The results call for the dismissal of Dică » What else is saving the coach from FCSB

FCSB has three games in a row without a win, a streak that Petrea had recorded before he left the position of head coach. On Monday, the technician can break the poor streak with a victory in the match against FC Voluntari or make his situation even worse.

  • FCSB – Voluntari is played on Monday, September 12, from 21:00. The match will be liveTEXT on and televised on Digi Sport 1, Prima Sport 1 and Orange Sport 1

Farul beat Dica (3-1) and West Ham (3-1) and it was draw Hermannstadt (2-2) in the most recent three FCSB games, a series of results like Anton Petrea had recorded before he left the position and allowed the former international to return to the bench. Toni also had three consecutive games without a win: failures with Saburtalo, in the Conference preliminaries, and with Rapid and a draw with the newly promoted U Cluj.

“Nick” will have the opportunity on Monday to improve his course, beat FC Voluntari and secure his position. The opponent will be one as motivated as FCSB, because mayor Pandele has recently been pressuring president Bălănescu and coach Ciobotariu, threatening them with dismissal.


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How long does the money from Europe save Dica?

Becali insisted before the lost game with West Ham, 1-3, that Dica is not in any danger. According to the boss, the coach benefited from a loan that Gigi calculated in money: “He qualified me in the Conference League groups and brought me six million euros. Thanks to the qualification, I no longer need to give money from myself to complete the budget. And then, how do I get him out?”.

The former striker had also spoken about his possible dismissal following the defeat with Farul, 1-3. He then said that he was going to make some changes to the team, “if I’m still going to be the coach here”.

The failure in London was not a surprising one, but Becali still found fault with Dică: “He made the wrong changes, I called MM and asked him why Octavian Popescu was on the field, I hadn’t even seen that he had left Potter. Mihai told me that Olaru had asked to be changed. Okay, even so, why put Popescu in and not close the game with this one brought from Chindia, with Marco “Van Basten” Dulca?”.

In vain you say that we played well in the first 68 minutes, that there was a clear difference between the English and us. We are far from their worth, that is the truth. He said he risked and lost, but that’s what the man thought, I support him. I just wanted to see the difference between us and West Ham

– Gigi Becali, at DigiSport

6 pointsthey separate FCSB from the 6th place, the last one that allows participation in the play-offs. The red-blues are in 13th place now, with two games less played, the arrears with FC Botoșani and CFR

Dica is not protected by any clause

Becali recounted, after rehiring Dică, a discussion they had during the negotiations. Nicolae had proposed that his contract be protected with a termination clause, as it had been in the case of Edi Iordănescu.

Becali fired the current selector and got away with paying off the clause after he harassed and threatened Edward for not allowing him to enter the training base in Berceni. In order to get him to leave without pretensions, Gigi also called Anghel Iordănescu and pressured him to convince his son to give up the money.

“Puiu” asked Edi to sign the termination and ignore the clause that gave him the right to receive 300,000 euros. When Dică also asked for such a clause, Gigi resolutely refused and told in public statements that he immediately cut off the idea of ​​the new coach.

He says: “I’m scared of the ranking position”

He says he is also aware that the mission he is in is a difficult one, with a busy schedule and the need to win continuously in the championship to get closer to the play-off zone: “I am scared of the position in the ranking, it really is not in rule.

We must be able to play every three days, win the championship and climb the rankings.” FCSB will play against FC Voluntari on Monday, play against Anderlecht at home on Thursday, and the following Sunday will go to Craiova for the match against Universitatea.

Since this play-off and play-out system has existed, FCSB have never been so low in the standings after the first seven matches they played. The red-blues went so badly that they also have a negative goal difference, minus three.

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