The decisions taken by the Romanian Ice Hockey Federation after the World Cup

The Romanian Ice Hockey Federation issued a statement announcing its decisions after almost all of our players sang alongside the opposing gallery at the end of the defeat with Hungary.

The last match of the Romanian national ice hockey team at the World Cup in Slovenia was followed by a monster scandal, after ProSport presented exclusively the images with the “tricolors” performing the anthem of the self-titled Szekler Land next to the Hungarian gallery.

FRHG reacted and issued a statement to that effect, announcing what action it had taken following this episode.

The decisions taken by the Romanian Ice Hockey Federation

The Romanian Ice Hockey Federation announced its decisions after the Romanian athletes were caught singing with Hungarian fans.

The forum gave assurances that the regulations will be modified, so that the athletes will be required to behave in a certain way during the convocation of the Romanian national team.

Furthermore, FRHG notified the Disciplinary Commission and requested further clarification from the Ministry of Sports, The Prime Minister, Government of Romania and parliament Romania.

Full press release issued by the Romanian Ice Hockey Federation


During the meeting of the Federal Bureau of the Romanian Ice Hockey Federation (FRHG) on May 24
2022 were discussed both incidents onpassed at the end of the match between the representative of Romania and that of
Hungary deployed on the 8th May 2022 at the 2022 World Ice Hockey Championships in
Sloveniaas well as the general context in which the ice hockey activity takes place in

As for the general context, it can’t and shouldn’t ignored the fact that since 2014, FRHG
together with the ice hockey clubs in Romania, have managed the performance of a brings Romania from
34th place, 22nd place.

This performance is all the more remarkable given that, on the one hand, they startwith 2014 FRHG
had to pay the debt of over € 1 million left by the old management and, on the other hand, did not
there was no support from the powers that be decision makers (political and economic) for build
ice rinks in Bucharest, Suceava, Ploiești, Constanța, Iași and others.

FRHG a constantly striving to ensure a climate of peace and balance at all times
in the field of ice hockey and discouraged any conflicts of nature interethniccomplicated. With all
these, a number of factors have as unique purpose, lately, to destabilize the activity of FRHG and, that is
and worse, minimizing effort submitted for the promotion of this sport.

Regrettably, there was a change of attitude and not positive – both from the Ministry of Sports and
and some of the clubsproceedingat the instigation, mainly of the players. This created a climate
conflicting, which is likely to upset the balance that existed at the national team level and between clubs.

We cannot help but notice that this imbalance is also due to the fact that there was and still is a difference.
clear on how to allocate the funds for building the much-needed infrastructure
for carrying out this sporting activity. Thus, if in cities such as Bucharest, Suceava, Iasi,
Constanța, Buzău I’m not-he built not a single rink in Sfântu Gheorghe, Gheorgheni, Târgu
Mures etand Miercurea Ciuc skating rinks were built and is to be built other 4 (four) ice rinks in
thoseaces localities from CNI funds (National Investment Company).

With regard to the incidents referred to by the Federal Office of the FRHG, related to the match
from date of 8 May 2022 dunfolded between representatives romania and the of Hungary in the the
At the 2022 World Ice Hockey Championships in Slovenia, in essence, the FHRG has no competence to
determine if is it or not a ținut, region, hymn or church song.

Instead, FHRG can and has the right to analyze the performance of the Romanian national team within
the matches it plays.

By point of view of regulations STATUTORYthe competence to analyze possible deviations from
Regulations adopted at the FRHG level does not belong to the Federal Bureau, but the Disciplinary Commission within
FRHG, reason for which the procedures in this respect will be started.

On the other hand, we can not fail to notice that, the situation in which part of the national team playersthey
of Romania sang together with the gallery of the opposing team, can be interpreted as equivalent with
the situation in which, in practice, they celebrated the defeat of their own national team.
Such an attitude on the part of some members of the national team was likely to give rise to contradictions and
discussions in public opinion.

Contradictions and discussions also gave rise to the involvement and statements of two ministers from the Romanian Government,
statements and direct involvement related to the issues raised with the match played on May 8, 2022 at the World Championships in Slovenia. With regard to the latter, the FHRG did not
it has no competence, the only one that could adopt a point of view being the Government of Romania.
appreciateem that the whole issue subject to debate is much more complex, and the answers and solutions
must be offered not only by the FRHG, but also by the bodies of the Romanian statute with attributions in the matter.
In this regard, we recall that Ministry of Sports is the body of the central public administration of
specialty, and in the this quality represents interests the Romanian state, therefore inclusive Protection and
promoting the country’s image falls under the remit its.

For all these reasons, following discussions in the Federal Bureau of the Federation
Romanian Ice Hockey (FRHG) dated May 24, 2022 regarding incidents at the end
the match between the representative of Romeand that of Hungary held on May 8, 2022 within
CHAMPIONSHIP Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 from print anyusa, it was decided unanimously to adopt
the following measures:

1. Completion of the Regulations at the level Romanian Ice Hockey Federation (FRHG) with a series
of provisions of nature to ensure, in the future, as team members national ice hockey to
manifest in public, explicitly, a conduct capable of proving full loyalty and support
of Romania, of the official insignia of the Romanian state, the image and last but not least, the fans
national team.

2. Notification of the Disciplinary Commission at the level Of the Romanian Ice Hockey Federation (FRHG) with
regarding the incidents that took place at the end of the match between the Romanian representativeniei and the a Hungary from
2022 World Ice Hockey Championships in Slovenia for research and adoption,
in conditions law and the Statute of the Romanian Ice Hockey Federation (FRHG), of the measures

3. Request addressed to the Ministry of Sports regarding its expression a a point of
view on the elements that would need to be compulsorily included in the Regulations of
level of the Romanian Ice Hockey Federation (FRHG)elements related to the conduct of members
national teams, indicating detailed obligations for them during the period in which these
represents Romania in the competitionstheir international.

4. Request addressed To the Prime Minister of the Government of Romania regarding the expression of a point of
view on statements expressed in public by two minisetof the Government of Romania (Novak
Eduard-Carol Minister of Sports and Barna Tánczos – Minister of Environment, Water and Forestry)statements
on at and about the incidents that took place at the end of the match between the representative of Romaniaand that
of Hungary at the 2022 World Ice Hockey Championships in Slovenia.

5. Request your adress Government of Romania and parliament Romania with regarding providing a
development BALANCED of activity hockey, in the special need stringency of building of a
infrastructures in counties and / or localities with demographic, economic potential and last but not least with tradition
in the field of hockey (eg Bucharest, Ilfov, Suceava, Constanța, Iași, Ploiești, Buzău).

6. Request addressed to the Romanian Parliament regarding eelaboration of a national sport strategy
Romanian, a strategy that must have as a starting point the history of each sport and which
must focus on the principle of insurance – totally objective and impartial – dEVELOPMENT sportsman
Romanian and, implicitly, of a healthy people.

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