The best writing software and its most important features

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Lots of people are looking for The best writing software and its most important featuresMany users of text-writing and information-data logging programs face difficulty in choosing the appropriate program for them, due to the variety and conflict of services provided by these programs, as the matter has greatly contributed to the launch of many programs that can be downloaded to smartphones or computers. And it has a high ability to create, view or edit any document, and through our article today, we will identify a group of the best programs that are useful for writing data and information on the phone.

The best writing software and its most important features


Markor is a simple writing program where high technology is used to format it, but unlike a simple editor, it works as a basic writing application but has features for writing notes, to-do lists and a lot of different uses, where you can get support without an Internet connection, In addition, it is an ideally serviceable writing application for a variety of applications, and it is free and does not pay any fees when downloading it from the Google Play Store.

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Character Story Planner 2

Character Story Planner 2 is a board game application, however it can be a good resource for novelists and short story writers where you can create lots of background characters, places, creatures, magic or whatever you want, where you can create your own world along with The application includes the process of creating scenarios, the latest story, and other types of scenes.


JotterPad is one of the writing applications, as it has a variety of features for writing novels, scenarios, and many other written works. Typewriter mode, cloud storage support, and split screen capability only on tablets.

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard is a keyboard app for typing lovers, as it does basic things like auto-correct all spelling errors, especially in the English language, as the app helps with grammar, because it tells you when it detects a language or grammatical problem and offers correction It is one of the best applications suitable for those who suffer from language problems in some linguistic basics with regard to the English language.


Novelist is a free writing application for novelists, which has a variety of features dedicated to planning, writing, preparing and exporting novels or small stories, plus it includes a timeline feature for all the different big scenes in your story, where the application has a lot of multiple formatting options and also Powerful book preview feature and above average text editing.

Pure Writer

After knowing the best writing programs and their most important features, the Pure Writer application has a few features that can interfere with your writing, however, it has paragraph and line spacing options and the feature to activate the dark mode, in addition to it has the save feature, in case you forgot to save Data The application will tell you before closing, so you cannot close the application until the document has been saved.

Best book apps for Android

Here are the best and most important writing software for Android:

Google Docs

Many smartphone users consider Google Docs to be the best software produced by Google for writing documents on smartphones. The number of downloads, according to statistics, has reached more than half a billion times, due to the features it provides, the most important of which are:

The ability to customize documents thanks to the availability of many design and editing options, as well as saving all changes directly.


This application is one of the best supporting applications for all text and content writing applications, as it contains a smart keyboard that helps the user to type with great ease.

Character story planner 2

This application is one of the favorite applications of all novelists for writing novels and short stories, because of its properties and features that contribute to the organization of stories, as the application contains the process of creating scenarios that contribute to building the story.

JotterPad app

It is one of the important applications widely spread among different types of writers, this program contains a set of features that help in writing different texts, stories, and scenarios, and among those features is the ability to turn on the night mode while writing in dark places to protect the eyes from exposure to high degrees of exposure Lighting while writing, it also provides word counting and scrolling features, and the ability to export all written texts that come in different formats such as: TXT, PDF, and DOC.

Best computer writing software

After knowing the best writing programs and their most important features, there are many writing programs that can be downloaded and used on your computer, as follows:

Microsoft office group

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular text and content writing programs. It is an integrated set of programs for writing and modifying texts, establishing various accounting lists, coordinating and organizing data, in addition to creating all presentations. This group is divided into some of the programs, namely:

  • Microsoft Word Program.
  • and Microsoft Excel.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Microsoft Access Program.
  • SharePoint program.
  • Project program, Publisher program.
  • Outlook, and Visio.
  • Office shampoo bundle.

It is one of the most prominent programs that compete strongly with Microsoft Office, because of the services it provides for creating presentations, spreadsheets and creating documents easily and quickly, and it is a package consisting of 3 main programs:

  • Text Maker Program.
  • The Playmaker program.
  • Presentation Program.


It is one of the programs dedicated to writing all PDF files, this application works on four of the most important operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android and IOS, and it is also one of the best options available for this type of file, due to its characteristics, the most important of which is that it enables the user to convert , as well as easily create, edit, merge and organize documents, in addition to the ability to add notes, underline or cross out any text.

The most important writing programs on the iOS system

After knowing the best writing programs and their most important features, here are the most important writing programs on the iOS system:

Evernote تطبيق

It is one of the most important writing applications on various Apple devices, because it provides features and advantages for recording important notes, whether they are writing notes, a link, an image, or even an audio recording.

Fade in . app

The application not only allows you to write content, but you can also insert illustrations into documents, and it is one of the most used applications for writing animated films.

This is how we ended by mentioning the best writing programs and their most important features, as we got acquainted with a lot of information about all writing programs, as well as the most important writing programs on the IOS system, and also the best programs for writing on the computer, we hope that they have been useful.