The broadcasts of the finals for League 2, a failure for the new FRF.TV! The federation made fun of itself and put its fans in the head, after banning clubs from broadcasting their own games and promoting their own television excessively.

What was intended to be an initiative in favor of Romanian football turned into a failure. At least for now. FRF.TV, the online television set up by the Romanian Football Federation for broadcasting certain matches, including the finals of the promotion rounds in League 2, met its limits yesterday.

FRF left the fans with their eyes in the sun and their nerves stretched to the limit: bad broadcasts of the finals of the dams for promotion to League 2

FRF announced that it will broadcast the final matches for access to League 2, only that its plans did not work out. More difficult with technology, so that the fans of the teams present in the final phase of the dams had, or could not have had the opportunity, to see their favorites or simply to watch, out of curiosity, what is the level of the most good teams in League 3.

The problems were not singular, on the contrary, they were reported in several matches, the live ones being always interrupted due to the weak signal maybe. Besides the fact that the video quality was not the best either, on the contrary, because the matches were filmed with not performing cameras or probably telephones, the area in which they were positioned did not offer the best images on the field.

Rather, the people delegated to film were sitting in the stands of the stadiums, next to the fans, and not in the specially arranged place where the main match room is located.

FRF took over the broadcast of the finals, but offered much less than the clubs could offer

Fans also complained on Wednesday, June 8, that FRF had pledged to broadcast the matches on FRF.TV, but was nevertheless unable to provide a decent, uninterrupted and well-positioned image. . They were rightly upset, because some teams in League 3, which also qualified in the final phase of the playoffs, had the habit of broadcasting the matches at a higher quality than the one offered by FRF.TV.

The supporters of SC Oțelul, CSM Reșița, Progresul Spartac, CSM Slatina and AFC Odorheiu Secuiesc were the main widows of the FRF decision to ban the clubs from broadcasting their matches. Some of the teams, including SC Oţelul or Progresul Spartac, had a very professional way of broadcasting the matches on their own field, compared to what the Romanian Football Federation did.

FRF broadcast matches without replays, without comments, with countless technical errors and footage from the stands

The two not only had an HD image of the match broadcasts and had no technical problems, but also offered replays of goals and important phases (which FRF did not even think to do), they had graphics (which FRF.TV also had ), but also comments (another detail that the Romanian Football Federation omitted and is quite important at this football level, from which, perhaps, interested people want to know as much information about players, coaches, teams and so on ). presents the situation of the technical problems of the matches broadcast by FRF.TV, from the final phase of the dams for the promotion in League 2:

CS Tunari – Spartac Progress: The broadcast primarily angered the supporters of the Progresul Spartac team, who until the FRF decision were accustomed to matches broadcast including professional commentary and quality image, plus replays. CS Tunari broadcast the tour game with CS Afumați, from the semifinal phase of the dam, at a much higher quality than the one offered by FRF, one that seemed to be done with the phone.

  • Print from the return match between Progresul Spartac and CS Tunari. The filming seems to have been done from the stands and, most likely, by phone

CSM Slatina – AFC Odorheiu Secuiesc: The round match and the return match were broadcast by FRF at a poor quality, which only provoked negative reactions.

On his return, CSM Slatina decided to broadcast his match on his own YouTube channel, but he did not have a comment, as he usually did. AFC Odorheiu Secuiesc broadcast at least his home games with professional filming and commentary, but now he has listened to the orders of the federation.

  • This is how a large part of the return from Odorheiu Secuiesc was seen. The live quality was poor, even though the HD version is included in the settings. In addition, the camera was tilted to one side, perhaps because it was filmed by hand.

Another proof of amateurism was the fact that at the FRF penalty kicks, the goals of those from Slatina passed to Odorheiului, respectively those of Harghitens to Olten. Who would not have known in which equipment the two teams play would have believed in the end that AFC Odorheiu Secuiesc won the lottery on penalties, not CSM Slatina.

CS Hunedoara – Minaur Baia Mare: They took over the broadcast from DigiSport. CS Hunedoara used to broadcast their home and away games with high quality footage and commentary. The supporters of the two teams, who could not go to the matches, did not lose anything because they took advantage of the fact that the games were televised nationally.

  • The prince is from the return from Baia Mare, and the filming is only a decent one, even if it is taken over from DigiSport. The comment is also taken

CSC Dumbrăvița – CSM Reșița: Disastrous, poor quality transmission in both games. For example, in the tour game, from Dumbrăvița, the person who filmed the match broke and ate seeds throughout the game, which could be heard during the filming. CSM Resita did not broadcast its matches live, as its fans used to all the games, whether they took place at home or away. The fans of the team from Valea Domanului also apostrophized the club because FRF forbade them to broadcast their games from the final phase of the dam.

  • This is how the CSC Dumbrăvița – CSM Reșița tour was seen

Dante Botoșani – SC Oțelul: The transmission from Botoșani, from the tour game, started after the game had already started. The quality of the filming was bad, those who watched the match on the FRF.TV channel asking if the images are taken with the help of the phone’s camera.

The reactions were some of total dissatisfaction, considering that SC Oțelul had taught its fans with a broadcast to television standards on a national station, with commentary and replays. In the return game, filming was interrupted for many moments, and the transmission was completely stopped at the start of the second part of the game.

  • The return between SC Oțelul and Dante Botoșani is not even on the date and time of the publication of the article on FRF.TV! The prince presented is made by a Galați fan and posted in the comments of a post of the club, on Facebook

FRF is committed to broadcasting the finals, but the failure was total! Amateur broadcasts

Therefore, the Romanian Football Federation forbade the clubs to broadcast the matches because it offered to broadcast them, through FRF.TV, an online station launched just the other day, on May 27th.

At FRF it seems that the rule “the beginning is harder in everything” applies and maybe it will solve this problem that confused an entire federation and that annoyed the fans who wanted to see the final matches in the dams for League 2.

Supporters even expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that they can’t see the matches in a decent way, in the posts of the favorite clubs on the social networking sites.

Fans got annoyed and reacted on social networking sites

Bad words for FRF, because the fans could not watch their teams’ matches, but hopefully the situation will be resolved soon, both in terms of technical issues and the way and place from which the match is broadcast (on the return SC Oțelul – Dante Botoșani, in the few moments when the transmission was in order, the camera was tilted a few degrees to one side), until the offer of replays and, maybe, if not too much, comments.

FRF has banned clubs from broadcasting their matches live in order to stand out more with FRF.TV online television. In addition to not allowing the teams to broadcast their matches as usual, the federation made them distribute on social networks and announce how the matches can be seen.

From a certain perspective, FRF told the teams that they are not allowed to give the matches because they do not have the image rights, and the forum led by Răzvan Burleanu has them, being the organizer of the competition.

In addition, the process that people have to go through on FRF.TV, in order to be able to watch a match, is quite complex. The games cannot be seen for free, but you need to create a free account, where you have to provide certain data, such as email address, last name, first name, phone number.

SC Steel was limited to interviews

SC Oţelul did what it could after being notified that it was no longer allowed to broadcast the game on Facebook, as usual, so it decided to inform as well as possible the fans left at home with warm interviews taken before the return with Dante Botoșani.

The way the people of Galaţi conducted the interviews (Photo article) is far more than you can ask for from a League 3 team.

Photo: FRF.TV and Sorin Pană