The most beautiful and original cat names

The Spanish still prefer dogs over cats. In fact, in Spain, cats are the second most common option when it comes to having a pet at home. If you are thinking of adopting a cat, whether male or female, you may have problems when choosing a cat. original name. The choice of name is important because it must be taken into account that cats learn their name and respond if called that way. PTherefore, if you want to call your feline in a beautiful and at the same time striking way, here we give you a list with names of various themes and classes. Some famous names, gods, places…

List of original names for male cats

If you are going to have a male cat and you don’t know what to name him, in this list you have very different names each other, but very original. We give you options with all the initials and in several languages.


– Charlie

– coconut


– Felix

– Figaro




– Jack


– Julius

– Leo




– Myce

– Milo

– Oliver




– Romeo



– Simon


– Tiger

– Toby

– Tom

– Zeus


– Ade

– Loki

– Odin

– Anubis

– Amon


– Horus

– Bambi


– Olaf

– Simba




– Igor


– Ivan

– Lev







List of original names for female cats

In case you are going to adopt a female cat, here we give you very nice and meaningful names for your feline Some are better known than others, but with these options you will avoid calling her with the typical name of Kitty.


– Beautiful

– Briciola

– Chloé


– Eve

– Fiona

– Kiki


– Lady



– Lola

– Lucy

– Moon

– mine

– Mine


– Nala

– Pallina





– Sissy


– Susy



– Zelda

– Athena

– It was

– Aphrodite


– Minni

– Dawn


– Shang

– Lilli


– Sasha

– Nikita

– Katia


– Vera

– Misha



– joker



How to choose a good name for a cat or cat?

To choose the correct name for a female or male cat, it is important wait to meet him. Sometimes this is difficult since once you know that you are going to adopt a kitten, it is difficult to contain the illusion. However, you may have thought of a name and then, seeing the animal, it did not fit you at all because of its personality.

It is also important to know that names that are too long should be avoided, except in the case where its abbreviated version is used in everyday life. The best thing for the cat to be able to learn his name is for it to be simple and short

In the same way, the name should not be similar to any other word that we use to refer to other things. The chosen name does not have to coincide with the names of other family members, including pets. We should also avoid choosing a name similar to the keywords for obedience such as “no”, “food”, “come”, “sit”…

To choose a good name it is important to keep in mind that the consonants that are pronounced with a puff of air are easier to hear and identify for a pussycat and you have to privilege them in the name.

How do I get my cat to know his name?

1. Repeat his name many times. The main thing for a cat to know its name is to constantly repeat it. What you have to do is say the name of the cat and then give it a prize, so that it identifies it and associates it with something positive.

2. Do training sessions. Training sessions should not last more than 10 minutes to prevent your kitty from getting bored and losing concentration. In the same way, it is best to always do the training at the same times to create a routine.

3. Reward him with tasty snacks. As long as your cat responds positively to training, you should give him treats that he likes and that are suitable for his particular diet.

It is very important to be patient and not to despair. If your cat is having a hard time learning his name, it may be because he is still too young and does not pay attention to your classes. To achieve this, you must continue insisting with routine training. You can also turn to a professional educator.

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