The Romanian who plays in Spain dreams of qualifying for the national team at EURO 2024 and fighting with the La Liga fans: “We have an accessible group!” What is missing from Romania

Raised in Villarreal’s junior teams, Andrei Rațiu signed with the group from the second Spanish league last summer, as a free agent. The young Romanian footballer quickly integrated into the new team, where he is one of the most consistent players, having 32 matches played this season.

His good performances they also brought him to the attention of the coaches, so Mirel Rădoi relied on him at the Beijing Olympics, where he played in two of the U23 national team matches. Subsequently, the coach relied on him and the Romanian national team, where started in Septemberin the duel with Iceland, won by the “tricolors” with 2-0.

Andrei Rațiu wants to duel with the La Liga fans: “It’s a matter of time!” What an idol the Romanian has

In an interview with La Liga, at which participated, Andrei Rațiu revealed his personal goals, pointing out what he thinks are the qualities that made him a constant player at Huesca. At the same time, the defender said that he wants to play in La Liga next season.

The footballer revealed what he lacks the most in Romania, but also who are the players he has as idols.

“Huesca’s motto (no Fideli forever, without giving up) means to continue to fight and never give up. I think we have to fight to the end and do everything we can.

I have been in Spain for almost 20 years, I practically grew up here, I am extremely happy, but what I miss most about the country are my grandparents, who are there, I miss them.

I have a contract with Huesca for another two years, there are three more matches in the championship to play, we are trying to get the best possible results. On a personal level, I want to end the season well and prepare as well as possible to play in the Nations League, which will start right after the last match of the championship.

I started at the Olympics, I played at a high level, then I signed with Huesca, I knew there was competition for the position, so I had to prepare well. I played a few matches here and I got the opportunity to be called up to the Romanian national team, I am satisfied, I am happy to have a good level and I hope things stay that way for many years.

The level in Segunda is high, the players are physical, extremely technical, it’s an extremely tough championship and very competitive. I play mainly in defense and I think we have evolved a lot this year “, said Andrei Rațiu.

Asked if he is thinking of returning to Villarreal, but also about the possibility of playing in the Spanish first league, Rațiu said: “It would be disrespectful for the club where I am to say that, I am happy here, I play and we will see what football prepares me for the coming years. I think it’s a matter of time, we are here, we are fighting, this year it was not possible, we hope that next season we will be able to promote and play in La Liga as soon as possible “.

“Mainly the physical, but also the mental part, you have to be strong to correct your mistakes and continue to achieve your goals in the next match”, said the player asked about the qualities that helped him become consistent.

His idol is Ronaldinho, as he admits, but he also appreciates a legendary player who evolves in the position he also plays: “Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Ronaldinho aint for me either.

  • one million euros is Andrei Rațiu’s share according to Transfermarkt.
  • The Romanian defender checked 32 matches this season, having two assists.
  • Ratiu played 60 matches for Villarreal’s second team, while in the first team he played only one match, with Valencia, in the Europa League quarterfinals, 0-2, in 2019.

Huesca is ranked 11th in the Segunda Division with 51 points in 39 matches played.

Andrei Rațiu, ready to fight to qualify for the national team at EURO 2024

The defender was also summoned by Edward Iordănescu for the friendly matches in March, being integralist in the duel with Greece, 0-1, while in the match with Israel, 0-0, he was left on the bench.

Andrei Rațiu spoke about his presence at the national team and said that he wants to qualify Romania for the European Championship in 2024, and for that the “tricolors” need to get the best results in the Nations League. The footballer also commented on the crowded program of the national team in June, pointing out which are the aspects that can bring the much dreamed qualification.

“We were close to qualifying in Qatar, we did not know how to manage the second place, on our own field. We have a chance to go to the Euro, I think we have an accessible group, we will fight, some years have passed since the team did not play in a final tournament and we have to give everything to participate again.

Even after the end of the season, there will be 4 consecutive matches with the national team, they will be difficult to approach, especially mentally, in addition to the physical part. We have to be extremely focused, but we don’t have to look at rivals, but at ourselves, to be a competitive team and to fight with them, as always “, added the Romanian footballer.

Ratiu was also asked about the Romanian players and if he thinks that they could face in a championship like the one in Spain. The defender had words of praise for his teammates he met at the national team, which he said he would face in Spain.

“Yes, among those I met at the national team, there are some who play in Serie A or outside teams. I think any of them could play very well in Spain. I could give a name, but I think any of them could cope. ”

VIDEO – Andrei Rațiu’s statements after his debut at the Romanian national team

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