the man who does not want in any way to see the Cluj champions

Article by Andrei Crăiţoiu, Dan Udrea – Posted Monday, 09 May 2022 18:08 / Updated Monday, 09 May 2022 18:24

Theoretical, the two rivals in the fight for the title, CFR Cluj and FCSB, will face opponents who will not have a stake, but there are bosses of Craiova who do not want it cf. champion, while Petrea’s team must be a Voluntari fan in the Cup semifinal, because in case of a non-qualification in the last act, the Ilfovians will play their place of dam even against the red-blues. Another indirect dispute will be over how CFR and FCSB will be able to protect their players on the verge of suspension.

An FCSB – CFR match with the title on the table is announced in the last stage, even if there is still another round to play until then, the 9th, scheduled for this weekend. The two rivals are very likely to have opponents without stakes or who are more concerned with reaching another goal, more important than the match they have in the penultimate round.


The day and time of the FCSB – CFR Cluj match, the duel that can decide the Romanian champion!

However, there are some possible situations in which CFR and FCSB could have much stronger confrontations on Saturday and Sunday than expected.


Craioveni bosses do not want CFR champion

The university played the match with FCSB on the field, did not spare anyone and was extremely close to causing total damage in the fight for the title. However, the failure was not one to be received with great disappointment even by all the club’s leaders.

Marian Copilu is one of the main people of the current team from Bănie who does not want to see the CFR champion in any form. The former president of Cluj, who left Gruia with a scandal, has a personal goal of preventing CFR from taking the title.

Moreover, he also revealed to the other leaders of Craiova that a possible failure of CFR in the fight for the title could mean the insolvency of the club sponsored by Varga, and Craiova would thus eliminate a rival of the year in the battle for first place.

All this scenario, with the University going to Gruia to play for life and death, to try to beat CFR, could occur in one situation: Craiova to miss the presence in the Cup final, in this case who would no longer have to spare the starters because the next match will be the final of the Conference League, which will be scheduled a week away from the confrontation in Gruia.

Instead, if the Oltenians will play in the Cup final, then the main interest of the club will be to win the trophy, and Reghecampf will be forced to rest the basic players with CFR, a match that will take place only 4 days before the last act of the Cup.

26million euros was the debt that the CFR club passed on in the financial report at the end of 2021, 17 million euros being the debt held by its own owner, Nelu Varga


The red-blues make the Volunteer gallery in the Cup semifinal

For FCSB, the dispute with the team coached by Liviu Ciobotariu is extremely similar, comparing the context, with that of CFR against Craiova. The red-blues should be the biggest fans of the Volunteer in the return of the Cup semifinals, with FC Argeș. The reason: Volunteers would play against FCSB 5 days before the Cup final and then it is very likely that many of the starters will be spared.

On the other hand, if Ilfov are eliminated from the Cup, then the only way to catch the European Cups will be through the championship. And 4th place would be essential. So at the time of the match with FCSB, Voluntari would be very interested to get a point or points to stay in the game in order to play in the Conference League match. Any result other than the victory against the Volunteer would be a disaster for FCSB, who would practically lose the title one stage before the final!

0-0was the score of the match Voluntari – FCSB played in the regular season on the field of Ilfov

“YELLOW” DUEL: FCSB is in major danger, CFR risks only Graovac

Another big stake for the penultimate stage games will be the extent to which the two teams will manage to keep their basic players available for what will be the table title final. There are no less than 4 starters, from both bands, who have 3 warnings each and if they receive another “yellow” they will be automatically suspended.

This is the chapter in which FCSB is in much greater danger because it has 3 names, all essential pieces: Radunovic, Florin Tănase and Octavian Popescu. Instead, CFR has in this situation only Graovac, practically the most important stopper of the champion. He ticked 7 of the 8 play-off stages, including using the right defender.

Without Graovac, Dan Petrescu would have an almost as good solution, on Yuri, while the lack of the 3 in the red-blue formula would mean a disaster. What could FCSB look like without them: Târnovanu – Ov. Popescu, I. Cristea, Miron, S. Șerban – Olaru, Șut, Edjouma – Cordea, Dumiter, Fl. Coman.

