The famous publication that called David Popovici “The Last Tarzan of Swimming”. PHOTO Images that will go down in history

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What the international press writes about David Popovici. PHOTO Images of the historical race

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Popovici became the second swimmer of all time to win gold in the 100 and 200m freestyle events at the same World Championships, after the American Jim Montgomery, who succeeded in 1973 in Belgrade.

Gazzetta dello Sport titled soup the successes of the Romanian “Who is Popovici, the last Tarzan of swimming: ‘Me, Seneca and the limits that do not exist'”.

“Dressel’s heir is Romanian, he is 17 years old and he loves philosophy, Latin and is a fan of Italy: at the World Championships in Budapest he scored a double in the 100 and 200 freestyle and has already become a myth.” writes the prestigious Italian newspaper.

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The Times He nicknames it “New Thorpedo” in reference to the great Australian champion Ian Thorpe, five-time Olympic champion and ten-time world champion in freestyle events. Thorpe, the king of the 200m freestyle, became the youngest world champion in the 400m at just 15 years old, but according to the Times, all eyes are now on him.“Thorpedo, a talented teenager who has outgrown his older and more experienced peers and possesses the same physical attributes and tactical insight that has made him the best freestyle Australian of all time.”

The Team regret that Maxime Grousset, silver medalist in the 100 m freestyle, failed to win the first gold medal for France in this event, but points out David Popovici’s double in the 100 and 200 m freestyle, the longest race being won by the fourth time from all times, while Alain Bernard, Olympic champion in the 100 m freestyle, described Popovici as an extraordinary swimmer, and the duel between the two for the gold in the 100 m freestyle is “the duel of a new generation”.

newspaper mark titrated “Historical double for the young Popovici, who also won the 100 m freestyle” and “The new phenomenon of freestyle”.

“The new champion is called upon to write many glorious pages of his sport. He confirmed this in his first statements as soon as he came out of the pool. ‘This is just the beginning of a long, long road,'” Popovici ventured with great confidence.according to the Spanish newspaper.

newspaper I WOULD welcomed the appearance of two new stars, the Romanian David Popovici, champion in 100 and 200 m freestyle, respectively Leon Marchand (20 years old), world champion in 200 and 400 m mixed. “Marchand and Popovici are feeling a richer competition than expected despite the Russians’ absence and a post-Olympic year.” wrote AS.

France Presse Agency wrote that Popovici is ” the new king of racing queens ”, after the Romanian’s victory in the 100 m freestyle, while the Spanish agency EFE revealed that David “He became the banner of the real youth revolution taking place at the World Championships in Budapest, after he hung his second gold medal around his neck in the Hungarian capital, winning the 100m freestyle final.”

“But if David Popovici’s double confirmed the birth of a new world superstar, his winning time of 47.58 clearly showed that the Romanian has enough room for improvement.”added EFE.

David Popovici (CS Dinamo), debutant at the World Senior Championships, brought the first two world titles in the Olympic pool for the Romanian men’s swimming. Romania has two more gold medals, won by Tamara Costache (50 m freestyle, 1986) and Diana Mocanu (200 m backstroke, 2001). Romania’s record at the World Cup is now four gold medals, one silver and six bronze.

“King David” is the last nickname David Popovici was chosen for in the world press. He had landed in Budapest with the nickname “Romanian Missile”

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Many remarked in his speeches that he always referred to Romanians. He thanked them for waking up to see his race, for sending hundreds, thousands of messages, and he was glad he had given them reasons to be proud. At the World Swimming Championships in Budapest he was “presented” with the nickname “Romanian Rocket”. He says that his uncle is the one who uses it very often through comments in the online environment.

“I like to be called the Romanian Rocket, yes. How am I? A kid who swims fast, an ordinary guy who is able to do great things and inspire people.” said David, after the race in which he was the second world champion.

The press in countries with a long tradition in swimming and with suitable athletes thought that the nickname best suited him “King David” the one who defeated the great Goliath, just as he defeated all the favorites in Budapest.

Few people know about the young world champion, a student at the “George Coșbuc” high school in the Capital, with a bilingual, Romanian-English profile, that he is fascinated by history and geography, and the story was told by his coach, Adrian Rădulescu: “We really have a nice game between us when we have to recognize the flags of some countries, we argue if it’s Mali or Senegal or Cameroon. And Little Google recognizes them right away. “

But one of the nicknames that David really likes is Kahuna. “That’s what I’m told. A colleague from the pool started telling me when I was little. I had long hair. And Kahuna was a wizard in Hawaii, and he thought it suited me. And that’s how it stayed.”explained the wizard champion.

These are the well-known nicknames of David Popovici. But he still has so many years ahead of him to force us to find more and more to better illustrate his impressive accomplishments.

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