The peaks of the “National 100”. List of the 11 from which you can choose your favorite in the team of the century: We, the first line!

The tops, or central strikers, are, in fact, the people who have, as a profession, the goal scoring. Of the gaps, in fact, as many.

They are the top scorers par excellence, they are the “Golden Boots”, the “Silver” or the “Bronze”, the breakers of records or opposing defenses.

They play the most “upstairs”, in outposts, in the front line! And the nominees are: Ion Oblemenco, Dudu Georgescu, Adrian Ilie, Adrian Mutu, Florea Dumitrache, Gheorghe Craioveanu, Rudy Wetzer, Viorel Moldovan, Sandu Neagu, Florin Răducioiu, Rodion Cămătaru. Of course, we stopped at only 11 big names, but Victor Pițurcă, Ionel Dănciulescu, Mircea Sandu, Ciprian Marica, Ionel Ganea, Puiu Ionescu, Mircea Dridea, Laszlo Bonyhadi, Daniel Niculae, Marius Niculae, Nicky would have taken place here Dumitriu. And yet, with thousands of reverences and for them, maybe subjective being…

Central strikers from “National 100”

ION OBLEMENCO was never selected in a match of the national team, despite the fact that he won four (four!) Times the title of scorer of Romania, in 1967, 1970, 1972 and 1973, managing to score 167 goals in 264 games for the University of Craiova. He scored 3 more goals for Rapid, in the short time spent in Giulești, only eight games. “Tunarul din Bănie” has a champion title, which is largely due to him, with the University of Craiova, in 1974 and a Romanian Cup, in 1977. The status of European Science team, from a provincial one, is, of also its merit. We try, through this nomination, to correct, absolutely theoretically and sentimentally, the greatest injustice done by the Romanian football to a huge striker, literally and figuratively.

DUDU GEORGESCU played 44 matches in the national team, for which he scored 21 goals. He made his debut at Progresul București, where he scored 5 goals in 94 games. He then left for FCM Resita, where he scored 7 goals in 12 games. A decade followed, 1973-1983, at Dinamo, a team in which he became the absolute top scorer in League 1, with a total of 252 goals in 436 matches. For the “dogs” he scored 207 goals in 260 matches.
But his great success was the conquest, twice, of the “Golden Boot” of Europe, in 1975, with 33 goals, and in 1977, with 47 successes. He contributed to Romania’s qualification to Euro 1984, from France, playing in the preliminaries, but not being in the group at the Final Tournament.
With Dinamo he won 4 championship titles, in 1975, 1977, 1982 and 1983, and a Romanian Cup, in 1982. He also played, towards the end of his career, one season, 1983-1984, at SC Bacău, 4 goals in 22 matches, at Gloria Buzău, 27 goals in 44 games and Flacăra Moreni, at 36, with two goals in four games!

ADRIAN ILIE played 55 games for Romania, scoring 13 goals. He played in the World Championship Final Tournaments in France in 1998, but also in the European Championship in England in 1996, and in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2000. At the World Cup in France he scored the most beautiful goal of the tournament, in the 1-0 victory over Colombia.
He made his debut at Electroputere Craiova and dedicated himself to Steaua, with which he won three titles, in 1994, 1995 and 1996. He played in the Champions League for Steaua, Galatasaray Istanbul and Valencia, with the Spanish team also evolving in the final of the year 2000, lost to Real Madrid, 0-3. The final reached by Valencia the following year, lost on penalties to Bayern Munich, but in which Adi Ilie did not play. His figures look like this, by matches / goals: Electroputere Craiova 31/12, Steaua 85/28, Galatasaray 30/12, Valencia 88/29, Deportivo Alaves, 22/6, Beșiktaș 13/6, FC Zürich 23/7. With Galatasaray he has two titles of champion of Turkey, in 1997 and 1998, and a Super Cup, in 1997. With Valencia he has a title of champion of Spain, in 2002, a King’s Cup, in 1999 and a Super Cup of Spain, also in 1999.

ADRIAN MUTU played 77 times in the national team, scoring 35 goals, a record of efficiency that he holds on a par with Gică Hagi, both at level 35. He played in the Final European Championship Tournaments in Belgium and the Netherlands, since 2000, and from Austria and Switzerland, since 2008. He made his debut for FC Argeș, 11 goals / 41 matches, then for Dinamo, 30 goals in 37 games. The European journey followed: Inter Milan, 2 goals / 14 matches, Hellas Verona, 17/62, Parma, 21/35, Chelsea London, 7/34, Juventus, 10/33, Fiorentina, 69 goals in 112 games !! , Cesena, 8/28, Ajaccio, 11/34, and the return to the country, at Petrolul, 4 goals in 14 games. In India, at Pune City, 4 goals in 10 matches and, in 2016, the end of his career, at ASA TG. Mureș, no goal in four games… So he has over 100 goals in Serie A! And two titles with Juventus Torino, in 2005 and 2006, but lost after the Calciopoli scandal, by the team from Piedmont. He has won only one title, with Dinamo, in 2000. He was named “Best Romanian footballer of the year” 4 times, in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2008. He won the Guerin d’Oro award in 2007.

FLOREA DUMITRACHE played 31 times in the national team, for which he scored 15 goals. He played with Romania at the World Championship in Mexico, in 1970, being chosen in the ideal team of the first stage of the tournament. He was considered the most talented Romanian striker of all time. With Dinamo he won three titles, in 1971, 1973 and 1975 and a Romanian Cup in 1968. In 1969 and 1971 he won the title of League 1 goal scorer. He was named “Best Romanian footballer of the year” in 1968 and 1969. He has 358 matches on the first stage and 170 goals scored, and in the European Cups 8 goals in 20 games. For Dinamo, the balance is 108 goals in 198 games, at Jiul Petroșani it has 37 goals in 80 matches, and at Corvinul Hunedoara 25 successes in 79 games.

