The other side of the star Yasmine Sabry.. Leaked photos expose the hidden before her marriage to Abu Hashima (witness)

There is no doubt that the Egyptian artist, Yasmine Sabry, is one of the most beautiful Arab artists in general, and she possesses all the elements of beauty, starting with her long and thick black hair.

Which is characterized by luster and softness, passing through her wide eyes with oriental features par excellence, to her straight nose and her perfectly drawn and full lips. In addition to the distinctively swollen cheekbones and a straight palate line, which does not resemble the double chin that many women suffer from.

Some consider that Jamal Yasmine Sabry is the one who helped her reach stardom within a short time from the beginning of her career, through which she started her work as a reporter on a satellite channel, and then as a model in advertisements for a limited period, after which she will have the opportunity to participate in the “Steps of the Devil” program. With Islamic preacher Moez Masoud, and director Adel Adeeb. And she plays the lead role in the program that was shown in the 2013 Ramadan season.

Although Yasmine Sabry has become, since her first appearance, the talk of the press, who considered her one of the most beautiful emerging faces, and was chosen by tccandler in the list of the 100 most beautiful faces in the world for the year 2017, some people question her natural beauty and confirm that she has undergone plastic surgery.

In this report, we will try, on the “The Ninth Day” website, to shed light on the beauty of Yasmine Sabry and find out whether she underwent plastic surgery or not.

Yasmine Sabry before and after

Through the photos that we collected, we note that Yasmine Sabry was accurate in choosing the modifications to her face and makeup, and did not over-change her features. You can notice this in the pictures of her first engagement, where she appeared with a fuller face and body, and slightly different features.

The big changes appeared in Yasmine Sabry’s photos between 2014 and 2015, where she appeared with fuller lips with a black mole on the side, a smaller nose and some modifications in her makeup style.

After that, Yasmine Sabry worked in the media field, to return and enter the acting field after a while, and she appeared with an attractive oriental look, her eyebrows became more dense and straight, and we noticed a noticeable change in her appearance.

In 2016, the changes seemed clear and significant in her appearance, as she resorted to additional augmentation in her lips, exposing the palate and raising the eyes and eyebrows, and her cheeks became more prominent and the cheekbones became more sharp. Of course, it was not without some filler and Botox injections to fill in the fine lines on her face. She maintained the result she obtained in subsequent years with a slight change in her make-up style.

Despite the simple changes that Yasmine Sabry underwent, what must be emphasized is that before the plastic surgery she was beautiful and after the operations she became more brilliant. She has benefited from the development of the world of beauty in enhancing her beauty in a soft, natural and not exaggerated way, without reaching the addiction to it that destroys the beauty of many women.

The cost of the operations that Yasmine Sabry underwent

By looking at the changes that we notice in the old photos of the artist, Yasmine Sabry, we can estimate the financial cost of the operations that underwent. Skin care and peeling sessions to remove acne and some spots, and the use of plasma and derma pen technology to improve the appearance of the skin in general, and the cost of one session ranges between 200 and 700 dollars, depending on the number of sessions that each person needs.

– Removal of the wattle through Hifu technology, which costs up to 1,700 dollars, in addition to another procedure to define the jaw, and then recently used Texas needles to obtain a clearer definition of the face and jaw area, which costs between 400 and 800 dollars.

Beautification of the eyelids using Botox injections, the prices of which range between 200 and 800 dollars per session, and the use of the soft filler under eye technique to beautify the eyes under the eyes, and its price ranges between 1000 and 2500 dollars.

– Puffing cheeks and face lefting, a process that costs 7500 dollars, in addition to defining the lips through filler lips contour, whose price ranges between 500 and 2000 dollars.

– Non surgical rhinoplasty By Threads, a technique that takes about half an hour and costs $1800, but it makes the nose much longer and more accurate.

– We cannot forget the eyebrow tattoo. At first, Yasmine relied on makeup to get rid of the gaps in the eyebrows, and then relied on the eyebrow tattoo and microblading, whose price reaches 800 dollars.

– Getting rid of fine lines on the forehead and around the lips by botox, and the cost is 300 dollars.

Yasmine Sabry in brief

Yasmine Sabry is an Egyptian artist, born in Alexandria in 1988. She received her primary and secondary education in Alexandria schools. She completed her university education and joined the Faculty of Mass Communication at Alexandria University, and studied at the Department of Journalism and Public Relations.

Yasmine Sabry started her career by working as a reporter in a satellite channel, and after a while she left her job as a reporter, and participated in the Miss Egypt contest “Miss Egypt”. Unfortunately, the competition was canceled due to lack of sponsors.

After that, she moved to work as a model in advertising, and she did not last long in the field of advertising, as she had the opportunity to participate in the “Steps of Satan” program with Islamic preacher Moez Masoud, and director Adel Adib.

She managed to get the role of the heroine of the program, the veiled girl named Rasha, and the program was shown in Ramadan 2013. At that time, newspapers and magazines described her as one of the most beautiful young faces of the Ramadan drama.

Then she presented the series “My Way” with the star Sherine Abdel Wahab, the series “Al Ostoura” with Muhammad Ramadan, and the series “The Black Horse” with Ahmed El Sakka. After that, she was followed by dramatic and cinematic works, to enter Ramadan 2019 with a dramatic work for the first time of her absolute championship.

She was chosen among the 100 most beautiful faces in the world for the year 2017, and is the only Egyptian artist on this list.

her personal life

Before entering the world of acting in 2012, Yasmine Sabry married an Egyptian doctor, and separated from him in 2017 after five years of marriage. In April 2020, she married Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, and she also separated from him in May 2022, after two years of marriage.

Last appearance

Yasmine Sabry’s latest work was the series “Second Chance”, which was shown in Ramadan 2020, and co-starred with Ahmed Magdy, Aiten Amer, Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi, Heba Magdy, Diab, Muhammad Abu Daoud, Nihal Anbar, Edward. And a number of artists, written by Mustafa Gamal Hashem and directed by Mark Adel.

Yasmine Sabry stopped acting after her marriage to Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, but she recently returned to drama and began preparing for her new series “Al Shader”, which will be shown next winter on one of the electronic platforms, and co-starring with the artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi, directed by Sameh Abdel Al-Aziz, written by Mostafa Hamdi.