The “Tricolors” decided to show a different face with Bosnia. “I can’t tell you things in the locker room.” Romania’s probable team

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Bosnia-Herzegovina-Romania, Live Text from 21:45 on and in the Digi Sport application

The “tricolors” will play at Zenica the second match of the current campaign of the League of Nations 2022-2023. After a bad start, 0-2 with Montenegrothe “tricolors” led by Edi Iordănescu are not allowed to lose this game if they want to count in the fight for the first two places of our group.

There will be two more games in this window for the UEFA Nations League, with Finland and Montenegro on June 11 and June 14, respectively.

Cicâldău announces the change of the Romanians in the match with Bosnia. “I can’t tell you things inside the locker room, but we talked.”

Alex Cicâldău, one of Iordănescu’s probable starters with the Bosnia-Herzegovina national team, announces that the players are determined to erase the miserable impression left at the Podgorica match.

The selector asked for patience and he is convinced that we have footballers who can do much more than they have shown with Montenegro.

However, there are many who believe that this change may come primarily from the Romanian players, who must show match by match that they are part of a united and determined group. And that they are willing to give everything on the field for a positive result of the team due to personal achievements.

Because in too many matches in recent years, none of these qualities have been seen on the field, regardless of whether the coach was named Daum, Contra, Rădoi or Iordănescu.

Be sure that together with Mister every day, in training and matches, we try to work, and we work very hard, to show a different face of the national team, to show that he wants and to go to the final tournament.

I can’t tell you things inside the locker room, but of course we talked (no among the tricolor players) after the match. We always talk, we express our opinions and we try to see where we are wrong“, Cicâldău declared at the press conference held on Monday evening.

Photo gallery

Probable teams in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Romania, Live Text 21:45,

Bosnia and Herzegovina:
Sehic – Gazibegovic, Hadzikadunic, Ahmedhodzic, Kolasinac – Prcic, Hadziahmetovic, Pjanic; Stevanovic, Dzeko, Krunic. Coach Ivaylo Petev

Fl. Niță – Cr. Manea, Chiricheș, Burcă, Camora – Maxim, M. Marin, Cicâldău – Sorescu, Alibec, Oct. Popescu. Coach Edward Iordănescu

Program Group 3, League B, in the League of Nations 2022-2023

In the League of Nations, Romania’s program includes four matches in June and two in September.

June 4, 2022
Finland – Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-1
Montenegro – ROMANIA 2-0

June 7, 2022
Bosnia and Herzegovina – ROMANIA 21:45
Finland – Montenegro 21:45.

June 11, 2022
Montenegro – Bosnia and Herzegovina 16:00
ROMANIA – Finland 21:45.

June 14, 2022
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Finland 21:45
ROMANIA – Montenegro 21:45.

September 23, 2022
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro 21:45
Finland – ROMANIA 21:45

September 26, 2022
Montenegro – Finland 21:45
ROMANIA – Bosnia and Herzegovina 21:45

Lot Romania for the June matches in the League of Nations

porter: Florin Nita (Sparta Prague | Czech Republic, 16/0), Marian Aioane (Constanța Lighthouse, 0/0), Horațiu Moldovan (FC Rapid 1923, 0/0), Ștefan tarnovanu (FCSB, 0/0)

defense: Andrew Ratiu (Huesca | Spain, 7/0), Cristian Mane (CFR Cluj, 16/2), Adrian Russian (Fehervar | Hungary, 13/0), Virgil JOEL (KS Krakow | Poland, 1/0), Vlad Chiricheş (Sassuolo | Italy, 72/0), Andrei Burca (CFR Cluj, 9/0), Nicușor Bench (University of Craiova, 24/1), Mario Camor (CFR Cluj, 7/0), Marius Stefanescu (Sepsis OSK, 0/0)

midfielders: Deian Sorescu (Rakow Czestochowa | Poland, 5/0), Alexandru Cicâldău (Galatasaray | Turkey, 23/3), Darius Olaru (FCSB, 4/0), Alexandru Maximum (Gaziantep FK | Turkey, 53/6), Sergiu Hance (KS Krakow | Poland, 5/0), Florin Tanase (FCSB, 12/1), Octavian Popescu (FCSB, 2/0), Nicolae Peacock (Sepsi OSK, 0/0), Valentin Mihaila (Atalanta | Italy, 8/1), Alexandru MITRA (PAOK Thessaloniki | Greece, 18/3), Alexander Cretu (University of Craiova, 6/0), Răzvan Marine (Cagliari | Italy, 38/2), Marius Marine (Pisa | Italy, 3/0)

ATTACKERS: Denis Alibec (Atromitos | Greece, 24/2), Andrei Ivan (University of Craiova, 16/1), George PUŞCAŞ (Pisa | Italy, 27/8)

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