GHEORGHE CRAIOVEANU played 25 matches for Romania, scoring 4 goals. He played at the World Championships in France, in 1998. He won a Romanian title with the University of Craiova, in 1991, and two Cups, in 1991 and 1993. He then went, in 1995, to Spain, to Real Sociedad, where between 1995 and 1998, he scored 26 goals in 90 games, being chosen as the best “foreigner” in history. Between 1998 and 2002 he is at Villarreal, 28 goals in 120 matches, and the last 4 years of his career he plays for Getafe, 16 goals in 120 games between 2002 and 2006. At the University of Craiova he scored 61 goals in 129 games, winning two consecutive years, 1994 and 1995, the title of scorer of Romania!

RUDY WETZER played 17 times in the Romanian national team, scoring 13 goals! He was the leader of the national team, together with its “captain”, Emerich Vogl, at the first World Championship in history, the one in Uruguay, in 1930! He was essential in the victory, the first at a World Cup for Romania, 3-1 with Peru, when he took the decisive steps!
He played for Ripensia Timișoara, Juventus Bucharest, the Chinese (taking three championship titles with these teams), then for OFK Belgrade, Rovine Grivița Craiova.

VIOREL MOLDOVAN collected 70 appearances and scored 25 goals in the national team jersey, with which he played at the World Championships in France in 1998, but also at the European Championships in England in 1996, as well as in Belgium and the Netherlands. , since 2000. He also went to the World Cup in the USA, in 1994, without catching minutes.
In France, in 1998, he scored against England, in the 2-1 victory, and in the draw with Tunisia, 1-1. At Euro 2000 he scored again, in the match with Germany, 1-1.
“Moldo-gol” won the Romanian Cup with Rapid, in 2006, the title of champion of Switzerland, in 1998, with Grasshoppers Zürich, and the title of champion of France, in 2001, with FC Nantes.
He played for Gloria Bistrița, 22 goals / 84 matches, Dinamo, 19/60, in Switzerland, for Xamax, 19/32, Grasshoppers, 44/51 (!), Then in England, for Coventry, 2 goals / 10 matches, in Turkey, at Fenerbahce, 33/53, in France, at Nantes, 20/57, at Wahad, in the Emirates, and in Nantes, 11 goals in 12 matches! In Switzerland, at Servette Geneva, 3 goals in 13 games.
The last two seasons: at Poli Timișoara, 8 goals in 23 matches and at Rapid, with which he reached the UEFA Cup quarterfinals, in 2006: 15 goals in 40 matches!

SANDU NEAGU played 17 matches in the national team, for which he scored 4 goals. He played in the Final Tournament of the World Cup in Mexico, in 1970, scoring against Czechoslovakia, in our only victory at that World Cup, 2-1 with Czechoslovakia.
He won a title, with Rapid, in 1967, and two Cups, in 1972 and 1975. He played his entire career at Rapid, between 1965 and 1978, 286 matches in which he scored 110 goals!

FLORIN RĂDUCIOIU played 40 matches for the national team, scoring 21 goals, ALL in OFFICIAL matches, a real record! He played in two World Championships, in 1990, in Italy and in 1994, in the USA, where he managed to score 4 goals, two in the group match, with Colombia and two (plus a penalty shootout), in the quarterfinals. final with Sweden. He also played in the European Championship in England in 1996, when he also scored in the match with Spain. He has a title with Dinamo, in 1990 and two Romanian Cups, one in the same year, and another in 1986. He is the ONLY Romanian footballer to have played in all 5 major European championships: in Spain, at Espanyol Barcelona, ​​19 goals in 57 matches, in England, at West Ham United, 2/11, in France, in Monaco, 2/12, in Germany, in Stuttgart, 4/19, in Italy, in Bari, 5/30, in Verona, 2 / 30, in Brescia, 13/29, in Milan, 2/17 matches, again in Brescia, 5/37. Between 1985-1990, Dinamo had 29 goals / 76 games. With AC Milan he won the UEFA Champions League in 1994 and, in the same year, the title of champion of Italy. In 1993, he won, also with Milan, the Italian Super Cup.

RODION CĂMĂTARU played in 73 matches for the national team, managing to score 21 goals. He played with Romania at the European Football Championship in France in 1984 and was part of the team that went to the World Cup in Italy in 1990, but did not receive a minute of play, although his contribution to the preliminaries had been decisive.
He reached the semifinals of the UEFA Cup with the University of Craiova, in 1983, at Știința playing 12 years, between 1974 and 1986, in 288 matches, managing to score 122 goals. In 1986 he transferred to Dinamo, where he played 89 games, scoring 76 goals, until 1989.

That year he was legitimized in Charleroi, Belgium, where, for a season, he scored 6 goals in 29 games. The last three years of his career he played 26 goals in 71 matches in Heerenveen, the Netherlands. In 1987, at Dinamo, he won the “Golden Ice” of Europe, with 44 goals. Cămătaru also scored in the European cups, 7 goals, in 47 matches, six for the University of Craiova and one for Dinamo. “Nouarul” won two championship titles with the University of Craiova, in 1980 and 1981, and 4 Romanian Cups, in 1977, 1978, 1981 and 1983. With Dinamo. He has 198 goals in 378 matches in League 1.

On the day of his retirement, in Heerenveen, the local stadium bore his name, by the homage decision of the Dutch club!