The park where animals are usually abandoned in Bucaramanga. What do the authorities say?

In a video shared on social networks, a new fact of animal abandonment was known in the city of Bucaramanga, Santander. The fact left a woman captured and two people injured, according to a group of animal advocates.

A couple of motorcyclists arrived at Los Guayacanes Park, popularly known as Los Gatos Park, located in Comuna 17 of Ciudad Bonita.

A woman got out of the vehicle wearing a white shirt, red shorts, sandals and covering her face with a helmet. In addition, she was carrying a cat in her arms.

The woman, as seen in the images, walked a few meters and left the feline next to a palm tree. She then returned to where her partner was waiting for her and just at that moment two citizens intercepted them and complained about what had happened.

Nevertheless, The woman responded violently and hit the citizens, later taking the cell phone of one of them and destroying it throwing it to the floor.

“I ended up with my mouth busted and my partner, with blows to the head, and she damaged her cell phone because she threw it hard on the floor, that was her means of work. There was never any aggression on our part,” explained Cristián Ballesteros, one of the victims.

The motorcycle couple tried to escape from the scene; however, they were retained. “Several people were at the site, but normally Mrs. Marta is always alone and she has to face these situations alone. People come here every day and abandon the animals as if nothing had happened,” added Ballesteros.

Minutes later, police personnel, relatives of the young aggressor and a veterinarian, who confirmed that the cat had a skin disease and a protruding bone. For this reason, he had to be transferred to a veterinary clinic, where he is currently receiving care.

Finally, the young woman who tried to abandon the cat in the park was captured by the Police as allegedly responsible for the crimes of damage to another’s property and personal injury.

For its part, the Environmental and Ecological Protection Police called on the community to respect and protect pets: “We extend the invitation to report situations in which the integrity of animals is violated, since they deserve all our love and consideration.”

The Mayor’s Office of Bucaramanga stated that joint work is being carried out with the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office to identify and prosecute the people who take the cats to abandon them in the aforementioned park, taking into account that In Colombia, animal abandonment is considered mistreatment.

Machetazo against a turtle

The municipality of Encino, department of Santander, was the scene of a violent act against a turtle. The outrageous event was denounced by the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Santander (CAS).

In the rural area of ​​this municipality, the Police found a Chelonoidis carbonaria, popularly known as the morrocoy turtle, male, with a serious injury to one of his limbs that, unfortunately, he lost.

“What perversity, with a machete to amputate the left arm of the little animal, that has no letter of introduction. Fortunately, it has been in the hands of all the CAS veterinarians and the symptomatic, therapeutic and palliative treatments that we have given him have given us good results and the tortoise is recovering very well”, said Luis Atuesta, a CAS veterinarian.

The morrocoy has responded satisfactorily to the various treatments to which it has been subjected, in addition, it found a new, safer home.

“The animal will be able to continue with its life, but walking on three legs, it has already walked again, it is eating. Here we will guarantee that she has a safe life, that is why we adopted her as our pet, in consideration of the accident she suffered”, added Atuesta.

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