“The situation is worse than you know!”

Article by Eduard Apostol – Posted on Thursday, 12 May 2022, 09:28 / Updated on Thursday, 12 May 2022 10:07

Poor and stuck in debt, the people from Petrolul pulled their teeth to promote, and will live on the TV rights as much as possible and the talent of Nae Constantin, if he continues !, and of the footballers who carried the hard battle of “B ”.

Petrolul Ploiești returned to League 1 after reaching the county league six years ago! One of the clubs with passionate supporters, with tradition and with trophies in Romania managed to re-enter the first stage after a season marked by big and acute financial problems.


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100% from Prahova at Petrolul

Proud of their membership, with the staff from Prahova – the president Costel Lazăr and the sports director Claudiu Tudor being from Ploiești, the coach Nae Constantin from Filipeștii de Târg, but a former important footballer of the yellow-blues -, the oilmen got a heroic promotion, but the future is uncertain.

They are waiting for the money from the TV rights to carry on their existence, the people of Ploiești living on loans lately, after the Veolia “tap” stopped in December 2021.

Nae Constantin: “Mizilic”

The oil has become poor and with debts back in League 1. Gazeta Sporturilor has put together the pieces of the puzzle that now make up the financial situation of the club, Nicolae Constantin himself stating at the celebration of the promotion: “What is known in public about money is miserable, the situation is much worse“. The technician will meet with the club officials, after the last stage, to see what is the potential of the group in the next period and what needs to be done next.

Oil has big money problems

  • The first tranche of TV rights due to the newly promoted is due to arrive in July, approximately 800,000 euros, out of a total of 1.8 million euros per season. But all the money will evaporate quickly! Oil must pay the financial arrears to players, staff, third parties.
  • The people in the club made personal loans to financially support Petrol! President Costel Lazăr, also a player in “Găzari”, set the tone, then Claudiu Tudor, sports director, former football player in several stages, also borrowed almost 400,000 euros. A former sponsor of the club, businessman Adrian Nistoroiu, gave bonuses to the players as much as he could, then “lent the club 100,000 euros”. “The money will be returned, there are documents, they are guaranteed with the amounts that will come from the TV rights”, the people from Ploiești also revealed.
  • The club’s budget was supplemented by 300,000 euros from sponsorships. Contracts of up to 100,000 euros from several local companies, Petrolul is now looking for a main sponsor, as it has not found one after Veolia left the camp.
  • The promotion bonuses were between 3,000 and 6,000 euros per player. Each footballer still has to recover at least 10,000 euros. Some even 15,000 euros.
  • Another big problem of the “wolves” was the fact that they had many players under contract in the current edition, 33 in number, which involved additional expenses. In the summer there will be a batch cleaning.

7 internal trophiesPetrolul has a record: 4 champion titles and 3 Romanian Cups

What Claudiu Tudor, Petrolul sports director, said after the promotion:

  • “I wanted to cry and I did it with joy. This team came after three years of milk and honey in which all the goals were missed, including the promotion and the Cup. Now I started without a shield, without a sponsor, without nothing. It was hard for me, we felt alone, but together with the boys, we managed to finish it. “
  • “I thank the family for helping me so much, supporting me and understanding why I can’t sleep at night.”
  • “We are a bit like Rapidul. This project, from a sports point of view, somehow left me as a team captain. I had two promotions, I brought the team to League 2, then the craftsmen came, in quotes. it was also at Rapid, with the arrival of Daniel Niculae and Iosif, so it is with us, at Petrolul, with me and Nae “
  • “There were hard times. God helped us, he gave us strength. I put my family’s future in danger, but everything went OK. Ploiești deserves a team in the first league. I appeal to the authorities, we have a mayor who loves oil and hopes to join us “
  • “We are waiting for Budescu with us and we wish him health, to be well, this is important”

The highest paid is at home!

Armando Vajushi has the highest salary among Petrolul players! He is still paid 5,000 euros / month, because he threatens with memories. He did not want to be terminated, although Constantin and Tudor removed him from the group, dissatisfied with the atmosphere created by the 30-year-old Albanian striker. Last winter, Petrolul was in talks to transfer the footballer to U Cluj, with the amendment that he should not play at all in direct matches, but the Transylvanians did not agree.

Poor and stuck in debt »Oil lives on loans:

Armando Vajushi

Then, FC Argeș offered to take the Albanian, but proposed a financial situation not accepted by Petrolul: 60 percent of the salary to be paid by the people of Pitesti, 40 percent by the people of Prahova. This is how the “gasmen” pay a footballer who has not played since November 2021. Armando has scored 6 goals in 12 matches in the regular season

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VIDEO. Mario Bratu, the oil hero in the decisive match for promotion: “I felt something unique”

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