The first decisions at CS Hunedoara after the failure of the promotion in League 2

Big upset at CS Hunedoara after the team lost the last match of the dam, and the only one this season, and also the promotion to League 2. The team coached by Florin Maxim officially announced the next day after the failure with Minaur Baia Mare, score 1-4 in return, 3-5 in general, that he took the first steps after missing the goal.

Four players, all brought to the team by agent Bogdan Apostu, including captain Laurențiu Buș and one of the top scorers this season, Sergiu Arnăutu, were fired. The other two are Brazilians Jairo Rodrigues and Matheus Da Motta.

  • In the four play-off games, Arnăutu scored two of the seven goals scored by the team and in the last game he missed two great opportunities that could change the fate of Hunedoara, while Jairo scored an own goal in the tour with Minaur and scored a goal of hope in Baia Mare.
  • Bush was left on the bench and introduced during the game right on the return with Minaur, and Da Motta did not catch the group in these four decisive games for access to League 2.
  • Buş, Arnăutu, Jairo and Da Motta have scored 39 goals together for CS Hunedoara this season in Liga 3

Four players, including the captain and one of the top scorers, were fired from CS Hunedoara after the promotion failed. The club is in full swing!

In addition to the four players fired, the Hunedoara club also announces that the representatives of the Board of Directors, among whom are Ioan Andone and Remus Vlad, as representatives of the mayor, requested “an extended analysis on all levels”.

“As a result of the defeat suffered yesterday in Baia Mare, which led to the failure to achieve our goal – promotion to the second league – the administrative management of our group took a first series of decisions.

As such, the contracts of the following players were terminated: Sergiu Arnăutu, Laurențiu Buș, Jairo Rodrigues and Matheus Da Motta, whom we thank for their contribution this season, to Hunedoara!

On the other hand, in order to identify the mistakes that led to the failure to access the second league, the Board of Directors of the club requested an extensive analysis on all levels: technical management, club management, transfers of players, officials from the Children’s Center and Juniors, club employees. It will be presented in a meeting on June 24th, after which all the decisions derived from it will be communicated!

We remind you that Ioan Andone and Remus Vlad are part of the group’s Board of Directors, as representatives of the Mayor, Costel Avram – public administrator of the county, representative of Hunedoara Local Council and Ciprian Palcău – also representative of Hunedoara Local Council “transmits CS Hunedoara through an official communiqué posted on its website.

  • 94 goals CS Hunedoara scored in this League 3 season, in the regular season, playoffs and playoff matches, and its markers are: Andrei Hergheligiu (18-7 penalty), Laurențiu Buș (16), Sergiu Arnăutu (15), Petre Simon (13-1 penalty), Andrei Roșu (8), Jairo Rodrigues (5), Alexandru Mogoş (5), Rafael Gomez Garutti (4), Matheus Da Motta (3), Antonio Bradu (2), Timotei Mitran, Antonio Vlad, Adrian Bedea, Antonio Dumitru and Marian Tășcan (the last five scored once).

In anger, the day after the defeat in Baia Mare and the failure of the promotion, rumors circulated in Hunedoara about Laurențiu Buș and Sergiu Arnăutu that “they were seen in bookmakers”. This is not at all unnatural for athletes in our country, although this is forbidden.

Mayor Dan Bobouţanu, message through the club: “We apologize to all our fans”

As in CS Hunedoara the mayor is written with a big “P”, in order to be recognized for his power, his word could not be missing from this communiqué given in a difficult moment that the club is going through. Dan Bobouţanu speaks in such moments, not only for good!

Bobouţanu apologizes to the team’s supporters for failing to promote and reconfirms his support for the club, announcing that the current project spans 10 years, in the context in which he does not know if he will be re-elected for a new term. Like any politician, he talks a lot and promises everything, in order to sweeten the bitterness of the fans who were hoping for a sports promotion in League 2 this summer. Of course, the Corvinul brand is waved again in front of voters.

“First of all, I would like to apologize to all our fans, who believed and supported us throughout this season, for failing to promote. All this time, I would like to confirm, as on other occasions, that the current project spans 10 years, on several levels of performance, so that we will not give up on supporting it with everything that is needed. In fact, only in the last year, great strides have been made in this regard, given that the Corvinul 1921 Hunedoara brand has returned home, the name of our team will be officially changed this summer.

In addition, I can assure our supporters that, beyond the financial support from the local administration, we will also enjoy that of the county administration, in the next period, the discussions in this regard being almost completed. Of course, it is a delicate moment, but certainly everyone involved in this project was wrong, but we will make sure that such mistakes will not be repeated! ”says Dan Bobouţanu (photo, the one in the middle), who preferred to convey this message through the club, not through personal means of communication.

An invitation in League 2 on a possible vacancy will be analyzed by the Board of Directors of CS Hunedoara

At the same time, Bobouţanu also says that in the event that FRF invites CS Hunedoara to fill a possible vacancy in League 2, the Board of Directors of the club will analyze this proposal. These statements show that there is also the possibility that Hunedoara will not accept a place in the non-sports sports echelon.

“On the other hand, if the Romanian Football Federation decides that, following the criteria established in the meeting of the Emergency Committee on May 30, our club will have a place at the start of the next edition of the second league, we reserve the right to analyze in the Board of Directors this possible proposal and everything that would imply a decision of this kind for our club and community.

Thank you, once again, for all the support given this season in which we brought the spirit of Corvin back home to Hunedoara and I assure you that we will become even stronger! ”also transmitted the mayor of Hunedoara.

Photo: Bogdan Popescu / Corvinul Hunedoara