the risk of bankruptcy, who names the future coach and what the team looks like

GSP Article – Posted Friday, June 10, 2022, 7:50 PM / Updated Friday, June 10, 2022 8:13 PM

Răzvan Zăvăleanu, the judicial administrator of Dinamo, offered, on Friday evening, the latest information about the collapse of Ștefan cel Mare. Freshly relegated to the second division, the “dogs” meet in 10 days, but have no coach or president, and the players leave the team on the treadmill.

The red-and-white official was first asked about the risk of Dinamo going bankrupt due to the footballers who have to recover substantial salary arrears: “All the footballers I talked to turned out to be boys of character. Some of them gave up certain amounts to help the clubothers postponed their arrears.

We’re only a month and a half late. I don’t think we’ll end up judging certain players. I don’t have any emotions regarding the bankruptcy “, Zăvăleanu declared, on the show” Fotbal Club “, from Digi Sport.


Unlikely situation for the man who becomes # 1 in Dinamo’s goal: he sleeps at Săftica, because he has no rent in the city!

We’re having a hard time getting paid. On the budget for next season we are well, theoretically, only these arrears give us headaches. We try to solve it as soon as possible.

– Răzvan Zăvăleanu, special administrator of Dinamo

Who will Dinamo set off with this summer? Răzvan Zăvăleanu says that the decision to appoint a coach does not belong to him and that those from DDB and Dorin Șerdean, the majority shareholder in the documents, are the ones who have to solve all the shortcomings of the “dogs”.

“I received a message the other day:” What are you doing, you didn’t put a president, you didn’t make a team, you didn’t put a coach …? ” There is a confusion between what a judicial administrator does and what the technical management does.

It is not my job to appoint a coach or a president. The chairman must be elected by the shareholders. I talked to Mr. Serdean, he told me he was thinking of someone. I look forward to this. I asked Mr. Șerdean that the reunion on the 20th would catch up with the president, coach and special administrator. The shareholders must decide these things “, said Zăvăleanu.

Zăvăleanu: “I can’t tell you how many players are still on the team at the moment”

As for the group of players, things are still in the fog:

“We have set up a committee to deal with offers for players who would like to come here. Mr. Ion Marin, Țălnar, Mihali, Iulian Mihăescu, Marius Niculae and Ionel Augustin are part of this commission. They got involved and analyzed things.

I can’t tell you how many players are still on the team right now. He still has to recover from those who are on loan “, added Zăvăleanu.

Elyass Bucurică was upset that he was involved in these discussions. The big problem is that the Dinamo players are torn apart. This is Dinam’s big problem. If everyone were positive and united their ideas, the situation of the team would be different. These sterile fights affect Dinamo. Elyass, Lupescu or Badea are great Dinamo players, there should be no such conflicts between us.

– Răzvan Zăvăleanu, judicial administrator of Dinamo

DDB promises one million euros

The representatives of the DDB project announced that they are working on a plan to avoid the bankruptcy of the team. Board fans would like to pump a million euros into the club’s budget and urge other fans to continue contributingwanting to keep close the “pack” of over 14,000 members.

“DDB does not abandon Dinamo! We will not give in and we will not impassively accept bankruptcy. Dinamo will not die, Dinamo will exist and will return to League 1. In the next week, DDB will present a concrete plan through which we will be able to bring in the club’s budget one million euros “, the DDB members announced publicly.

DDB fans are currently the main creditors of the club and have identified the main culprits for the relegation of the team: “We managed to stop all the financial blows and avoid going bankrupt, but we were hit by the lack of professionalism and responsibility of those who represented us on the field and in the executive management of the team”.

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