The reader’s mirror, the awareness model, and the platform for the future

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Arab media professionals and writers have praised the role that Al-Bayan has played, over decades, in providing a role model for awareness and credibility, a mirror for the Arab reader, and a platform that reflects the concerns and dreams of the Arab region.

Emirati writer and journalist, Ali Obaid Al Hamli, confirmed that “Al Bayan” celebrates more than four decades of success and brilliance, noting that the newspaper is entering its forty-third year with unprecedented numbers in the field of Emirati and Arab journalism, with its sister newspapers leading in several fields, foremost of which is digital media. Competing and winning has become difficult. Al Hamli pointed out that the newspaper achieved first place in terms of follow-up in the UAE and second in the Arab world, a matter behind which great efforts stand in terms of coverage, follow-up, monitoring and analysis, and vibrant and diverse pens that meet the needs and interests of readers.

Al-Hamli added: “Al-Bayan has formed, through its course, a unique school in the local and Arab press, and it has become a model for conscious media that monitors the pulse of the street and provides the recipient with correct and documented information, away from polemics and excitement, seeking credibility and the interest of the country and the nation, indicating that this approach has earned the newspaper Reader’s trust and admiration. Al-Hamli explained that “Al-Bayan”, through this approach, continues to reap success after success thanks to its vision and its distinguished and creative staff, wishing the newspaper more brilliance and success.


In turn, the writer and professor at the UAE University, Dr. Fatima Al-Sayegh pointed out that the celebration of “Al-Bayan” for 42 years since its launch coincides with the achievement of journalistic and media achievements in the world of digital space and through social media platforms by having the media lead that distinguishes major international newspapers, pointing out that the newspaper is flying high, achieving many media and cultural achievements in various fields. knowledge spaces. Al-Sayegh indicated that “Al-Bayan” differs from other newspapers in its continuous and active keeping up with all influential international issues, as well as local and Gulf affairs, adding: “It is not surprising that Al-Bayan entered the major race circuit with Arab and international platforms, achieving a high follow-up rate due to the credibility that it provides. It enjoys and the confidence it has gained from its readers and followers. “Al-Bayan” has a qualified staff that deals professionally and proficiently with the art of drafting and making news. No one disagrees that “Al-Bayan” has been able to make an upward path for itself since its establishment more than four decades ago until now, depending on Rich experiences accumulated over decades, and a network of qualified correspondents from all over the world.”

inspirational success

As the writer Dr. Amal Abdullah Al-Hadabi, said that “Al-Bayan” constitutes an inspiring Emirati success story in the knowledge and awareness industry, given what it provided, and its progress, of sober knowledge content, which contributed and continues to contribute to enhancing readers’ awareness of the developments around them in various fields, and contributed to promoting National belonging through a system of positive values ​​that Al Bayan was keen to establish in the hearts of citizens, and to keep them informed of the development process, development and modernity that the UAE is witnessing under its wise leadership.

Al Hadabi explained that Al Bayan has over the past 42 years been a living witness and a contributor to making the UAE’s leading development model regionally and globally, through its supportive and stimulating role for all national efforts, and it will be so during the next fifty years, during which the wise leadership seeks to make the UAE the first country in the world. In all development indicators.

Global Horizons

The writer and journalist, d. Al-Badr Al-Shatry pointed out that “Al-Bayan” is one of the most important newspapers that has gone beyond the local to global horizons with its comprehensive coverage and attracting writers from the UAE and various parts of the Arab world with a plurality of opinions and dispositions, which made it the pride of the UAE. Al Shatri added: “Al Bayan and its readers celebrate the 42nd anniversary of its founding and its brilliance among its peers from the national, Arab and even international newspapers, and the UAE celebrates with it this distinguished newspaper with its remarkable content, which placed it among the major Arab newspapers. The great media.

race against time

On his part, he congratulated Dr. Abdullah Al-Madani, professor of international relations specializing in Asian affairs, from Bahrain, “Al-Bayan” is on its forty-second anniversary, praising the efforts of those in charge of it and their diligent work over the years until the newspaper became at the forefront of news, opinion and information platforms at the Gulf and Arab levels, noting that the newspaper is racing against time to present The finest, finest and most elegant. Al-Madani added: “The statement, on its feast, emulates and trades Dubai and the UAE in its confident renaissance, supported by the visions of the leader of the success and innovation procession, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him. His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of the Executive Council, and the team at the Media Department of the Government of Dubai, congratulate them and us on this distinguished media platform in form and content.

attracting platforms

He also praised Dr. Muhammad Al-Naghimish, a Kuwaiti writer specializing in management, for Al-Bayan’s efforts in developing paper and digital content, pointing out that the newspaper has become a distinguished publication at the level of keeping pace with technological progress. He added: “As everyone knows, we live in an accelerated age in which there is no longer a place for traditional publications that do not keep pace with the times and its speed and the development of the way content is presented,” noting that the distinguished “Al-Bayan” platforms help it attract the largest possible number of new readers.