281was Radunovici’s InStat index in the match Craiova – FCSB 0-1, being the best footballer on the field, followed by Florin Tănase (274)

2.3CFR has averaged warnings in the last 3 rounds, while the FCSB average is lower, only 1.3

Why CFR has the advantage of scheduling the penultimate stage

Gazeta Sportulor wrote 10 days ago that the LPF should establish the games of the first two ranked in the penultimate stage on the same day and at the same timeotherwise, the team that will play first would be at a disadvantage. The forum led by Gino Iorgulescu did not take this into account, and in the 9th round of the play-off, CFR and FCSB play their games on different days. FCSB – Voluntari will take place on Saturday evening, and CFR – CSU Craiova will be played on Sunday evening. Depending on the result of the FCSB match, CFR knows how to approach the match:

– If FCSB prevails, then for CFR a victory or a draw would mean exactly the same thing in the perspective of the last stage. And if they had a two-point lead and were tied on points before the last 90 minutes, Cluj would need at least one draw against FCSB. The criterion that will separate them at the end will be the score at the end of the regular season

– If FCSB – Voluntari will end in a draw, then CFR knows that they have to win the match with Craiova to start the title from the penultimate stage

– If FCSB loses the match with Voluntari, CFR knows that a draw against Oltenia also makes it a mathematical champion.

The final will be played on Sunday, May 22

The last stage of the play-off is scheduled for the weekend of May 21/22, and the match that could be played with the title on the table, FCSB – CFR, has been set for Sunday. The start time will be 20:30, and the stations that will broadcast the game are Digi Sport, Orange Sport and Prima Sport. Also in that weekend will take place the matches from the first round of the promotion-relegation dams Liga 1 versus Liga 2, but also the dam between the first two ranked in the play-out, on the field of 1st place, the winner of this game will go to the final for the Conference League.

Until Thursday, the FCSB decides exclusively

FCSB – CFR knows the day and time of the match, but not the location. The National Arena is blocked by the Saga Festival for a month, between May 16 and June 16, and on Ghencea and on the Arc de Triomphe, FCSB did not receive access. The stadium chosen by the red-blues is the one in Buzău, but until Thursday at the latest, the vice-champion can decide on her own where she will be able to play, regardless of the opponent’s will. As of Friday, any choice FCSB would make should be accepted by the CFR.

If FCSB takes the title, it takes it with fewer points than CFR

With two stages left to play, one thing became certain. If FCSB manages to win the championship, then it will do so with fewer points won on the field than its rival from Gruia. At the moment, the ratio of the score between the two is 92-83 in favor of the leader. At the end of the regular season, CFR had a huge lead of no less than 14 points, which was reduced by half from the start in the beginning of the play-off, after which, although it had increased to 8 points in the last month, CFR lost no less than 6 points, through the defeats suffered in Craiova and at home with FCSB.

For CFR: 2 is greater than 3

Before the last two matches, CFR is in a unique situation. If she draws in both matches, with two points accumulated, she will surely become champion. Instead, at a success with Craiova, in the penultimate stage, and a failure with FCSB, in the final round, so with 3 points collected, they would lose the title if the Bucharestians will also prevail with Voluntari. “So for us, it’s really valid, 2 is greater than 3,” one of the CFR officials said yesterday.

Who took the title in the last stage, in the last 20 years

Season champion
2019-2020 cf.
2017-2018 cf.
2016-2017 The future
2014-2015 FCSB
2008-2009 Urziceni
2007-2008 cf.
2005-2006 FCSB
2004-2005 FCSB
2001-2002 Dinamo

CFR – FCSB title fight. 7-star duel on 3-star stadium

The former FCSB coach, disappointed by the level of the game with the University of Craiova: “It was not a show!  I was expecting more! ”

University of Craiova – FCSB 0-1

The former FCSB coach, disappointed by the level of the game with the University of Craiova: “It was not a show! I was expecting more! ”

Gigi Becali takes on CFR Cluj: “I had no one to get along with.  What do you want me to do?  I will not take pity on myself

University of Craiova – FCSB 0-1

Gigi Becali takes on CFR Cluj: “I had no one to get along with. What do you want me to do? I will not take pity on myself “