The number of wives of the little Dungean Ahmed Ezz.. You will not believe how he was divorced from the artist Angham .. exciting details

During his artistic career, since starring in the movie “Diary of a Teenager” with director Enas El Degheidy in 2001, the artist Ahmed Ezz succeeded in making a name for himself that became one of the most prominent in the art world.

The star of “Ezz” was lavish after standing in front of the artist Yousra in the series “My Soul King”, which is considered his transfer in his artistic career, and the point from which he started to star in many other works, including the films “The Ghost, the Angels of Alexandria and the Transit Prisoner”, and others.

Despite the remarkable artistic success, Ezz’s personal life has the lion’s share in drawing attention around him, especially his female relationships, which affected some of them, while others did not cross the barrier of rumors.

Recently, photos of him with his lawyer’s daughter were circulated, and it was rumored that they were engaged, and this was denied by close associates of the artist. A close source added that the circulating photos were taken on the birthday of the daughter of Ezz’s lawyer, singer Amr Diab, and a number of celebrities.

He is the one who appeared next to his daughter in the picture. The artist, Ahmed Ezz, did not comment on the “fake engagement”, through any media statement or through social media platforms.

It was not the first time rumors of Ezz’s engagement circulated. In 2018, news circulated that the artist Ahmed Ezz was preparing to announce his engagement to a young singer named Mona Makkawi, a few days after he lost the case of the artist Zina.

It was rumored that Ahmed Ezz will announce his engagement to the girl named Mona Makkawi, to top this news with the strength of the communication sites, after the launch of the court’s decision to oblige him to pay 30,000 pounds as study expenses for Zina’s twins.

At the time, Ahmed Ezz denied the circulating news of his engagement, noting that this rumor is not the first to be released about him, and that the source of this news is unknown, but in the end it is incorrect, and he does not care about these rumors. In 2015, some confirmed that the artist Ahmed Ezz celebrated his engagement. , in complete secrecy over a girl from outside the artistic community named Dina, who is the daughter of a businessman, and that the step ceremony was held at his fiancée’s family home in Katameya, east of Cairo. Then Ezz’s lawyer returned, and then denied all this news and said that Ezz had not married, adding that she did not know the source of this news. The Syrian artist, Asala, was the first woman in Ahmed Ezz’s life, due to their strong friendship, which opened the way for many rumors.

And the matter increased controversy, with the participation of “Ezz” by the Syrian artist as “Model”, in one of her clips with his artistic beginning, which was titled “When Your Eye Came in My Eyes”, and it is one of the songs of the album “My Heart Berthalik”, which Asala released with Alam Al Fan 17 years ago. Specifically in 1998.

However, “Asala” denied the matter and confirmed that their relationship was only friendship, and it extended to this day, even dedicating a song to him in his movie “Wlad Rizk”, entitled “Tahsil”. And there were other rumors about the artist Ahmed Ezz

But this time with the director “Sandra Neshat”, who participated with him in many films, including “Transit Prisoner, Al-Maslah, Malaki Alexandria and the Hostage”… It was said that there is an emotional relationship between the two,

This is because of their multiple participations together, and during the strange silence of “Ezz”, “Sandra” went out on a program and confirmed that her relationship with Ezz is only friendship.

She stressed that if there was a love relationship between them, no one would prevent them from declaring that the different religion was not an obstacle in Sandra’s eyes, noting that her family is liberal and has an open mind. Some films between Ezz and the Lebanese artist Nour,

And that was before her marriage, which also opened the way for many rumors about them, especially since the public saw that they were an understanding couple. And the “Ezz” remained silent.

He did not respond to what was said, until these rumors ended with the news of Nour’s marriage to an unknown businessman. As for the artist, Menna Shalaby, who also participated in two films, “Badal Lost” and “Shabab Take Away”, she also participated in two films.

There were many rumors that there is a relationship between the duo, especially since they were keen on the day of the special screening of the movie “Instead of a Lost”, to attend together and leave at the same time, which favored the confirmation of the news in this period.

And the artist Ahmed Ezz married the singer Angham secretly for a long time, as the news was unbelievable between a rumor and a fact, until the tunes ended this controversy, and published a customary marriage contract between them, to put “Ezz” in a very bad box, after he denied the matter more than once, To come back and confirm it again.

As for Ahmed Ezz’s wife, the artist Zina, the story began when the audience was surprised by a news spread on the news sites, stating that “Zeina” accused the artist Ahmed Ezz of denying his children from her, and this was denied more than once by the phrase “I swear to God, what are my children”.

Despite the denial, pictures of the artist, Ahmed Ezz, accompanied by “Zina” on their honeymoon, leaked, and after many details, the court decided to confirm the allegations of “Zeina”, and ruled that he is indeed the father of the twins.

During the “Ezz and Zina” crisis, “Ezz” was resuming his artistic activity, and began filming his series “Excellence”, to bring out new news about his association with the young artist Menna Fadali, who co-starred with him in the series, and as usual, “Ezz” refused to comment.

“Menna” denied the rumor, and confirmed that it was just false rumors whose purpose was only to confuse and influence the court’s decision in the “Zeina” case.


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