The First and Last M of Automobile Manufacturers That Left Their Mark on the Sector

While the balances in the automobile industry are changing, it is important not to forget the way companies enter the market. Here are the first and last cars of the most popular car brands in the world…

The automobile industry is developing a little more every day, and the features that are considered high-level today, in a very short time. can become standard. The reason for this is that, as you can imagine, accessing technology has become easier than ever before. But was it like that 10 years ago? Now with you, as you read “No more!” one you will say to time travel we will go out.

In this content, some automobile brands produced from the first cars to the last models we will talk about. Let’s see what features the companies were producing in the first years they entered the sector, and now where did they arrive? If you wish, let’s take a look at the first and last cars of the brands without further ado.

Here are the first and last models of popular car brands


The first brand we can put on such a list is, of course, Mercedes-Benz. Because the company world’s first car Developed the Benz Patent Motorwagen, which is considered to be The last car announced by the company, which is so rooted in the industry, was the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar. In this super vehicle Formula 1 technologies is being used.


Henry Ford 10 years after Mercedes Quadricycle Runabout He launched his car. The company now cares about the electric revolution, and both the SUV and the electric version of its iconic Mustang model Mustang Mach-e making his opponents knees tremble.


Volkswagen started its work at the outbreak of the Second World War, but canceled various projects due to circumstances. However beetle, managed to destroy Volkswagen’s bad luck. One of the company’s latest models Taigo It cannot even be brought face to face with the Beetle.


Japanese auto giant Honda’s entry into the industry N600 It started with the model. The company’s newest model is HR-V named SUV.


Fiat is one of the first automobile manufacturers in history. Fiat 4HP The company, which entered the sector with, is now number one in our country. But Fiat, in different countries 124 Spider He continues to work on impressive models such as


Hyundai actually produced a car called Cortina for the first time. However, this car Ford It was produced for and was launched with the Ford logo. Naturally, it is necessary to accept the Pony as the company’s first car. The South Korean company now sells luxury sedans, SUVs and traders continues to work on it.


Toyota in the 1930s Model AA He owned a classic car, which he called The company has recently admired itself in 2023. Camry Nightshade Special Edition appeared with.


in 1938 3/15 Launching its first model, which it named as BMW, BMW has recently announced that it will produce only 1000 units. M4 CSL appeared with.


Swedish auto giant Volvo ÖV4 He continues to be popular in the sector he entered with the car he named as . The company’s XC series SUV models are now with electric motor they are produced.


Peugeot is one of the well-established names in the automobile industry. in the 1800s The company, which appeared with its primitive car called Serpollet, is currently working on luxury sedans and SUVs.


Italian auto giant Ferrari’s entry into the industry 1947 125S had been with. The company is now in a completely different position. One of Ferrari’s latest models is the ultra-powerful sports car. Daytone SP3.


Released in the 1960s 350GTV One of the latest models of Lamborghini, which made its name with the model named Sian Roadster. company, various concept vehicles working on it too.


Voiturette was first published in 1898. 1CV Announcing a primitive car model called Renault, a few months ago, it introduced the SUV model, which it named Austral. electric revolutionIt has also knocked on Renault’s door.


Audi, which has made a throne in the hearts with every model it launches nowadays, Type K He had entered in a car named after him. The company now calls it e-tron. with electric sedans enchants consumers.


Introducing its Type A car in the first quarter of the 1900s, Citroen’s newest model is e-C4. This car will arrive in Turkey in a few months.


First entry into the industry datsun Nissan, which makes it under the name of Nissan, is among the first automobile manufacturers. The latest model of Nissan, which has revolutionized over the years like other automobile manufacturers, is Pathfinder Rock Creek.


Skoda is one of the oldest in the industry. First time Type A Skoda, which we come across with, is now the luxury sedan model SuperB. electrical version of trying to sell.


Entering the sector with the model called 1400 in the early 1950s, seatnow focused on models such as the Tarraco, which also offers a hybrid engine option. Above, with a large fan base Leon’s ancestor you see.


Opel, which entered the automobile business while producing sewing machines, in 1902 launched its first car. The company is now drawing attention with its modern SUV models.


Mitsubishi in 1917 Model A Although it entered the market with Lancer, it made this brand known by everyone. Although there is no Lancer now Eclipse Cross New generation SUV models such as the company keep the company alive.