The love for animals was enough to create Nutpet

From one place to another and with a hurried step, Sofía Patiño, a veterinary student who three years ago opened her own consultation and basic care center for pets, located in a residential area of ​​San Antonio, is seen in her business every day. of meadow.

At just 22 years old, he carries on his back the burden of covering all the fixed costs to keep the business afloat. This is especially stressful for her because, according to what she said, there are already four people who depend on that micro-enterprise.

At times, his forehead sweats as he attends to the pets that arrive at Nutpet, the name he gave to his veterinarian. There the doors open at 8:00 in the morning and from early on you can see several people waiting outside with their pets on their laps. Some patients arrive in better condition than others and gestures of concern among the companions are part of everyday life.

love versus finances

This entrepreneur grew up in a family of animal lovers and said that her parents instilled in her a love for pets since she was a child. The teaching was so effective that she herself has a cat and three dogs in her house.

Perhaps, his very emotionality makes his work difficult at times, since people constantly come to ask for care for their animals, although they cannot afford the cost. That is one of the bitterest points of his work: unfortunately he cannot intervene for all patients for free.

However, there are times when her heart gives in to reason and she herself bears the costs. For example, remember the story of Lucy (see photo), a canine who arrived urgently because she suffered a serious injury caused by a motorcycle. “She arrived very badly, her leg had to be amputated, but the person who brought her said that bear the costs, so we took care of it. People helped us a lot: we did bazaars, raffles and raised $2 million for Lucy. I have always said that having a pet is a luxury because it is not just about having them, you have to give them everything they need, “said Sofía.

The ending was happy because Lucy’s operation was successful and they also found her a new home where she currently lives fully. The person who adopted her waited for six months for her to recover and, when they finally met, “it was love at first sight”, according to the founder of Nutpet.

Despite the regrets

This is a work of contrasts, as Sofia considered it, who alternates her professional training with work. Today she is in the eighth semester of her degree and there are few friends she can make in the time she has free. In the midst of the hectic of each day, she has managed to forge a good friendship with Jackeline Yepes, the main veterinary doctor of Nutpet, who she has become her mentor.

Sometimes, you can see some scratches on her arms, like the ones caused yesterday by a very territorial two-year-old cat that needed medication and refused to have contact with Sofia. However, she accepts with pleasure the distrust of her patients and, far from being daunted, she takes a better liking to her profession.

“This is an expensive, exhausting and low-earning race. In addition, we deal with some ungrateful people, but in the end one fights for the animals”, exclaimed the entrepreneur.

Her dream is to have a large clinic where she can care for more animals. And although the goal is ambitious, he believes that he can achieve it, because very recently he was trying to promote Nutpet by handing out flyers and today he already has a record of 1,500 patients.

The key to growth, from Sofia’s point of view, is in the assertive relationship with all those who come looking for answers: “We always treat them as if they were family”