The strange love story of Florin Răducioiu! He lives in the house of a convict who fled to Italy with his ex-wife! She gave up her job in Milan, and now the two are suing ANAF

Florin Răducioiu is involved in a strange love story with Andreea Albăstroiu, Marian Zlotea’s ex-wife. The latter was sentenced to 8 years and 6 months in prison, but evaporated and fled to Bologna. The former big striker now lives in the fugitive’s house, which ANAF wants to put up for auction. ProSport has all the details of this incredible story and presents them below!

Florin Răduciou (52 years old) is considered one of the greatest strikers in the history of Romania. Perhaps the biggest, given that won the Champions League with AC Milan in 1994 and is the only Romanian who has scored matches and goals in all 5 top European championships (Italy, Spain, England, Germany and France). And in the world there are only two footballers with goals scored in the top championships mentioned above: Răduciou and Montenegrin Stevan Jovetic.

Problems with money?

With the sports performances came the money. Many. Houses in Como or Monaco, clothes from the biggest brands, luxury cars and tailor-made women. All this was part of Răducioiu’s arsenal. This is to the point where the so-called “Great Blonde” has reached the bottom of the bag. sources ProSport reveals that the former student of Mircea Lucescu and Fabio Capello has had serious financial problems in recent years and has come to live on the salaries collected from Dinamo (more recently), TV appearances and commercials. As if that wasn’t enough, “The Great Blonde” is involved in an extremely twisted love affair!

The girlfriend is well “stuck” in the Ministry of Economy, but the two have problems with ANAF!

Florin divorced the Italian Astrid after 23 years of marriage and two children. She left the conjugal home in Brescia and returned to Romania in 2018. After about a year, “Radu” met Andreea Albăstroiu (more photos with her in the article gallery). A smart girl, “stuck” deep in the state apparatus.

Răducioiu’s current girlfriend was working in Milan when they met, where he was the economic secretary, on a monthly salary of 2,300 euros, according to the wealth declaration, to which are added accommodation, car and other financed expenses. by the Romanian State.

Florin Răducioiu and his ex-wife, Astrid

Andreea was seconded to the Bureau of Commercial-Economic Promotion (BPCE) in Milan. A subsidiary of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment. Over the years, the woman has also held positions of director in various companies such as SC Astp Mapamond SRL, SC Seido Industrial SRL and was also an advisor in the office of a Member of the European Parliament. But going back to the love story between her and Răducioiu…

Florin Răduciou’s strange love story!

They saw each other, they liked each other, and Florin, romantic in nature, realized that he couldn’t stay far away from his new girlfriend. Those close to the former footballer reveal that he started to put a fantastic pressure on Andrea, as he did in the good times on the Serie A stadiums! He longed for her to return to the country, to be together at all times.

Răducioiu and his current girlfriend, Andreea.  photo source:
Răducioiu and his current girlfriend, Andreea. photo source:

In the end, the woman agreed. He gave up his good and advantageous job in Milan in extremely strange conditions, leaving his job free today and tomorrow, during the pandemic. People in Răducioiu’s entourage claim that this is not allowed in diplomacy, and Andreea risked a lot to fulfill Florin’s wish.

Returning to Bucharest, Andreea is currently a civil servant in the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment, her position being currently suspended.


But what’s interesting is that it’s just getting started! Coincidentally or not, the ex-husband of the woman from the Ministry of Economy is none other than Marian Zlotea, former PDL MEP and former president of the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA). In his glory years, he was also a close associate of President Traian Basescu. Later, the relationship between the two would have cooled.

10 teams ticked Răducioiu in his career: Dinamo, Bari, Verona, Brescia, Milan, Espanyol, West Ham, Stuttgart, Monaco, Creteil

Zlotea received 8 and a half years in prison in a corruption case and, like any self-respecting smart boy, he fled to Italy. There, on the model of Dragoș Săvulescu, he demanded a “correct” process. The Bologna court annulled the extradition warrant from Romania. More and more convicted Romanians are fleeing to Italy, where they are seeking political asylum and eventually serving their sentences in Italy. It seems that the authorities from “Cizmă” have glue to the “tricksters” from the Mioritic lands.


Returning to Florin Răduciou, he moved to Zlotea’s house, where he now lives with his girlfriend, Andreea! I mean Zlotea’s ex-wife from Bologna! At the time of the divorce between Andreea and Zlotea, the two did not share the house in Măicănești Street, the building being in the name of both ex-spouses.

The football player Răducioiu won 6 trophies: 1 championship with Dinamo (1989/1990), 2 Romanian Cups with Dinamo (1985/1986, 1989/1990), 1 Italian championship and the Champions Cup with AC Milan (1993/1994) and Super Cup Italy with AC Milan (1993)

For several years, ANAF has been trying to recover a debt of approximately 270,000 lei (approx. 55,000 euros) from Zlotea and seized the house, trying to put the building up for auction. The problem is that Zlotea and Răducioiu’s current girlfriend did not share, and the auction is thus blocked.

Florin is now fighting with his girlfriend to help her keep her house where they both live. It remains to be seen if Zlotea will also appear in the landscape…


  • 22 goals in 96 Serie A matches
  • 19 goals in 56 matches in the FIRST DIVISION
  • 2 goals in 11 matches in PREMIER LEAGUE
  • 4 goals in 19 matches in BUNDESLIGA
  • 2 goals in 12 matches in LIGUE 1
  • 30 goals in 84 matches in LIGA 1 ROMANIA
  • 21 goals in 40 matches for the NATIONAL TEAM OF ROMANIA
Răducioiu (central) is one of the 100% products of the Dinamo Academy
Răducioiu (central) is one of the 100% products of the Dinamo Academy

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