“The night of the mind, the team is already on vacation! They have nothing in their toes or brains! ”

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FCSB – FC ARGEȘ 4-0. Viorel Tudose, the sponsor of FC Argeș, had a marathon intervention, of almost 20 minutes, on last night’s GSP Live show. Angry after the humiliation received with FCSB (0-4), the businessman put Prepeliță’s footballers on the wall for his attitude at the play-off matches. A hectic summer is coming to Pitesti!

The lamentable performance of FC Argeș, who scored four goals and from FCSB, really “lit” Viorel Tudose, one of the sponsors of Pitesti. Monday night, shortly after the white-violets were humiliated on the National Arena, the businessman had a real tirade in the show moderated by GSP journalist Alberto Boțoghină.

Irritated by the disappointing results of the play-off, Tudose accuses that many of FC Argeș’s footballers are already on holiday and that they have betrayed the goodwill of the management, which granted them consistent bonuses after achieving the goal.


He destroyed his footballers after the failure with FCSB: “We have 3 strikers and 3 goals in the whole play-off!”

Viorel Tudose, sponsor of FC Argeș: “The night of the mind! The team is already on vacation, the players treat us with indifference “

“It was normal that, once we entered the play-offs, we had higher demands. But what to do? It’s very good that I entered the playoffs, that’s how I saw the best true value of some players. The reality of Romanian football is to bring players from abroad, inflated in feathers by managers.

Now that we have to play with very good teams, we see where we really are. The last two results are the night of the mind for us. I don’t know what happened, the team is already on vacation. We hope to mentally recover them until the Cup match with FC Voluntari and there we will find a solution and return that result.

We did not expect this behavior of some players. They probably reached their limits by entering the playoffs. Quail managed to motivate them, to put them in order to get here, but now we have failure after failure. One victory, the rest! It is very difficult for us, the management, to find words that characterize the evolution of our team.

From a financial point of view, the team is paid, salaries are paid on time, bonuses will come in the next period. Some bonuses that are too big anyway, many of them did not even dream of having such bonuses. Now, seeing each other with the bags in the cart, those players treat us with a bit of indifference“Tudose said.

Unleashed after FCSB - FC Argeș 4-0: “He has nothing in his toe or in his brain!  Do you see him forming a cooperative? ”

Viorel Tudose, sponsor FC Argeș / Capture GSP Live

So it was last year! I’ve been sounding the alarm ever since. It did not seem normal for the team to fulfill its goal of avoiding relegation, and then some players, who were at the end of their contracts, to go on holiday.

Now the same thing is happening! The goal being reached, some players, 7-8 in number, if not even 10, have already entered the holidays, and their thoughts are no longer in Pitesti. They have already taken their tickets.

– Viorel Tudose, sponsor of FC Argeș

FC Argeș footballers, put up by Tudose: “They don’t even play in League 3”

Tudose continued to criticize his team without restraint: „It is unacceptable for some players to have this attitude! Let’s be serious, gentlemen! Take a look at FC Argeș. After the behavior of some in the matches with the University of Craiova and FCSB, these players do not take place in League 3 either!

We also give examples: these inflated players with the impresario pump are just like an angry donut! To me, they are a total disappointment! We talked constantly with the staff, we just can’t find words for this evolution.

There are players … look at Palic! Last year, he played great. Did you really forget about football this year? Look at how some players played last year, and now they don’t even play anything ?! I don’t think they forgot football in 6 months! It is an attitude of some people with bags in the cart, we have nothing to comment more “, said Tudose.

To see how we will do the transfer campaign in the summer, we need to find quality players. I would go a lot on Romanian footballers. But we don’t have much room here. Teams that are more financially powerful buy almost everything on the market

– Viorel Tudose, sponsor of FC Argeș

Viorel Tudose, ruthless with Joao Miguel: “He has nothing on his toes or in his brain! Do you see him forming a cooperative? ”

The sponsor of Pitesti put the cannons on the service gaffe from Pitesti, the Portuguese central defender Joao Miguel. After what made an inexplicable mistake in two matches with CFR Cluj, the Portuguese had an embarrassing performance against FCSB as well. Tudose laughs at those who suspected Miguel of playing games for CFR.

“Let me give you the subject and predicate of the Joao Miguel case! He played great until his contract was extended. After his contract was extended, do you know what was the next phase of Joao Miguel? That luft from the schoolyard in Cluj-Napoca. There are phases of the ABC of football, we didn’t make such mistakes in the school yard either!

To make a Cooperative, how said an important figure in Romanian footballyou need a little mind! Let’s be serious. These players have nothing in their toes or brains! Let’s face it. Do you see Joao Miguel making a Cooperative? Do you think his mind takes him there?

Unleashed after FCSB - FC Argeș 4-0: “He has nothing in his toe or in his brain!  Do you see him forming a cooperative? ”
Joao Miguel, officially presented in front of Pitești City Hall, in June 2021 / Photo source: [email protected] FC Argeș

Cornel Dinu said that there would be a cooperative of Portuguese footballers. I tell many … these characters we glorify are not capable of such a thing. To do such a thing, you need to remember! Stop it! There is no such thing, there is no Portuguese legion. Forgive me for leaving tonight, but do you think that this player, who committed it twice with Cluj, who commits such a penalty, is able to form a legion to make CFR the champion?

Let’s be serious, that’s all people can do! They are anonymous illustrious, let’s not get drunk with cold water. That’s why Romanian football doesn’t even perform, because we bring these anonymous people from all the championships, from the second, third league. We bring players who have nothing to do with football! ”, Continued Tudose, on GSP Live.

Joao Miguel’s performances until his contract was extended were close to perfection, without using big words. Then there were even offers for him, if they weren’t counterfeit.

– Viorel Tudose, sponsor of FC Argeș

Viorel Tudose, unleashed on the businessmen: “The magnifying glass was, in fact, the ‘Trumpet'”

Unleashed, Tudose then revealed who the manager was who proposed Joao Miguel to FC Argeș and that the same agent brought to Pitești and Jucie Lupeta, the Portuguese striker fired from Trivale after only 5 matches in white and purple. “I’m going to go to these impresarios and turn them upside down,” the businessman threatened.

“It simply came to our notice then that Lupeta that we had brought and is now in Botoșani! Poor me! Last year, Argeș could have a boom with that Malele, a player who came with another Portuguese, Sérgio Marakis, both brought by Mario Felgueiras, the former CFR player.

That impresario who brought us Malele, who in the meantime had also brought us the Brazilian Ruan Teles, told us that he has three exceptional players: Viana, Joao Miguel and with a «sensational peak», Lupeta. All in one package. They all came to us.

Nobody knew anything about this Lupeta until he arrived in Pitesti. After the first two workouts, everyone realized that this Lupeta is, in fact, «Trumpet».

These contractors are simply throwing players around your neck. We talk too much civilized, nice, not to attack anyone, but everyone considers Romanian football a real landfill. Can’t see which players are coming? This is not possible! We ended up paying very high salaries to players who don’t deserve them “, said Viorel Tudose, at GSP Live.

Viorel Tudose: “I will go to the impresarios and turn them upside down”

Someone was asking me if I was sorry I was in the playoffs. No, I’m not sorry I made it into the playoffs. That’s how I saw the value of some players. I like these defeats very much. I can go to these impresarios and turn them upside down. In the negotiations that we will have in the next period, I will turn them upside down.

You can’t bring such players to market, we see how they play in these tough matches. Let us learn from these defeats, let us take what is good from them.

– Viorel Tudose, sponsor of FC Argeș

PHOTO / Spectacular images captured in the match FCSB – FC Argeș 4-0

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