The Mohammed bin Rashid Library highlights the role of libraries in society

Dubai: Ahmed Al-Najjar

Yesterday, Thursday morning, the Mohammed bin Rashid Library organized a cultural forum entitled “Towards an Effective Role of Public Libraries in Community Service” in cooperation with the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information and the Naseej Academy. The effective future role of public libraries and how to take advantage of modern technologies to enhance this role. The forum witnessed the participation of a group of speakers and specialists in the library sector: Dr. Hassan Awad Al-Suraihi, President of the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information, and Dr. Emad Issa Saleh, Vice-President of the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information, and Ayub Khan, Head of Cultural Services and Libraries at Warwickshire County Council, UK.

Ibrahim Al Hashemi, Board Member of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, stressed the importance of changing dealing with libraries in light of the new challenges and the generational demand for digital media, pointing out that the library is not just a library to elicit knowledge only, but rather is a center of civilizational radiation that broadcasts cross-cultural messages of enlightenment from In his speech to Al Khaleej, Al Hashemi added that the library attaches utmost importance to diversifying and enriching the knowledge and educational content in all areas of life, and opens its platforms to pioneers and scholars to keep pace with the trends and development of desires and special needs of the new generations, and is keen to target all spectra and segments in society. By creating an environment that attracts hobbies and interests in the arts, music, theater and various forms of entertainment, through which innovative visions of knowledge are transmitted to them through smart technologies, including physical simulation and “helogram”, and the capsule system designed to meet the interests of people of determination.

educational workshops

Al-Hashemi pointed out that the library’s atmosphere is full on a daily basis with various activities and events that attract amateurs and creators in different fields, in cinema, playing and cooking, in addition to providing entertaining experiences for youngsters through the challenge of discovering treasure to link the interests of schoolchildren’s audience with the worlds of books, and motivate them to search for The information is in an interesting framework that ignites their curiosity and develops their perceptions, without failing to emphasize the importance of organizing and preparing specialized educational workshops to teach hobbies and encourage their practice and professionalism, such as drawing, playing and mastering artistic, creative and design skills that contribute to bringing the child closer to his own world.

knowledge exchange

Al Hashemi pointed to the role of the Mohammed bin Rashid Library, in shaping the features of the next generation of libraries, locally, regionally and globally, by relying on the latest global library technology and artificial intelligence. To actively contribute to the vision of the next fifty years and the vision of the Emirate of Dubai to become the smartest and happiest city in the world in all sectors and fields, including the library sector. Al Hashemi concluded his speech by saying: “The Mohammed bin Rashid Library always strives to be proactive in supporting initiatives and events and creating distinct channels for knowledge exchange in all fields and disciplines, by being open to specialized bodies and institutions, benefiting from best practices, local, regional and global, and presenting pioneering ideas that enhance The effective role of public libraries.


On his part, Dr. Hassan Al-Suraihi, that libraries in general, and public libraries in particular, are facing increasing challenges other than those they have been facing for years, such as financial and administrative matters, including the challenges of interactive and networked information openness in the first place.. Challenges are added to them related to the development of capabilities, needs and nature of beneficiaries, and users. And customers and their diversity, which is more prominent in public libraries that have space and diverse space, where the development of individuals and their diversity is reflected on society, and in turn is reflected in public libraries and the need for permanent interaction is for all people and tries to make them happy according to its goals.

The first sessions of the forum began, with a session entitled “User Experience (UX): The User is the Center of Everything”, and highlighted the importance of the user experience, and how it can be benefited from in the library sector, by focusing on people’s perceptions and their resulting or expected responses to encourage them to use Digital public library services, and more.

Knowledge economy

The second session, entitled “The Role of Public Libraries as Coworking Spaces in Building a Stronger Economic and Social Society”, was discussed, where Ayub Khan highlighted the strengthening of the role of public libraries in supporting the knowledge economy and enhancing interdependence in societies by providing technological infrastructure, educating and training beneficiaries and creating innovative programs reinforce this trend.

Language Garden

At the end of the forum, the library officials organized a tour for the speakers and participants, during which they got acquainted with the various facilities of the library, its most prominent services and facilities, the libraries it houses, and the photo exhibition that presents a unique photographic journey that tells the renaissance of the United Arab Emirates over the past fifty years, and the Library Repertoire exhibition, which It includes a unique collection of rare and ancient books, atlases and manuscripts, some of which date back to the thirteenth century AD, theaters used for holding lectures and conferences, hosting cultural and artistic festivals, local and international theatrical, cinematic and musical performances, and the Language Garden, which contains 60 columns displaying dozens of quotes from sayings. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, translated into 170 languages ​​spoken worldwide.