the myth that produces cruel attacks

In Europe during the Middle Ages, it was believed that this species had a strong connection with witches and wizardry, which is why there is a myth that black cats are bad luck. It was speculated that witches transformed into these creatures to prowl the streets without being observed, which is why in some parts of the world they are considered a symbol of bad omens.

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What does it mean to have a black cat at home?

Their color depends on a genetic condition, so it is not possible to attribute mystical characteristics to black or white cats. On the contrary, having one of these pets in your home could give you the opportunity to live unforgettable moments, improve your emotional health and give a furry one in need a new start.

Are they easy to adopt?

Black cats tend to last longer in shelters even when they are puppies, so their skin color does not favor them when it comes to being adopted. Therefore, it is important to break with the social stigma that they carry about themselves and try to avoid their abandonment, mistreatment or rejection.

Does the color black influence the character of cats?

Cats regardless of their color are usually excellent company, they are very calm, intuitive and affectionate. So in it you can find a partner to share the most special moments. His character depends largely on the upbringing you can give him and how you educate him in each of his life stages.

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On dates such as Halloween or Children’s Day there are usually some risks for black cats. Because of their fur color, there is a belief around their connection with witchcraft and they are often used as a sacrifice in satanic acts.

In the rites, these cats usually have a special symbology within popular beliefs, which makes them more vulnerable, especially on October 31.

How to care for black cats?

Make your home a safe place

Felines have a constant need for exploration, so it is normal that they want to leave the house. Give him reasons to keep himself entertained in your home, with scratchers, toys and a good diet.

Sterilize your pet

Upon reaching sexual maturity, cats will want to escape to find a partner with whom to reproduce in times of heat, so if you do not want your cat to have litters, it is best to go for this procedure.

  1. Never take away his badge: A plate with contact information is essential to prevent your pet from getting lost. In the market you can find different styles that fit the size of your furry.
  2. Uses a microchip: Go to your veterinarian to implement this method of identification in case of loss or theft. This contains your data and those of the owner; it is placed only once in a lifetime and is not painful for the pet.

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