the best memes of the second semifinal where Romania stood out calling his “baby” and the Chanelazo

We already have the complete 25 Eurovision candidates or, as the Spanish Eurofans call it, “Chanel and 24 others”. The obsession with Chanel is such that after uploading the video of her performance with the public to YouTube, it triples in visits to the next one. Yes, Chanelmania is real, but before seeing what she does live on Saturday we had the opportunity to listen to seventeen other countriesof which only ten have passed, including a Romanian song worthy of the Dragonite putting his hand to his chest.

But first, a reminder of why our representative has finished conquering even to the most fans of Tanxugueiras:

hello my baby

If there is a song that has marked this second semi-final it has been the one from Romania performed by WRS and in which after some verses in English the singer sings in the chorus “Hello, my baby-baby, call me, call me”. As you will understand, everyone has chosen him as their overall winner of the semi-final. Neither The Rasmus, nor The Rasmas.

Even Pastora Soler was encouraged to support Romania because look, yes, it won’t be Chanel, but said “baby” and against that nothing can be done either, it is in our instinct. Luckily there will be no riots in the streets: finally comfortably passed to the final.

There is life beyond baby

Yes, it is clear who has marked the night, but beyond Romania there have been other countries that have allowed tweeters to all the jokes in the worldfrom San Marino to The Rasmus in Finland (with a tribute to ‘It’ included) passing through the hieratic nature of Cyprus and Serbia with their song about washing hands during covid. Look, there has to be everything.

The Chanelazo

And in the middle of the gala, suddenly Chanel comes out singing a minute of ‘SloMo’ and Twitter, directly, he surrenders at his feet. If he doesn’t win on Saturday, the European Parliament should beef up security in case eurofans rise up wanting revenge. for sample, some tweets:

Our 12 points goes to…

And of course, the eternal mess of the jury and televoting, which has caused happiness on Twitter like the elimination of Israel and unparalleled anger like that of Cyprus and San Marino, countries from which we will not remember again until next year’s semi-final.

Saturday, Saturday

Eurovision is already on your countdown definitive. There are only hours left to find out if we have Chanelazo or the award will go to Ukraine as a show of solidarity or maybe to The Rasmus because, well, they are The Rasmus. While we are setting up our party with balloons, flags, potatoes and possible complaints from our neighbors for yelling, a meme from the representative of Israel wanting to suck camera desperately.

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