Al-Nughaymish explained that “Al-Bayan” has always diversified its news tools, which qualifies it to continue to attract large numbers of new readers, given that this includes a deliberate diversity of content and a responsible freedom to present the opinion and the other opinion.


In addition, the editor-in-chief of Al-Ahram Al-Arabi magazine, Jamal Al-Keshki, said that “Al-Bayan” is in a battle against time and a continuous race to keep pace with modern media communication, noting that the newspaper installed early the train of modern technologies, which enabled it to reserve an advanced seat in the ranks of adults. Al-Kishki explained that “Al-Bayan” has made a significant leap in form and content, and has become a media platform that reflects the concerns and dreams of the Arab region around the clock, by raising thorny issues, providing solutions and visions, and assessing the situation for Arab, regional and global files and crises, whether through its paper or electronic version, adding: This year was not normal for the “statement,” as the numbers spoke to enter the newspaper into a different year, full of achievements and development.

Al-Keshki stated that the newspaper succeeded in becoming a mirror for the Arab reader in standing up to the latest developments with a professional and smooth approach that confirms the depth of its presentation in addressing the issues of the Middle East and the changes in Africa, in addition to the fact that the “statement” has become for readers a panorama of various journalistic templates and a political, economic and technical interface. cultural and sporting. Al-Kishki added: “Now, after 42 years of establishment, we are facing a broad experience that does not recognize the impossible. Thanks to the profession and the wise and wise young management, it was able to attract new Arab segments of different ages, and imposed its professionalism on an advanced seat, and became a media and journalist figure that the future eye does not miss.”

In this context, the editor-in-chief of Al-Shorouk Al-Masryah, Imad Al-Din Hussein, stated that “Al-Bayan” is a pioneering dialogue platform and an indispensable source of paper and digital news, noting that the newspaper has made great strides in leading the digital scene in the UAE and the Arab Gulf region. Hussein added: “I follow with admiration its role and activity in terms of digital interaction and how it has secured a distinguished position for itself. I wish the newspaper to continue its path, brilliance and leadership in this field.”

Professionalism and leadership

On the other hand, the Egyptian journalist writer, Amina Khairy, confirmed that the “statement” is an advertisement for the quality of the media product and proof of the political, social and awareness-raising impact, noting that the newspaper crowned its experiences in the media world, which began 42 years ago with professional faculties placing it on top of the new media with its meanings and effects. And his many prospects.

Khairy indicated that “Al-Bayan” chose leadership as an undivided approach, as it was one of the first Arab newspapers to realize that the economic issue stands on an equal footing with the political and social, so it devoted pages and singles to it, in addition to being one of the first Arab media institutions to translate Effective equality between women and men To boast of the first responsible editor-in-chief of a daily newspaper, Ms. Mona Bousemra. She added: “Al-Bayan is the Arab newspaper that believed in young people and launched the Al-Bayan Youth Council to be the first of its kind, and it pioneered the world of social media early on through exceptional platforms. Thought, it has become a global media reference and an Arab model and a bird that flies high in the sky of traditional media with its professionalism and credibility, and the new with its speed, keeping pace with the times and its foresight for the future.

adapt progress

The Lebanese writer residing in the United States, Sobhi Ghandour, also stressed that the “statement” was and still is a mirror that reflects the tremendous development that the Emirate of Dubai has witnessed during the past decades on various economic, social, cultural and media levels, noting that the newspaper has, over the years, turned into an Emirati media platform. And an important Arabic that is followed daily by readers in the Gulf region and throughout the Arab world, and even in many regions of the world. Ghandour clarified that Al-Bayan has succeeded in adapting global technological progress in favor of what it is doing in the fields of printing, publishing, and effective use of online means of communication.