The match Petrolul – Concordia Chiajna could bring them the promotion of “wolves”

Petrolul is 90 minutes away from the promotion in League 1, a success achieved today, in the match with Concordia Chiajna, mathematically ensuring his return to the elite of Romanian football. The match that counts for the 9th stage of the League 2 play-off takes place from 17:30 on the “Ilie Oană” stadium in Ploiești.

  • The penultimate stage of the League 2 play-off started yesterday, with the match in Ghencea between Steaua and Unirea Slobozia, ended with the victory of the “military” with 2-0. Tomorrow, Tuesday, from 19:30, “U” Cluj – FC Hermannstadt will take place, a success of the hosts ensuring, in their turn, the direct promotion in League 1.



Mario Bratu 38 ′, 48 ′

Oil: R. Avram – Sg. Pîrvulescu, Meijers, Huja, Țicu (capt.) (V. Lică 87 ′) – Cebotaru, Seto (M. Chindriș 46 ′) – M. Bratu (Mih. Constantinescu 76 ′), Cioiu (Tucaliuc 60 ′), Măzărache ( Pashov 76 ′) – Jarovic
Unused reserves: Moroz – Boțogan, Velisar, Dr. Gheorghe
Coach: Nicolae Constantin
Removed: Senad Jarovic 58 ′ (straight red)

Concordia Chiajna: Aldescu – Borța, Marc (captain), Palmeș, Cherecheș – Rz. Matiș, D. Codrea, L. Ion (N. Roșu 46 ′) – N. Popescu (Nic. Pîrvulescu 66 ′), Sokovic (Plazonja 46 ′), Ad. Voicu (Batin 75 ′)
Unused reserves: D. Moldovan – Ct. Alexe, Taub, M. Dumitru, Bg. Beard
Coach: Ianis Zicu

Stadium: “Ilie Oana” (Ploiesti – Prahova). Referee: Iulian Călin (Ştefăneşti – Argeş). Assistants: George Florin Neacşu (Câmpulung Muscel) and Ferencz Tunyogi (Zalău). Reserve: Constantin Alin Olaru (Râmnicu Vâlcea). Observers: Gheorghe Mihalache (Buzău) and Mircea Bucur (Târgu Mureş).

