The price has been announced for those who want to buy a car!

A municipality has announced that it will sell vehicles with a written statement. In the statement made in this context, it was reported that the vehicle in question will go on sale on June 23, 2022. The approximate price of the vehicle to be sold is stated in the statement.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is selling luxury vehicles with high costs and old times. The municipality, which previously sold 3 luxury vehicles purchased during the former administration, through the open tender method, announced this time for 1 armored all-terrain vehicle.

In the statements made, it was reported that the luxury jeep, which was persistently requested back from the former mayor and taken back after 50 months, will be put up for sale for an approximate price of 1.8 million TL.

In this context, the following statements were used in the statement:

Toyota Land Cruiser brand jeep, which was purchased by the former Metropolitan Municipality Mayor in 2013 with the resources of ASKİ and delivered in December last year, will be put up for sale by the Metropolitan Municipality Support Services Department with an estimated value of 1 million 871 thousand 122 TL on June 23, 2022 with the open bid method.

The tender, which will be held at the Safety District Hipodrom Caddesi No:5 1st Floor Council Meeting Hall at 14.00, will be broadcast live on ABB TV and Metropolitan Municipality social media accounts. Bidders will be able to access detailed information at the address “”.

Tender Text

1- Our municipality: 1 vehicle will be sold by open bid method in accordance with the 45th article of the law numbered 2886.

2-The specification regarding the said tender; For 300,00.- TL+(18% VAT) safety property, Hipodrom cad. No:5 13. Floor Yenimahalle /ANKARA address. It can be obtained from the Purchasing Department of the Support Services Department. It is obligatory for the bidders to obtain the tender specifications.

3-Tender on Thursday, 23/06/2022, at 14:00, at Emniyet Mah. Hippodrome cad. No:5 1. Kat Yenimahalle /ANKARA address, in the Council Meeting Hall, as per the 45th article of the State Tender Law No. 2886, with the open bid method. Bidders; The tender specifications can be viewed and purchased at the Procurement Branch Office of the TR Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Support Services Department, located at the address of Emniyet Mahallesi Hipodrom Caddesi No:5 B Blok, Kat:13, until 10:00 on the day of the tender. The Tender Envelope will be delivered to TR Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Registrar’s Office and Decisions Department, located at the address of Emniyet Mahallesi Hipodrom Caddesi No:5 B Blok Kat:7, until 12:00 on the day of the auction. Bids can be sent in the form of a registered letter with return receipt to be received by the date and time specified above. However, postal delays and telegraphic offers cannot be accepted. The submitted letter of offer cannot be withdrawn. Bids that do not comply with the tender specifications or contain conditions other than the provisions of the specification are invalid.

4- It is obligatory to give a bid bond at the rate of 3% of the estimated price in accordance with the provisions of the law numbered 2886 for the vehicle to which the bidders will bid.

5- The following conditions are sought in order for real or legal persons to participate in the tender;

a- Bidders shall submit a document showing their business and residence addresses, obtained within 6 months according to the tender date,

b- Declaration of signature of real persons, a copy of notary approved power of attorney for those participating in the tender as a proxy on behalf of someone else, and a notarized circular of signature of those participating as a legal entity,
c- In case the notification address is different from the address in the documents related to the work or residence address, the document showing the notification addresses,

ç- The document stating that they have deposited the amount that will cover the amount of the bid bond for the vehicle,

d- It is obligatory to submit the documents required by the administration and requested in the specification.

Giving a declaration letter that includes the declarations of the bidder that he is not prohibited from participating in the tenders,

e- If the bidder is a legal entity, he/she submits a document from the Chamber of Commerce where he/she is registered or from an official authority, indicating that the company is registered in the registry and is still operating within the year of the tender,

f- In case the bidder is a legal person, it is obligatory that the signature and authorization circular of the company or a notarized power of attorney stating that those who will attempt on behalf of the company are the representatives of this company must be submitted.

g- In case the bidders are associations, federations, confederations or foundations; Certificate of activity obtained from the official authority, notarized General Assembly decision regarding the purchase of a vehicle, notarized representative authority, notarized signature of the representative

h- It is obligatory to add the offers they will prepare in accordance with the relevant article of the specification for this work to the tender dossier.

6- The receipt of the specification regarding the purchase of the tender specification file will be attached to the tender dossier.

7- Bidders shall bid for the vehicle excluding VAT according to the tender specifications.

8-The tender specification will be signed by the bidder and given in the tender dossier.

9- In accordance with the Value Added Tax Law, Value Added Tax will be charged on the sales price of the vehicle in the advertisement.

10- Information about this tender can be found on the website For Contact Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Support Services Department Purchasing Branch Office 0312 507 25 03

11-The vehicle submitted to the tender can be seen in the parking lot located at the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Support Services Department, Hipodrom Caddesi No:5 Yenimahalle/ANKARA, within working hours until the day of the tender.

12- The Administration is free to make the tender or not.