10 times quickly) was launched last year as an experimental lab creation by phone maker OnePlus. I’ve been revisiting it recently as a result of a recent reader question in the field.

And Goog almighty, lemme tell you: Over the past several months, this thing has gotten really, really good.

Clipt’s role on your phone is simple: the app acts as an intermediary between your Android device’s clipboard and the clipboard on practically any other computer you use. You just install the Clipt app on your phone, install the accompanying Chrome extension on any computer you have in that sweet stuff of yours, anything you copy on one device will be instantly available on the other.

You can even install Clipt multiple Computers or Android devices, if you really want to become a barbarian, and all content copied from any of these tools will appear on all other devices at once.

Now, fair warning: On the Android side of things, you Wants You have to take an extra step when you want to share something from your phone case – but I promise you it’s painless. And you have two convenient options:

  • First, and easily, after copying some text or even an image onto your phone, you can look for the default static clip notification at the top of the screen and tap the button inside it to send that tasty bit of information to your computer (and any other connected devices).
Android Clipboard: Copy - Notification JR
  • If, like me, you find having that persistent notification a bit annoying, you can turn it off – long-press and search for the appropriate option, system-wide – and instead rely on the Android Quick Settings tile to play the same role. This tile will be there and ready once Clipt is installed; All you have to do is edit your phone’s quick settings panel (by tapping the pencil-shaped icon in the lower left corner of the Google version of Android or by tapping the three-dot menu icon and selecting ‘Edit Buttons’, if reusing a Samsung phone) To find it and move it to a more prominent place.
Android Clipboard: Copy - Quick Settings JR

Either way, it’s just one click away, and whatever you’ve copied to your computer’s clipboard will be ready to paste (via Ctrl-V or Cmd-V) anywhere you want.

Talk about your computer, on which – which In terms of situation, sharing copied content is easy and completely automatic. Anything you copy will be sent to your phone instantly and without any further action on your part – if you wish to disable This job has been around for a while, you can find options to do this by clicking the extension icon (under the puzzle-shaped extension menu in the upper-right corner of the Chrome desktop browser).

Just one anomaly in this part of the process: every time you copy something to your computer, you’ll get a notification that triggers a knock on your Android device letting you know you’ve received the copied content, put it in your clipboard, and ready to paste. Suffice to say, this gets almost annoying.

But all you have to do to stop this habit is to press and hold on one of those notifications and then look for the option to disable it. No more noise. Serenity now.

If you open the actual Clipt app or extension on any device, by the way, you’ll find some other potentially useful tools — including a history of everything copied and shared across your devices as well as a manually Wirelessly share any text, image or even file between your phone and PC.

But odds are, you will rarely actually open the app after setting it up and running it. The real magic is the time and effort it saves with easy and seamless clipboard sharing across platforms.

Clipt is completely free to use, and does not require any kind of eyebrow-raising permission. It relies on your Google Drive space to store the information it transmits, and all information is encrypted – so privacy shouldn’t be a concern.

All in all, it is one of the most useful improvements you will make to your Android experience. And best of all? Once you turn it on, you can go back to it Start Actively think about that virtual clipboard again.

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