Min 90 + 3 End of the match on “Ilie Oana”, where the party begins. Petrolul wins 2-0 the match with Concordia Chiajna through the successes of Mario Bratu and promotes in League 1, where it returns after six years, period in which it started from scratch, from League 4. Many of the spectators who took their seats in the stands jumped on the grass.
Min 90 + The match is extended by three minutes
Min 90 Petroliştii demands a shot at Cherecheș and a penalty, after a cross from the right by Pasho, the referee lets the game continue, Constantinescu recovers and passes to Pashov, who crosses in front of the goal, and Tucaliuc resumes with his head from 7 meters to the right, but Aldescu holds
Min 89 Florin Borța Constantinescu is holding his side on the ground and complaining bitterly about Constantinecu’s elbow to his ribs at the same time, what a talent he has there … get up you nancy Marius Chindriș and Raul Palmeș, in which the oil midfielder failed. Borța and Chindriș receive the yellow card
Min 87 The captain is leaving Valentin Țicuchanged to be applauded by the whole stadium, and enters Viorel Lică
Min 85 Superb atmosphere on “Ilie Oana”. The spectators at Tribuna I stood up, applauded and chanted: “Come on, oil, come on, oil!”
Mario Bratu went to greet the gallery from Peluza I Ilie Oană and then went up among the fans, where he also received a spokesperson, to sing. Later, Simon Măzărache also rose among the fans
Min 79 Borça crosses from the right, Marc resumes with his head from 6 meters in the middle, Avram holds under the crossbar
Min 78 Țicu crosses the ball into the box from the free kick, Huja hits the post with his header from the bottom right corner,
Min 76 Double change to Oil. The man of the match comes out, Mario Bratuto the applause of the spectators, and Simon Măzărachealready on the edge, injured, and enters Mihai Constantinescu and Georgi Pashov
Min 75 At Chiajna, enter Paul Batin and it comes out Adrian Voicu
Min 66 out Nini Popescu and enter Nicolae Pîrvulescu
Min 62 Andrei Marc returns to the field, bandaged on his head
Min 60 out Marius Cioiu and enter Cosmin Tucaliucat Petrolul
Min 58 ||| Senad Jarovic he jumps up in an aerial duel with Marc and hits him with his elbow in the archway, Concordia’s defender bleeds, and the referee pulls out the red card directly to the oilman. Jarovic did not attack violently, but at a height of almost 2 meters, it was easy for him to elbow a shorter player with his head
Min 56 ||| Stjepan Plazonja kicks Huja’s belly in the middle of the pitch and receives a yellow card
Petrol’s 19-year-old midfielder Mario Bratu managed his first “double” in seniors, already in the fourth season in which he plays for the Ploiești team (1 match 2018/2019 edition, 14 matches and one goal in 2019/2020 edition, 18 matches and 2 goals in the 2020/2021 edition and 27 matches and 6 goals in the 2021/2022 edition). Bratu is the sixth goal scored in 27 matches played this season. He also scored with Poli Iași (2-0), Viitorul Pandurii (3-0), Ripensia (2-0) and Dunărea Călărași (4-1).
Min 48 2-0 Mario Bratu hits the bar with a free kick 25 minutes into the match, but the keeper saves it
Min 46 The match resumed
Min 46 Get in Neluț Roșu and Stjepan Plazonja and I go out Lucian Ion and Nemanja Sokovic. At the Oil, come in Marius Chindriș and it comes out Takayuki Setohit the left wing in the 27th minute
Min 45 + 4 Break on “Ilie Oana”. At this score, 1-0 for Petrolul, the team from Ploiești is promoted to League 1
Min 45 + The first half is extended by four minutes. It took about three minutes to start the game, due to the smoke coming from the Latin Lawn
Min 38 1-0 Meijers walks forward Mario Bratu, who takes over and returns with the ball to the center, shoots with his left in front of the box, Marc deflects slightly with his head and gives him a little vault, and Aldescu can not intervene, and the ball enters the net on the left, towards the crossbar. Oil opens the scoring after dominating authoritatively in the last quarter of an hour and keeping their opponents in their own half
Min 27 Corner from the left by Chiajna, Avram is over, at the second bar are Huja, Seto, Sokovic and Ion, and from Ion’s head the ball comes out, to the right of the goal. Seto is facing a blow and needs medical attention
Min 20 Crossing from the left side of the box, Jarovic wins the aerial duel, but only deflects the ball to the right, Cioiu protects in front of Bratu, who resumes from the drop from 7 meters, between Cherecheș’s feet, but Aldescu has a good reflex and catches the ball in two close on the line, next to the bar to his left
Min 10 The match is interrupted because the smoke generated by the fumigants lit in the Latin Lawn makes it impossible to play in that part of the field, at Aldescu’s goal.
Min 9 Lucian Ion headed the ball well but it was just wide. Avram easily held the ball weakly
Min 7 Bratu intercepts 25 meters from the center and shoots with the left, with the ground. The ball is deflected and goes to the corner, to the right
Min 6 Next to the Latin Lawn is a spectacular choreography with the message “Game over!”
♦ Min 4 Concordia’s defense sent a ball soaring up the middle on a beautiful counterattack with 82 minutes gone, but Adrian Voicu’s finish was met by the reaching hands of the keeper.
Min 1 The game started in Ploiești. There are quite a few spectators, but fewer than in the derby with Steaua!
♦ Octavian Grigore, a legend of the Petrolul club, gave the symbolic kick-off of the match on “Ilie Oana”

Petrolul is in front of the match that can bring him the mathematical promotion in League 1

Starting from scratch in 2016, in the 4th League, after the bankruptcy of the association that went bankrupt with the relegation from League 1, the new Petrolul is in front of the match that can fulfill the goal it has dreamed of since it took it from end. A success achieved today in the home match with Concordia Chiajna mathematically ensures his promotion to the elite, where he also scored in the previous three editions of League 2, but in which he failed every time.

