the goal of a Venezuelan who plans to cross the Darién jungle

  • The Aragüeño decided to undertake a trip to reach the United States. On his way he is accompanied by his pet, Beckis, who travels on his shoulder

Miguel is one of the many Venezuelans who have set themselves the goal of reaching the United States this year. He emigrated from Venezuela in 2019 and traveled through three countries until arriving in Chile. Although he appreciates the job opportunities in that nation, he is determined to undertake the trip to the United States to generate more income and be able to help his family, who remains in Venezuela. He won’t do it just because he has his faithful companion: Beckis, a dog he adopted when she was very young.

He found Beckis on a Viña del Mar street three years ago. From the moment he picked her up, he fed her and took care of her; the dog was never separated from him. Every day she accompanied him to her workplace.

In Chile, the Venezuelan got a job as a mechanic’s assistant and Beckis was always by his side. Also, because Miguel often had to move to other parts of the city, Beckis got used to lying on his backpack and on his back. This is how he takes her everywhere to prevent her from walking many distances.

It was four months ago, in February 2022, when Miguel decided to take the trip to the US. To do so, he also decided to open a TikTok account to share his entire experience migrating with his pet. In the videos that he publishes, Beckis can be seen dressed in a hat and shoes. About this, Miguel commented exclusively for The newspaper who has bought her many accessories to take care of her as much as possible.

For me, she is a member of my family. I bought the shoes for her when she was very young to prevent her feet from burning when the floor was too hot. She also has her cap and a sweater to protect her from the cold,” she explained.

A window into your journey

Miguel assures that, at first, he created the TikTok account for fun and never thought he could have a viral video. The publication currently has more than 300,000 views and shows the moment when the Venezuelan prepares and prepares Beckis for a walk. In the video, the dog lifts her legs so that her owner can tie her shoes.

After that video, Miguel began to inform his followers that he was embarking on his journey from Chile to Peru. From there he began to document what his day-to-day was like.


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“Four months ago I started this adventure with my pet. I started traveling from one city to another to work and save enough to achieve my dream, which is to get to the US I usually clean the windshields of cars at traffic lights or sell chocolates. It is my daily routine to pay for the hostel and the needs of my dog,” said the Venezuelan from Villa de Cura, Aragua state.


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Miguel decided to stay in Peru to work. And it is that after having saved enough for the trip, he decided to travel to Colombia. From there he plans to cross the Darien jungle to reach Panama. Although he is aware of the dangers involved in entering this area, his priority will always be Beckis. For this reason he assures that he is carrying black bags and blankets to protect her from the rain.

Migratory flow
The Panamanian government reported that, between January and February 2022, Venezuelans were the ones who crossed the Darien jungle the most irregularly with a total of 2,497 people.

“I also bought him a waterproof jacket. I’m going to buy her other little things to keep her warm. Before my comfort, there will always be her, ”she reiterated.

The challenge of crossing with your pet

Having shared his story on social media, Miguel receives a lot of daily support and advice on how to travel with his partner. One of his most recurrent messages is that the US immigration authorities will not allow him to enter with Beckis. On this, Miguel replies that he never thinks of abandoning his dog and is willing to abandon his dream in case this happens.

“I am determined to cross and I do not intend to separate from my pet because she is my loved one. Many people have been writing to me to advise me on the documents I need to cross with her, ”he noted.

Miguel appreciates the support that many users have given him through social networks. He comments that he currently feels much more accompanied because there are people who encourage him to move forward and fulfill his dream. He also hopes that his story can inspire other people not to leave their pets behind by proving that it is possible if they put their mind to it.

“A pet is no excuse to abandon it. Many people have abandoned their puppies because they are not accepted in rentals or in hotels, but I tell them that they have to fight for them. A puppy once they get used to you, you can’t abandon them because they get depressed. They are a faithful love for life, ”she concluded.

How to help?

Miguel indicated that people who want to support him can do so by contacting him through his social networks:

TikTok: @beckis60

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