Now, in disastrous financial conditions compared to the previous three years, in which it was bathed in money, Petrolul is about to succeed in the promotion.

“I wholeheartedly want to solve the promotion equation in this match, because, more than likely, the stadium will be full again, and our fans deserve to live the joy of promotion on “Elijah Oana!”said the coach Nicolae Constantin, the one who took Petrolul on the 1st place in League 2 from the end of the 7th stage of the regular season, from where he never came down.

Petrolul comes after the draw obtained in Mediaș, 1-1 with FC Hermannstadt, but also after another match ended in a draw, 0-0 at home with Steaua. At the moment he has 59 points in the League 2 play-off ranking, occupies the 1st place and is two points ahead of those from FC Hermannstadt and “U” Cluj, who will meet in this round in a direct match.

Nae Constantin’s team is undefeated at home this season

The team from Ploiești is invincible on its own field this season, in which it accumulated ten victories and four draws. In 2022, the stake of the promotion weighed heavily on the shoulders of Nae Constantin’s players, and can be seen in the results recorded on “Ilie Oana”. If in 2021 he accumulated nine consecutive victories, in 2022 he obtained the four draws and a success. In the play-off, at home, he recorded the score of 0-0 with “U” Cluj, FC Hermannstadt and Steaua, but also a victory, 3-1 with Unirea Slobozia.

Petrolul could be promoted mathematically in League 1 and at the end of the last stage, but it needed a victory in Mediaș with FC Hermannstadt.

Concordia Chiajna comes after the draw in extremis with Unirea Slobozia, which interrupted its series of four defeats

On the other hand, Concordia Chiajna is also fighting for an important goal, so it will not play in Ploiești without any stakes. The Ilfov team has only one point over Unirea Slobozia, which yesterday lost to Steaua, in their fight to finish in 5th place in the final, which will lead to the second promotion round in League 1, given that Steaua, ranked on the 4th position, he does not have the right to access the first echelon.

Ianis Zicu’s team managed in the last round, in the 90th minute, to get a draw at Unirea Slobozia, score 1-1, a result that kept it above Ialomita, but which also interrupted a series of four consecutive matches lost .

In another high-stakes game played this year in Buzau, in the last stage of the regular season, when it qualified for the playoffs, otherwise it could have evolved into the playoffs, Concordia won 1-0.

In the play-offs, the team from Chiajna lost the first three away games, 1-2 at FC Hermannstadt, 1-3 at “U” Cluj and 0-3 at Steaua, and in the last one, as I said, they drew at Unirea Slobozia, score 1-1.

Concordia is now ranked 5th in the League 2 playoffs with 41 points.

Iulian Călin referees Petrolul – Concordia Chiajna

The matches between Petrolul and Concordia Chiajna have always been disputed, with tight scores. At least that shows the results recorded in the last four confrontations, in which there was a draw, 0-0 in Chiajna on March 11, 2021, a victory for Concordia, 1-0 in Ploiești on April 11, 2021 (goal Lucian Ion, minute 31), and two victories for Petrolul, 1-0 in Ploiești on November 11, 2021, in the current regular season (Senad Jarovic goal, minute 81), and 1-0 in Chiajna on April 9, 2022, in the play-off round (goal Sory Diarra, minute 67).

Today’s game between Petrolul and Concordia Chiajna, scheduled from 17:30, on the “Ilie Oana” stadium, will be refereed by the central Iulian Călin (Ştefăneşti – Argeş) and by the assistants George Florin Neacşu (Câmpulung Muscel) and Ferencz Tunyogi ( Zalău). Referee is Constantin Alin Olaru (Râmnicu Vâlcea), and observers were Gheorghe Mihalache (Buzău) and Mircea Bucur (Târgu Mureş).